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  1. It's not haraam in and of itself. One of the Sheikh's I know (he used to answer questions from A. Khamenei's office) was discussing marriage sites on one of the English Shia TV stations. One thing that is important when sending marja' a question is to define the terms that one uses. Otherwise there will be confusion.
  2. Salam Alaikum @E.L King Interesting. First of all I understood their post to be about lying. Then I mentioned about the oath (nadhr) because what I mentioned is the valid seeghah for a nadhr. I didn't take into account the issue of a qasam. I hope @crashproof is not confused. It seems that I might have misunderstood the situation
  3. Such an oath has no meaning. Allah has promised that he will forgive sinners who sincerely repent. The other issue is if you need to pay kafarah (which is to feed 10 poor people or fast 10 days). Basically, there is a particular wording for an oath to be valid. That is you need to say لله عليَّ (For Allah on me) I will not do such and such. It will not suffice merely to say "my oath to Allah is I will not do x" - that is not considered a valid oath according to Ayatollah Sistani. So think back to what you said when you made the oath. Does it fall within this category according to Ayatollah Sistani? :- * Should the person making the vow not say, “I am indebted to Allah, God, or the Merciful (ar-Rahman)”, what will happen? - There shall be no obligation to fulfil the vow. Source: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/49/2416/ If you doubt whether or not you made a valid oath then you can consider the oath to not be valid. This is because in Islamic law, in this situation, the burden of proof lies on showing that you made a valid oath. ------ @Hameedeh It was a long time ago that I asked him. He doesn't have a problem either way.
  4. Breaking oath is not the same as saying wallah and lying. I asked Narsis and he said no kaffarah is wajib.
  5. Bismillah Before performing taqlid of Sayed Fadlallah, you would need to prove that the living scholar who allows taqlid of dead scholars (in this case Sh. Janati or Ayatollah Haydari) is the most knowledgeable marja' of the current time (or at least that he is of a group who are the most knowledgeable, but it is not clear who in that group is the most knowledgeable). I don't know of any way that you can prove that those two scholars are the most knowledgeable of this time. Their needs to be a process of peer review before you can reach that conclusion. Jami al-Modarressin came up with a list of 6 who are scholars who one can follow and be relieved of their duties to God (they are the 4 I mention at the end plus Ayatollahs Gulpaygani and Zanjani). I would suggest that you look into the following scholars who have accessible English rulings (particularly the last three, due to ease of access): Ayatollah Waheed Ayatollah Khamenei Ayatollah Sistani Ayatollah Makarem
  6. Thoughts 2017

    This was basically my only surviving picture from Sayedeh Masumah this year. I prayed for all of you there. Now I'm looking at the picture and realising how much I miss that beautiful place. Missing that Lady of Light...
  7. @silasun Wecome back. :sign_welcome:

  8. Thoughts 2017

    ..... just passing by to say salam..... I'd raise a halal wager that the site has been dead sans-Silasun.
  9. Thoughts 2017

    Salam Alaikum guys This is going to be my last post for a long while. I won't be back on this site until Spring/Summer 2018. I will miss you all a lot until then, and I sincerely ask that you all remember me in your prayers. If there's anyone I've offended in any way then please forgive me. With duas, Brother Silasun
  10. Thoughts 2017

    Alhamdulilah for the believers who extend the hand of support.
  11. Educational Youtube channels

    With apologies for the British accent.
  12. This is a really good Ted talk by Susan Cain about the power of introverts. I would love to hear your thoughts about it. One of the brothers I know was reading a book she wrote on the same topic and shared a passage. I may have to invest! Note for whomever it concerns. The lady isn't in hijab.
  13. It shouldn't be problematic if the women are dressed fairly normally, or if they are not in that part of the gym (I've never seen a women weightlifting in this part of the world). But it makes sense to avoid those gyms where the women are dressed in yoga pants and tank tops (especially if they are plenty in number) - such is not the lot of a Muslim man and to me, it's very similar to mixed gender swimming.
  14. What are you like

    Legendary online and off
  15. Just Sayed Sistani's man in Qom sending Salam from sayed sistani to sayed khamenei and the leader responds, praying for sistani's longevity for the Muslims.