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  1. How To Convert/guide A Christian Spouse?

    How about just love her as she is?
  2. Food And Sharing.

    Ok so is there any rule that says a Muslim cannot eat any food after it has been touched by a Christian? I ask this because all those who are around me who are "practicing Shia" do not eat any food that I have touched, even if it is halal food, or food they have prepared themselves. They will simply not have it anymore if I have touched it in any way shape or form, and they will most definitely not eat any food that I have offered them, though I have gone out of my way to prepare it cleanly (using utensils that are new or have not had non-halal foods on them), and in accordance with what is deemed "halal" and "clean". I am a clean person! Very clean! I am confused by this, very confused by it. And the irony of it all is that they will consume chocolates and confectionery from a bag (but again if I have touched it or the food they won't), that is marked as halal, though I have pointed out to them numerous times that the people working in the factory are not all Muslim, nor are they even known to be entirely "clean". So can anyone tell me what is up??
  3. If The Shias Dominated The World...

    Yes, same happened when I went to school and at university as well. It also happened here recently, a Lutheran church was built and suddenly all these people from the Catholic church here began dropping off and started attending church at this Lutheran assembly hall. Not to stereotype, but all the people who left the church were of african origin, and the guy running the church is a white dude who looks like he is from 1956, and talks like he has something to hide, like he comes off as nice, but in a really odd way. Word is that they paid a lot of people large sums of money to begin coming to their church. I would not doubt that for a second. I have seen many of these really extreme christian churches around here do that. Angers me really too as to how people sway for money.
  4. If The Shias Dominated The World...

    wait, i did not say anything against you!!
  5. If The Shias Dominated The World...

    Yes true, those kind of "churches" seem to attract the simple and easily mislead people. The ones who are easily caught up in the rock music and free food. Kind of like the street dawah dudes who get random no bodies to become "muslims". thats right, the very same people! and yes they do get angry about it when a Sunni says that about them. Very angry. Yet they will do it to us and say it is ok.
  6. If The Shias Dominated The World...

    Well they say council rulings, etc. I don't believe that though. Yeah I would say first it would be Catholics and Orthodox, then Muslims. Most that I know are quite hostile towards us. And if they aren't then they are very weird and kind of act high or spacey around us, like they try to entice us in with their weird-ness (having icecreams when going to worship, offering free food, "Christian Rock Music" and all that other weird stuff). Also we are often referred to as "idol worshippers" by these other Christians and also ridiculed for our belief in the Virgin Mary. The hate from them is strong towards us. Very strong. We also cop it sometimes from both these other Christians, as well as the Muslims community here (predominantly Shia) who call us kaffir as well, and also say "Why do you worship the Pope?". Education my friends is important for opening the eyes of others. I also really laugh when some talk about Muslims. They haven't a clue. They say stupid things like "Let them go worship their Allah-God" or "Their God is Mohammed"... Really I get the urge to slap them when I hear this...
  7. If The Shias Dominated The World...

    Actually, most real Christians, like the Orthodox and Catholic living in Australia, are unable to actually partake in any of the religious processions and festivities (apart from Christmas and Easter). Things like the Day of Assumption, the birthday of the Virgin Mary and many other days which are important to use, and months, go unmentioned, because of the fact we are unable to have processions, that most of the churches here, unless specifically for a particular ethnic minority or sect, do not abide by the same traditions. I myself, as a Catholic, have gone to see other churches, Anglican, Protestant, "Assembly of God" type places, and have been told that "You are going to Hell for your beliefs!". I think if given the chance, most of these other "Christians" would go out and hurt or try to destroy Catholics and Orthodox, kind of like what happened with North and South Ireland up until the early 1990s when Anglicans would blow up groups of Catholics in a soccer stadium while attending a game. And when I am talking about the Catholics (from which I am a part of), I mean those of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. Everyone assumes all Christians are the same, when they have no clue how different we are, even from Catholic to Celtic Catholics and that. Big differences in traditions and ideologies.
  8. If The Shias Dominated The World...

    Reading this makes me want to slap your head off! Really?? Sources for Mutah? Get your mind straight before posting such garbage again! Such a disgusting thing to say! You view us, and our women as lower class? We are only good for sex? That's all? Pfff, shame on you!
  9. Are Christians Treated Better In Gulf Countries?

    That is because Catholics and Orthodox originate from these areas, where as Protestant do not. Their core beliefs differ greatly, though all are classed as "Christian". Most Anglicans and Protestants do not even view Catholics and Orthdox as "Christians" anyway.
  10. Do Shia Get Along Better With Christians Or Sunni?

    That is a pretty silly comparison. And TBH i get along much better with my brother than any of my cousins. So... Shia and Christians, especially orthdox and catholic, get along well with Shia because I think that deep at the heart of it, the ways in which they follow their religion is probably what bonds them. I am friends with Sunni and Shia, and I find the Sunni and Shia dont get along and will bad mouth one another every chance they get, but I am able to get along well with both. So... Sometimes, your "brother" is not your brother. Some food for though there.
  11. How A Wound Heals Itself

    Excellent video!
  12. Your Favourite Shiachat Member 2014

    A favourite? THats tough...
  13. Steroids In Iran

    I know people who go there to get them and use them. Angers me really because they then blatantly lie about their use to others, and put down others who do not look like them due to that other persons "lack of hard work" or "poor eating habits" when really, it is because they are not using steroids like these other guys.
  14. Marriage

    Fair enough. I just searched it up, they are too. Hmm I wonder what I was thinking of then...
  15. Marriage

    They follow a more liberal "version" of Shiaism from what I know. A greater emphasis is put on equity between the genders. Aren't the Shia who believe Imam Ali is God some of the Shiraziz in Iran??