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  1. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    It is not about the CW . it is about hegemony and the PetroDollar. And a bully never fights alone and will always have his appeasers.
  2. Ali in the athaan

    Can't seem to find it but had read that if you read it with the intention of compulsory then the adhan and the iqamah are void. Also please note that the adhan and the iqamah are not compulsory either.
  3. Ali in the athaan

    This is one of the problems when one has not mastered the entirety of getting to either issuing rulings or of usul derivations. A lot of the modern western educated religious students also get ahead of themselves because they have western Uni education under their belt as well. A sort of an arrogance creeps in. It is good to discuss and learn but never in a challenging manner for that will never teach you the right from the wrong. Discuss with inquisitiveness because you genuinely want to learn. What the author of that article is saying is that he has more knowledge about this issue than the Maraja and that the Maraja have not come across the texts of previous Mujtahids. So he has found a new secret that the Maraja were unaware of and we should now go into his taqleed, otherwise why even try and convince us. What the present day Mujtahids say is absolutely correct and what this pseudo scholar is saying is devoid of all logic and goes against the spirit of the hadith of rulings for changing circumstance. This person even does not know what Dars e Kharij is and the subjects those people have to cover to reach this stage. I will quote Ayatullah Bashir Najafi in that he says these people should come here and discuss with us and prove to us what they are saying but having the knowledge of derivation. Just as an example it will be difficult to discuss maths equations with some one who has only seen the figures and numbers and thinks he knows all.
  4. Ammar is not pro Tatbir and has spoken against it if I am correct. Hi is not a Shirazi and is a Sistani if I am correct again or now probably does tabeed. The Islamic Pulse people do not call non WF shias an non shias. Wilayat e Faqih is not just a theory anymore, it is being implemented in IRI. It is our natural progression from a Marja to ruling a state. People will take time to understand this and that is fine. Not everyone is at the same level of understanding.
  5. 'Ali (as) in salat

    Bro they were right for their time and now these Mujtahids are right for their time. They have no where made it wajib and infact if you consider it wajib then your Adhan and Iqamah are void. Anyway we each have to follow our paths with utmost sincerity. Thanks bro
  6. 'Ali (as) in salat

    For the OT Adhan and Iqamah are both recommended obligatory/Mustahab and Salah is Wajib. Hope the above answers also answer your questions to an extent.
  7. 'Ali (as) in salat

    Dear brother IR Perhaps my questions might not have been framed very clearly and well Let me say that ours is Living Ijtehad whilst in their Ijtehad 'the doors are closed'. Which in turn resonates with the Hadith(paraphrasing) that in emerging times refer to the fuquha. Correct me but Ijtehad of a prior Marja is allowed if you have followed him while he was alive and you believe he has greater knowledge than the living Mujtahid you refer to. What you will notice here is that the Taqlid is still of the living Mujtahid and newer situations might arise for which the deceased Marja might not have given a ruling. From Agha Sistani (may Allah SWT prolong his life) below. 9. If a Mujtahid, who is followed by a person dies, his category will be the same as when he was alive. Based on this, if he is more learned than a living Mujtahid, the follower who has a general notion about the variation in the day to day Masae'l, must continue to remain in his taqlid. And if the living Mujtahid is more learned, then the follower must turn to him for taqlid. The term 'taqlid' used here implies only an intention to follow a particular Mujtahid, and does not include having acted acco rding to his fatwa. 10. If a person acts according to the fatwa of a Mujtahid in certain matter, and after the death of that Mujtahid, he follows a living Mujtahid in that matter according to his obligation, he cannot act again according to the fatwa of the dead Mujtahid. So being aware of all Ahadith and rulings of prior Ulema the present Living Mujtahid is giving a Fatwa as per the present situation and circumstances. Hope that answers your questions bro.
  8. Judgmental Shias

    Bro shiaman14, you completely missed the point but that is fine. Let us get back to the topic now, shall we.......and let us not drift.
  9. Judgmental Shias

    Hey not to worry, I think he mentioned you in positive light if you read again .
  10. 'Ali (as) in salat

    Bro SMHA my questions to bro IR might just answer your questions too. See if you can answer or shall we wait for IR. Just refreshing Brother IR 1. What is the difference between Shia and Sunni Ijtehad from a timeline point of view? 2. Do you think what you write in terms of what was recited earlier and what the prior Ulema said not known by the Living Mujtahids who formulated these present opinions?
  11. 'Ali (as) in salat

    Brother IR 1. What is the difference between Shia and Sunni Ijtehad from a timeline point of view? 2. Do you think what you write in terms of what was recited earlier and what the prior Ulema said not known by the Living Mujtahids who formulated these present opinions?
  12. 'Ali (as) in salat

    The brother IR has a valid point and one needs to explain the reasons why or just say ask someone more knowledgeable. I will be back in a little while to explain.
  13. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    Why not? Only the rejectors or the Nasibis can be classified as not good to be friends with.
  14. Judgmental Shias

    Especially on Shiachat we should be away from forming groups. And we should see that if we happen to be excessively arguing with every other person on every other thread, then perhaps there might be a problem within. And we should take positive action to try and eliminate these negative traits immediately.
  15. More Important: Muhammad (saw) or Quran

    The Holy Prophet(sawws) was the exception, he could marry more than 4 and at the time of his passing away he had nine. The Salatul Layl was compulsory for him. He could fast continuously for more than a day. These are the 3 I am aware of. Someone more knowledgeable will be able to shed more light on this.