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  1. @uponthesunnah I know brother, I was directing it at those who believe otherwise. No harm done.
  2. I will wreck you fam
  3. Certain people who would not include Ayatollah Wahid (who is sat directly next to Ayatollah Makarem and 2/3 others considered marja - Golpaygani, Alavi Gorgani and Noori Hamedani): Birth anniversary of Imam Askari in Qum.
  4. I need to hide that fact that I am a member of the Olympic Jamaican Bobsleigh Team by putting on an accent of a proper Engrish dude. BTW did you patent your technology for recognising colours from sound waves? I think I may have a good business plan bro!
  5. Yous can all benefit from my words of wisdom.
  6. Also note that Ayatollah Khorasani talks only about Sina-Zani (chest beating) and Zanjeer-Zani (chains) - but Zanjeer Zani refers to chains without knives in Farsi.
  7. I am hoping that my little honey bee will read Peter Rabbit with me - hopefully she doesn't rip the book to shreds - she has a habbit of ripping books.
  8. Statement from the office of His Eminence the Supreme Authority Baradar Jackson: It is hereby announced that it is upon the believers to use the word bache soosool as frequently as possible in all threads relating to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The recommended precaution is that one who does not act according to this duty has to give atonement whose value is equivalent to 2.5 gold mithqaal.
  9. I don't think that it can be halal for a Muslim to be a billionaire (and keep it after khums and zakat) in the 21st century, but you are correct.
  10. @E.L King Spending wealth is often a collective Wajib even if a person has paid khuks and zakat. If defending the lives of the innocent or defending the religion is dependant on a billionaire giving more than khums and zakat then yes, it becomes wajib on them to give that charity. Islam isn't a formulaic religion (albeit a religion which uses formulae). As the martyr says, infaq is wajib!
  11. I hope all of the bad things in life happen to you and nobody else but you. Copyright BJ
  12. @Gaius I. Caesar That's what happens when you steal Silasun's comfy chair. Nobody steals my comfy chair. Nobody. DU is only tasting the beginning of my wrath. He'll regret the day. The day he stole my comfy chair.
  13. 5 AM in the morning and I have only had a single yawn all night. I might have to see a doctor. This is driving me insane lol
  14. Male in 21st century Western Culture Chases women - either the guy from a vile pornographic movie or the man with multiple women at once Does things to please women No responsibility (it's OK to be playing COD for 2 hours every day from the age of 12 to the age of 33 when it's time to get married) No sense of standing for truth and against evil (it's their choice! Don't judge!) Either an obnoxious insecure bodybuilder who needs to take steroids and poise in briefs to show off his muscle - or a nancy boy who spends his days complementing and helping women buy their clothes Spends too much time around women - Islam doesn't allow us to talk beyond the minimum for a reason (and totally forbade things like joking with non-mahrams), and it's not just for fear of lust. Man in Islam - the true alpha male Has Gheerah for the women of his family Good body Doesn't bully - always pushes the rest of the pack forward, only wants the best for others Says sorry - knows when he's wrong and is grounded. Not an self-worshipping brat Reads - ask Teddy Roosevelt or Napoleon what made them the man who they were Doesn't care what people think - if the whole world turns against them they literally don't care - all they want is to stand for truth and justice. Doesn't suck up to authority - he stands with anybody who is on the path of truth, whether they are the most powerful person in the world or the weakest of the weak Doesn't try to attract women - they'll come if you are a proper man Irons his own clothes, does his own laundry, cooks his own food. Sure, a wife should be helping him do these things but he doesn't need it. He's learnt ever since he was living with his parents Has the courage to fail gloriously - again, if the whole world turns against them it doesn't matter. Bankruptcy - pphhh! Please! Lives hard - does an extra set at the gym, sleeps just enough for his health, doesn't waste his life in front of the TV. Isn't a dead emotionless body - kind and compassionate with his family and expresses his love for them. You aren't macho if you have to act macho around your wife and kids. Knows the meaning of being honourable - earns a halal living, prays on time, is respected for who he is and what his values are. Even if there is nobody else to help them, he will run towards the weakest person to aid them.