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  1. Tawhidi should do stand up
  2. Really nice talk with brilliant practical advice .
  3. Who else agrees that @Abu Hadi is every SC user's smarter, cooler and more akhlaaqi elder brother (the favourite child, no matter how much your family claim to love both of you equally...)?
  4. I think that you're missing "legendary McLegends" as #11. They're amazing people and I would love to have one as a friend. Intelligent, kind, humble and all-round fantastic people. I'm not saying that I'm one of them, but there's reports of a 13th century Arabic poem held in the British Museum that starts "سيله، سيله، و ما ادراك من هو سيله".... It was apparently translated by some famous orientalists (they compiled a book of poems on legendary Arab people) as "Sila, Sila, and what will make you realise who Sila is....?"
  5. He shouldn't do that if the music is haram, whether or not it will impact his grade. Generally, losing some marks isn't going to put someone in the "very difficult hardship" that makes it halal to eat pork, earn through haram etc. OP: Try to speak to the university and explain the situation. They will inshallah be flexible if it is for religious reasons
  6. It's only haram if you have 100% certainty that the very food you are eating from was bought with haram money (S. Khamenei). They may have other sources of income: pensions, gifts from friends, another halal business, sale of halal products like food etc - how do you know that they didn't buy the food they are giving you with one of these halal sources of money? It goes without saying though that you should encourage them away from haram earning.
  7. Starting my Shahr Ramadhan timetable from tonight. Will be sleeping after fajr until approximately 8:00 for work. Sleeping for an hour or 2 after work and then hitting the gym and preparig iftar before maghrib time... If possible, I think it's a good idea to take a short sleep of an hour or so after maghrib. From the traditions I have read, it seems that the Prophet used to stay up all night in the last 10 nights, but I don't think it would be considered spiritually bad to sleep a little during the nights at the beginning of the month
  8. Thought: Looking at pictures of the Ka'aba and wishing I was in Masjid ul-Haram right now... InshAllah soon. Please pray for all of us non-hajjis that we get this blessing sooner rather than later.
  9. Heavenly is definitely one of my favourite members - she has a kind soul, she's a good friend to all and she's dedicated to the success of this site. I wish her every success!
  10. lol
  11. I can't remember ever having a pakora bro. I don't understand your Injun food. I'm a simple minded eye-raqi. I can't understand why anybody would want to eat anything other than qeema tbh...
  12. This stuff (and the Fusen bubble gum) was mother's nostalgia from Iraq in the 70/80s. They used to listen in to Iranian radio broadcasts from South Iraq. I regularly sing this nasheed when I'm walking or whatever... but you've got to add the military marching noise with your feet for full effect.
  13. Thought: My closest friend is back from university soon and I need to figure out what to serve him when comes for an iftar? If you were a really cool, really intelligent, really nerdy, 18 year old White British dude (a white version of Silasun - lol I'm so modest) what would you eat for iftar?
  14. Heh, we're not all heartless beasts...
  15. How did you notice it, Sidnaq?