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  1. More Important: Muhammad (saw) or Quran

    The Holy Prophet(sawws) was the exception, he could marry more than 4 and at the time of his passing away he had nine. The Salatul Layl was compulsory for him. He could fast continuously for more than a day. These are the 3 I am aware of. Someone more knowledgeable will be able to shed more light on this.
  2. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Happy New Year to you my brother and to all brothers and sisters
  3. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    [S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali 2:2] This is the book; there is no doubt in it, {it is} a guidance to those who safeguard themselves with full awareness of divine laws. I think the bold above is a beautiful translation of the word 'muttaqin' and like different signs are sufficient for different people this suffices for me in that in order to ensure, or let us for arguments sake say closer to, the requirement of getting as close to the divine order with the maximum certainty, one definitely has to refer to one who is more knowledgeable for without that one is lost. This is especially valid in these times of life being easy and yet not easy because of information overload and false information. I know they have their own arguments for this also but on the flip side life is made so much safer and easier by just consulting the risala of your marja on the net in English and that is that. They might say that we act on differing fatwas but the same applies to them for they act on differing hadith and that is what we entrust the marja to do. The marja does not sit in a room sorting this stuff out but rather he presents his 'paper' to his seniors and peers and students and it is after that scrutiny only does he form an opinion/get the approval on just one fatwa. The difference of a knowledgeable man is progression whereas the difference of an ignorant person is 'fitnah' And this is where the 1 reward for a wrong ijtehad and 2 for a right one comes in. Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى loves striving in his cause and for his sake as per the prescribed route and methodology for otherwise your rebellious nature is coming through. May Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى save us all.
  4. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    1. Can you see bro where you are heading by making reference to Bukhari. Him you do not trust yet take hadith from him. Does this tell you that the hadith no matter how collected is different from the person and his opinion or not as in his case. Luckily in the case of Shaykh Tusi you trust him and take the hadith but not his opinion as that opinion is his own and is subjective to his interpretation. The opinions are not the words of the hadith but only the opinions are the words of the scholar. The Akhbari brothers might have serious disagreement with our present scholars but when that scholar narrates a hadith from the books they will not reject it. 2. Look up google and especially wikishia please for that will save space for staying on topic. 3. If you know then I do not need to repeat it, and so does his stance make it any clearer that hadith and opinions are separate. Thanks bro and if there is anything further please do not hesitate.
  5. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    In your defence you have quoted below that you quote Bukhari a lot more than me. Should explain things to you bro that being against Bukhari is not the same as not accepting his correct as per us Hadith. Being trustworthy and as I explained in last post about science of hadith collection. These hadith do not belong to Shaykh Tusi but his opinion on jurisprudence is his own. So one cannot not accept the hadith but the interpretation and opinion one has the choice not to accept. We are not the talibs that all have to agree on our opinions. Are we on the same page now and do keep asking your questions if there are any further confusions. BTW are you aware of Ayatullah Khoei's stance on Taqleed with regards to sources and that probably sums up for all others' as well.
  6. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Lol, with so many attacks it seems like my bro is on a losing wicket. Rest in other post.
  7. Dua make for my mother

    Praying for your mother and Inshallah all will be fine. The other brothers and sisters have posted great duas.
  8. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    1. You should be able to see that I made special mention of Shaykh Tusi in my post bro. So many trying to correct you should give you a hint bro. So what if Shaykh Tusi only collected as you say pro usuli hadith, what matters is that they were Ahadith from the companions of the Imams{as} all trusted. Being outspoken against the Akhbari movement has nothing to do with the hadith collection. It is like you being truthful in your narration of an incident which I will not doubt if you are a truthful person but I have all the right to disagree with an opinion you express. There is no problem there. Also please remember the work of hadith collection. It is not like one plucks them out of thin air. There are records which corroborate and similarities are found in other books for cross referencing. When you have understood that a hadith is not a personal opinion which I think you are having difficulty with then you will begin to understand the rest. 2. Am glad you understood the second point and corrected/qualified your stance. Well done bro 3. If the scholars had collected hadith like the elders then they would again accept them in spite of being against the opinions and or scholars you make reference to. Brother it is simple, either one does not understand and or one does not want to understand. That intention only your Lord knows but we can only guess at where the direction points us to. Wallhu Alim.
  9. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    1. Problem is you don't bro, for if you did, then not just me but others have said as well, that the 2 are separate. Just like you do not deny the truthfulness of a marja you do not follow. It does not matter what Shaykh Tusi collected in favour of , what matters is were those Hadith truthful and reliable. Please understand they do not deny his truthfulness but do not agree with the conclusion of his opinions. That is not such a big deal. Do you now understand. 2. You keep baffling me again and again...Bukhari is not Hujjah upon us but a truthful Hadith in their will become a hujjah upon us. Shia scholars have narrated traditions from Bukhari not just for polemics but also to support their research. 3. What I was asking was that the Akhbari brothers do not follow your scholars, do you know why? Bro AbdusSibtayn has presented a great point there , did you miss that!!!
  10. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Excellent point brother. Just have to remember and keep in mind that the Quran is one of the two weighty things as well.
  11. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Bro being truthful and then having an opinion are 2 different things. Truth is truth but an opinion could be wrong. You keep answering yourself but go back to the same question again and again. Of course not understanding and or not being in agreement is your fundamental right even when everyone else has also been correcting you continuously on this. Eg. show me a hadith which says Shaykh Tusi's jurisprudence has to be followed. Also in answering my second question you answered yourself and then repeat the Akhbari mantra of Akhbaris do as if the Akhbaris follow your scholars. They have no need bro. Tell me why.?
  12. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    so if you understand that the hadith is not the scholars but the interpretation is the scholars, so why is it so difficult to understand that you can reject the interpretation and yet still accept the hadith and that then has nothing to do with the truthfulness of the collector. In a round about way do you deny the truthfulness of a marja you do not follow?
  13. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Because these are the major collections and they trust these scholars for their truthfulness. But when it comes to interpretation then it is a different ball game. Do you get that a hadith is not the scholars and the interpretation belongs to the scholar which could be right or wrong . @shiaman14
  14. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    In Ahadith collection and narration their is the question of an honest and truthful person and hence the reports and not the interpretations is what one takes from him. A truthful and an honest persons interpretation I can differ with and not agree with for he is not a masum, but what he has collected is authentic with the right matn and rijal. Even the Marajae when they give a fatwa write at the end of it wallu alim. So for them to accept the hadith without any extra bits is all they are looking for. They even do not take Astarabadis interpretations if you think deeply about it.
  15. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    just a supplementary question in trying to understand this issue further Can you tell me as to how do the Akhbari brothers do Taqleed of the Imams(as)?
  16. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Without going into the to and fro bro What do you understand by collection and interpretation. The Akhbari brothers will take the collection and give respect to the author but just do not believe in any non masums' interpretation. Try and understand it with the chess hadith and its interpretation as per the fuquha who permit playing chess on a recreational basis.
  17. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    1. When you use that word interpretation bro you are still not trying to understand. And by the way linking the Bukhari book and presenting that theory has not just been noticed by me. Please do not keep developing the story. 2. You started with methodology of proving wrong and I said we use as an eg Bukhari to disapprove Sunnis and not Kafi. You came back with a very strange answer and another brother corrected you. You say you understood his point and then repeated yourself again. He even corrected that for you. You moving on replaced believing with Taqleed and shot your other foot too. He explains the taqleed issue of the writers of Hadith and you say that that is your point and slip in another argument. And he further explained to you that they compiled ahadith and people acted upon the hadith as per the circumstance and you answered that that is what taqleed is. I then come in again and tell you that Bukhari is only a compiler of traditions and the Taqleed is of their four other than Bukhari Imams. Next you come in with the argument of 'sunnis don't accept Bukhari's hadith and reject following him'. Given it might have been a poor sentence construct and even the explanations that followed but let us grant that that was a genuine misunderstanding. So my bro sunnis do not follow the rulings of Bukhari and Bukhari did not give any rulings as you emphasised. In fact they do not follow Bukhari at all but just use the ahadith in his book as a reference source. I repeat they only follow the 4 imams of their mazhab. Another brother corrected you and cleared the difference and understanding. Next I explained to you in brief what taqleed is and that your understanding of taqleed was wrong. You then move the goal post from followed to relied upon for Bukhari. After some more irrelevant posts I explain to you that believing in a hadith book if not taqleed. Bro please remember that in our times there are 2 examples we know who keep shifting the goalpost every time they get stuck The Wahabbis with their name changing so many times and even for different locales and the IS guys from one entity to another. You thereafter start to make irrelevant posts again but please understand the Akhbaris do not believe in the issue of Taqleed to a non masum and hence there is no marja for them even if one calls oneself as such or is understood as such by the usoolis. Lastly I asked you as to how our Akhbaris were similar to salafis as you said and thought there might be an academic response by you but you again came up with with such an illogical and childish argument that it baffles the mind. The salafis have no love lost for our scholars whereas the Akhbaris have respect for at least the narrators of hadith. But this is only to correct you and not the answer I was expecting for I shall explain that to you a lot later. Please concentrate on the topic at hand and for your information if one can check records even during the period when you thought I was absent I remember having liked your posts which made sense and were well presented and were relevant. So please get over our love affair for each other in that demeaning sense. Even if I am sometimes slightly blunt it is only to correct my bro and that positive love of brotherhood has been enjoined upon us.
  18. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    1. The Hadith has nothing to do with Shaykh Tusi except that he collected it. The Ahadith have their own matn and rijal etc. Also if you go back to your Bukhari understanding of it you will realise that you clearly did not understand the concept. Once you realise you were not correct in your thought process , let it go and learn. 2. The Akhbari/Salafi construct might be a little below the line unless you can explain further.
  19. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Thanks and you? BTW I just did not post but am a regular reader. Been anywhere this year. .
  20. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    Salaam shiaman14
  21. The first link has a sahih hadith graded by no less than Albani mentioning wiping the feet and the second link has some grammar rules. The Bi in their makes the bi ruūsikum and because of this haroof e jar the fattah becomes a kasrah. in ruusa kum
  22. what is shia view on Abu Hurrayrah.

    Anas bin Malik said: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Do not make drinks in Ad-Dubba' nor in Al-Muzaffat. Abu Huraira used to add to them Al-Hantam and An-Naqir. Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 5587 In-book reference : Book 74, Hadith 13 USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 7, Book 69, Hadith 492 Narrated Ibrahim: I asked Al-Aswad, "Did you ask `Aisha, Mother of the Believers, about the containers in which it is disliked to prepare (non-alcoholic) drinks?" He said, "Yes, I said to her, 'O Mother of the Believers! What containers did the Prophet (ﷺ) forbid to use for preparing (non-alcoholic) drinks?" She said, 'The Prophet forbade us, (his family), to prepare (nonalcoholic) drinks in Ad-Dubba and Al-Muzaffat.' I asked, 'Didn't you mention Al Jar and Al Hantam?' She said, 'I tell what I have heard; shall I tell you what I have not heard?' Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 5595 In-book reference : Book 74, Hadith 21 USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 7, Book 69, Hadith 500 (
  23. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    @Sirius_Bright OK . We shall exclude the most in the highlighted above. and it is my prayer that we all realise that we are brothers here and come to communicate and more importantly learn from each other.
  24. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    I have been most polite and accommodating with my bro and forgive him for his present transgressions. We need these kind of reminders again and again.