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  1. World Cup 2018!

    @realizm that's only true when we allow it to consume our life - if following football removes us from our support for activism, doing our wajibaat, etc then we got a problem. But in itself there is no problem - the culture around the sport pushes us to get involved and actually play football. Refer to world of our youth by Sayed Fadlallah and do a ctrl-f for sport lol.
  2. Women, does looks matter to you?

  3. @silasun assalam:P

    i missed you too little brother:P

    1. silasun


      Alaikum alsalam dear brother :)

      Nice to hear from you! Missed your presence!

      How's it going?

    2. Haimid


      i can still remember that you was one of the rare brothers who did comment on my last topic and who said: i miss you:-)

      i missed you too dear!

      alhamdulellah its going well.

      what's about you?:-)

    3. silasun


      alhamdlilah all is well ^__^

  4. What advice would you give your younger self

    Spend a little less time reading and more time playing sports. I think my parents took the whole "knowledge unto China" thing a little too seriously lol
  5. Thoughts 2018

    Anyone know what I can do to fall asleep? My stoopid back and neck hurt like hell from stoopid fusball. I can't take ibuprofen because..... I'd have to go and make myself some food for that. And qeema is hardly appetising at this time, even for an uncivilised Iraqi like myself. It's 2:38AM. Counting them sheeps.
  6. How did Khamenei Treat Refugees?

    Load of rubbish. I have family who were in that situation and their kids went to Iranian schools, family had a business, etc. Some Iraqis are just lame haters. But most of us aren't so unreasonable when it comes to the Leader.
  7. World Cup 2018!

    Who should that goal be against? I watched Iran vs Argentina highlights from 2014 and I was impressed by the way Iran counter attacked and held back the Argies. It took the best player in the world to win the game at the last moment. -- Also, who else thinks Iran goalie Reza Haghighi is an absolute beast?
  8. Why do so many admire Ibn Arabi

    ...الامام الحسین علیه السلام: لا تتکلمن فیما لا یعنیک! فانی اخاف علیک الوزر. و لا تتکلمن فیما یعنیک حتی تری للکلام موضعاً؛ فرب متکلم قد تکلم بالحق فعیب
  9. Why do so many admire Ibn Arabi

    Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli and Ayatollah HassanZadeh Amoli have both proven that he was a 12er Shia. He has works where he mentions the names of the 12 Imams. You can't take one book that is attributed to him in isolation and use that to reach a conclusion about a person. You would need to prove that it wasn't said out of taqiyyah (Sayyid Haydar Amuli R was executed for his views) and that it was actually written by him. Those two scholars are world leaders on the thought of Ibn Arabi. To see SCers with a little Arabic knowledge enter such a discussion is very disappointing, with all due respect.
  10. Why do so many admire Ibn Arabi

    You make such insightful comments. *claps*
  11. @Ibn al-Hussain @.InshAllah. Perhaps it is best if I change the focus of this thread from Sayed Kamal's lectures on women to the question that Ibn reflected on. Not sure if I should refrain from being very direct with controversial examples (don't want @Ibn al-Hussain to be banned from centres lol)... I personally do not have any theological issue with scholars having different views in different eras. It's important that we separate piety from knowledge. Ayatollah Bahjat had a great heart, but his kharij class was not comparable in number of students to say Ayatollah Waheed. My biggest question is how do we reconcile scholars attacking each other in very harsh ways. I really do believe that a number of these scholars will be questioned by Allah on Qiyama for their rash and emotional decisions. It goes against the logic of the Qur'an for a brother in faith to be attacking others in some of the manners we have seen: The attacks on Ayatollah Fadlallah. I'm sorry, but I don't think that it's forgivable for a scholar to say he is a deviant based upon faulty sources and their own "ijtihad". Sounds very similar to the typical Sunni response to the fitnah. The way that the campaign against him was conducted (I'm talking about the biggest names associated with that campaign) was entirely un-Islamic and a complete shambles Sometimes we have two scholars attacking each other. One of the recent examples was somebody attacking Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi (a number of people of this group say that Yazdi is not khat-e-Imam). It was interesting that Ayatollah Khamenei refrained from the line "Allahuma la na'lamu minhu illa khaira" in that person's janaza The imprisonment of Mullah Sadra by the Safavids at the request of a certain scholar....... "Elections were rigged" vs "Elections were valid and blessing from God" in 2009 and the big players on that debate There are other examples that I can give (for example some of the absolute garbage that has come from some of the famous irfan inclined scholars - Dr Farrokh has 2 lectures iirc on false irfan that I can dig up) Believers are meant to be brothers. God says that he will always provide guidance to the sincere ones. He who acts according to what he knows, God will grant him the knowledge of what he doesn't know. This isn't something that we can discount as fairy tales of the Qur'an or something - I believe it to be one of the cases of the principle سُنَّةَ اللَّهِ فِي الَّذِينَ خَلَوْا مِن قَبْلُ وَلَن تَجِدَ لِسُنَّةِ اللَّهِ تَبْدِيلًا I don't believe that God is going to bestow any marja' with knowledge of economics and politics through wahy or something like that, but the least that we can expect is for them to know where the boundaries of their knowledge and understanding are. I'm a total nobody in every way with 1001 faults, but I actively try to seek out the limits of knowledge and try to base every decision and belief on reasoning. There will be flaws, but I still try. I expect those whose voices reach millions to do the same. Feel free to absolutely tear my argument apart if you find it flawed. I'm just an ignorant jahil trying to find his direction within the faith. But I don't know anyone else who can answer my questions except some of the respected brothers. WS
  12. That was a fascinating response brother, thank you. I will write more later iA.
  13. Thank you very much for your response. I will post them soon inshallah. In terms of my own self-development, your best ever post was when you mentioned an error that Allamah Tabatabai made on (if I recall correctly) a grammatical issue. My major theological question that I have been trying to figure out for the last ~8 months was how to approach different opinions from people who are both apparently very pious people and ihtiyaat following people. Coming across your post was a catalyst for trying to understand this issue and I have around a number of other examples from scholars I would have had unconditional academic trust in before. I have been meaning to make a thread for a very long time for the purposes of discussing the theological implications of falling out or academic disagreements between scholars. Obviously I'm not saying that I'm anti-scholar or anything like that. -- On a side, I agree with all of Sayed Kamal's points on the failing of the establishment. The only issue I have is with his very harsh attacks because I feel that they will be misused. On this issue, I much prefer the manner of Sayed Fadlallah in dealing with reforms that need to be made in the collective psychology of the Shia world.
  14. Salam brother, Thanks for your response. I will post some clips I saw from Sawtuna Haydari. I have a number of tasks to attend to in the next couple of days before I return from exams (today was my first rest day in a while lol) but I will select some segments that I would like to discuss. Expect a response by Saturday evening or at the very latest Sunday morning, inshallah. I didn't open this thread to promote any view in particular. I want to learn more about this topic. I am incredibly ignorant about gender discussions amongst the ulama, but I am very pleased to see scholars take steps to include females in the scholarly process. One other great example of a scholar who interacted with the times was Ayatollah Fadlallah - although my personal preference and comfort lies with a more conservative faqih, there is no doubt that he was an excellent model for maraji' to follow in terms of interacting with the modern world. Ayatollah Kamal al-Haydari
  15. Well there goes my thread. I didn't want a cross board attack on the Ayatollah... I tacked those brothers for a reason. Whatever goes shiachat...