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  1. What can I say hameedeh, you deserve all the credit if it goes well!
  2. lol I did a personality test and apparently I'm Frodo
  3. To the OP We should always feel empathy towards anybody who is a sinner. As if to see we aren't. Our hearts should be filled with love and mercy. Wanting to pull them away from the destruction that they are causing themselves. Arabia gave birth to a kind doctor. No, a kind shepard. He raised his cattle with his hands. They fought back. But he embraced each of them. Wanting the best for his herd. When one fell ill his heart broke. Even when he fought his enemies he mourned on the inside. "How could you do this to yourself?" he would exclaim. A kind doctor, a kind shepard. Only used his sword when he had to defend himself and his herd. Like a mournful surgeon operating on a dying child. Mourning, understanding. Praying for his people. And they say that the noble men are forgotten by their people. But remembered by history. And look today. How many a minaret is climbed. Whilst the rest of mankind is in slumber. Yet the muezzin wakes up to call his name. In the darkness of the night. Each corner of the Earth has heard the name of this kind father. That's the difference between us who don't have mercy. And the shepard. Whose name God has made obligatory to be celebrated in the four corners of the Earth. That's the difference between us. And the one whose celebration is a condition for the acceptance of your daily prayer.
  4. @humanbeing101
  5. @reisiger Muslims don't talk about mental health and it's really shameful. And I agree about the overemphasis on fiqh. How about akhlaaq? Akhlaaq - the science of spirituality - is of more importance than fiqh. How about beliefs? Last I checked, so many of us have a messed up belief system! Fiqh is very important because it lays the basis of spiritual growth but to use it as an excuse to spout nonsense down the throat of believers who are going through a hard time is insane! We need to follow fiqh because it's the path to success. But that also applies to those arrogant holier than thou types. One of the worst sins they commit is making people feel hopeless in Allah. They hurt other people's feelings. They have no verve and beauty in their faith. Their religion is ugly and has no value. And God knows very well what will happen on the day of judgement. When they see that they were wasting their time. Their arrogance made all their good deeds futile. And the committers of major sins are better off than them.
  7. If you could be any LOTR character who would it be?
  8. Admins who don't know how to cook meat properly and end up giving me food poisoning.
  9. Salam Alaikum It's wajib to return the stolen money to everybody who you stole from. If one loses hope in returning the money to the person or their inheritors then you pay it as rad al-mathalim, a form a charity paid with permission of your marja'. By the way, if it's money or goods that you took from a person then there is no need to inform that individual that you stole from them - you can return the item or money to them discreetly. And remember that God forgives all sins for the one who sincerely repents and he rewards you more for actions which require more difficulty.
  10. I don't understand why you decided to post information from a source which is from those who spread kufr around the world, treated that information as the truth (whilst the Holy Qur'an forbids us from taking the news of the fasiqs) and then made a post about it. Why do you not investigate a little before posting things like this? What's the urge to spread information from the kuffar in the Shia community? If you have a question then ask it but baseerah - which every Shia is expected to have - dictates that you don't take the words of the kuffar as the truth and if you have a doubt, research in a way that doesn't strengthen the enemies of Islam i.e. not posting garbage articles in the middle of a Shia forum.
  11. I didn't watch it, sorry to spoil the show ;-(
  12. Just treat the male species as hungry wolves. 99.9% of them are like that. I even grew fangs recently. It was quite the surprise.
  13. There is a beautiful way that one of the teachers at the English hawza would end some of his discussions: "May Allah make the last moment of our lives the best moment of our lives". I don't think that a believer should fear death but use it as an extra motivation to do good deeds in this world. Imagine what it would be like if you worked so hard during this world that your death was just a breeze and God granted you a place by the Prophetic Household. May Allah make the last moment of all of our lives the best moment of our lives.
  14. Imagine if you knew the exact day that you would die. Would you spend the rest of your life becoming a Godly person or would you spend it depressed and not willing to change yourself?
  15. I pray that nobody mistakes EL King's ignorance on multiple topics he speaks about and his poor mannerisms for Islamic teaching. It is a shame because many or the majority of the things he says are truthful. Sadly, the most dangerous people to Islam and the belief system of the Muslims are those who mix falsehood and truth.