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  1. salam i'm very grateful all those who have replied inshallah something positive may happen in terms of m own conversion i lived in the north west of the uk may years ago an got friendly with some brothers who introduced me to shia islam I thought about things for a long time and studied and reflected seriously - then reverted and it was like coming home im alone now and find it difficult at times inshallah i may meet that special person so i can complete my faith salams to the belivers
  2. salam just an observation.....................in m own experience it has proved hard as a revert to find a wife / partner if like me one is divorced and have children it is a lot more difficult in the west to be a revert is difficult ad to do this journey alone is at times very hard in a situation like mine meeting other reverts through family / friends is not so easy i pray for guidance should anyone know of a positive way forward i would be grateful salams
  3. salams I'm a revert wishing to meet other brothers for Dua Kumail.................cambridge, ipswich, Norwich, Colchester wasalam
  4. salams as an english shia revert , divorced, with children ...................i find it very, very hard and difficult to find a good wife to support me in this journey faith inshallah my luck may change........ salams and duas
  5. ashura in cambridge

    Salam Are there any shia masjid's in Cambridge (Uk) where there will be events for Ashura ?
  6. hope well at ur end inshallah

  7. salams sister i have tried to send you a message with my information........but it cannot get through perhaps you can send an email or alternative way to contact to me inshallah
  8. Salams to the believer I have thought quite a lot about this and wanted to write the following....... I'm a convert / revert of several years .......I live in the UK ( .......divorced from the time i was not a moslem ) on several occasions i have made posts about wanting to find a good muslimah wife..............i have recived wonderful advice fom many brothers and sisters and i appreciate greatly all the help and advice that has been offered . but still i'm alone,,,,,,,,struggling at times as loneliness can be tough without others around to talk to about my faith ....and above all else to share this new journey of faith Shiachat is not a matchmaking site...i know that ...............but please spare a thought for those of us not born moslem...who enter the faith after much soul searching and thought and reflection..and simply want someone to share life with the options for reverts ( unless they live in big cities .or know islamic centres ..........which i do not ) are limited I feel in my heart though....to share the burdens, joys, happiness, sadness, mundane and exciting things of life with a good moslem lady would be wondeful all replies would be greatfully received wasalam
  9. Salam it is difficult to believe that the gulf states ( the saudis, kuwaitis etc ) can be trusted to support islamic iran should there be any conflict i feel sad to say that....................but after thay supported saddam..........and the wahhabis in iraq i have a sense they will aid any attack i hope i'm wrong ..........but feel i will not be wasalam
  10. Islamic Iran's National Anthem

    salams please forgive my ignorancve i didnt know there was 2 the words for both would be useful much appreciated waslam
  11. Salam What is the english translation of the farsi words of the national anthem of islamic iran ? wasalam
  12. salam Is there any more up to date information on the hawza Amir al Momineen ? is it open yet ? , what is the application process etc Inshallah I may hear some helpful information wasalam
  13. salam the email address in the attachment does not work ( you cannot send mail ?) is there an alternative email for information of website please let me know inshallah
  14. salam Qom seminary : Is there one for reverts / converts ? also what is the daily routine there ? i would appreciate detailed info waslam
  15. Shia Mosque In London

    salams is there a shia mosque near Liverppol street station or british museam I'm in London next week on business and would like to pray namaz there wasalsm