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  1. which place bro?
  2. Sunnis embracing Shiaism

    Looks like people in general take greater reliance in numbers. At the same time people coming here shows a desire to either learn more or to teach and correct others. Both in my view are positive groups. On the other hand some even come over to mislead and these are the evil ones, for them correction is dificult. But remember all corrections are from Him and with His toufiq.
  3. Is Islam against celebrating nowroz?

    Nawroz is mentioned in the Mafateih and is a day of Eid, so as far as I am concerned my debate is sealed. There are amals for the day as well. http://www.duas.org/nawroz.htm
  4. The aya and Mubhaila demonstrate that there is a curse upon the liars. To recover from a curse is nigh impossible . Janabe Hur(ra) and other companions(as) as I understand it had the right moral fibre to begin with like as in Hur(ra) praying behind the Imam(as) and not retaliating re Janabe Zahra(sa). They were misled but the fibre was honesty and truthfulness. Correct me if I err.
  5. real-tashayyu

    I apologise to both of you on each others behalf for whatever little misunderstanding it might have caused, but glad to know that it is now understood that it was not meant for our bro Engineer73 and was a rhetorical question. Done and dusted.
  6. real-tashayyu

    After what you did here I really have just 2 choices 1. Reading and Comprehension 2. Playing to the gallery I will give you the benefit of the doubt for 1
  7. real-tashayyu

    This is exactly what bro A true Sunni is saying, learn to read and understand. First accept your mistake in not reading and understanding properly and playing to the gallery by wrongly highlighting bro Engineer73 case and we can discuss remedial measures. It is necessary to know where we stand before we move forward.
  8. real-tashayyu

    You say one thing and repeat another, you really are confused and lost. He is making a general statement that the availability of water does not make our imaan any less, like not doing zanjir does not make anyone less of an azadar
  9. real-tashayyu

    Exactly as I understood it, bro Engineer73 misunderstood and you sound confused for you should have helped bro Engineer73 understand that it was not meant for him specifically but as a general statement for all of us.
  10. real-tashayyu

    If you really understand what is written by the brother in ENGLISH, you would not come to this conclusion and would not repeat it without confirmation. Bro Engineer73, as I read it Bro A true Sunni does not question your Imman but rather is saying that it should not effect our collective tashayyu imman. This was a general statement. Bro s14, learn to confirm before you repeat like a parrot to score cheap points across the gallery. Thanks bros.
  11. real-tashayyu

    If you were really true to the first statement which you tried dispelling earlier in a 4 para rant, you would not have said the second bitter statement.
  12. Ijtihad against Tatbir

    Duh...so foolish and ignorant.... one is a physical manifestation for all to see the second is a secretive contract for Allah AWJ to witness.
  13. real-tashayyu

    Hey bro, don't go out of your depth. First see alims who say 3 days and the ones' who say 1 day. And try and read it as a historical inaccuracy for this has no bearing on the right or the wrong, the halal or the haram etc....hope you get my drift. Besides none here is more knowledgeable than Nakkan Sahib and he said 1 day....what you got to say with regards to that?
  14. real-tashayyu

    hey bros take a small break, will join you after that
  15. real-tashayyu

    You know one of the biggest alims of India, Ayatullah Nakkan, said the same thing and people would not attend his majalis and literally abuse him.