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  1. Arab superiority in Sunniism

    The majority of both Sunnis and Salafis on that thread seem to be doing quite the opposite- stating that superiority in Allah's eyes is only on the basis of taqwa, and that the fatwa is in regards to the Arab language, nearness to the Prophet, or in error. "O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted." (49:13)
  2. McMaster denies labelling Hezbollah terrorists?

    http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/235631 It's funny how the press release rejecting this report includes a mention of the fact that McMaster asked aides how America could be more aggressive towards Hezbullah. Like it's some sort of honor to appear more hawkish when it comes to defending the State of Israel.
  3. Abu Lulu: Muslim or Majoos?

    Anyways, this ruling is irrelevant in this context. Not only is its scope limited to blasphemy of the Prophet (which Umar didn't publicly commit), but even assuming Abu Lulu Googled this fatwa before heading into Masjid an-Nabawi, he had cause to fear for his life when he stabbed Umar in the most public position possible (according to historical sources, he was beaten to pieces or committed suicide shortly afterward), rendering the fatwa null for him. Not to mention that he killed 6-9 innocent people alongside Umar in his rage. Suicidal maniac or fatwa-following Muslim? You decide.
  4. #5 Hajj Pilgrimage?

    Only 3/38 have, wow. Inshallah an indicator of our youth, not our religiosity.
  5. Iran Bans Two Soccer Athletes

    Finally, this saga's been put to rest. Although it's interesting to note that none of the Western media outlets that rushed to misreport these 'bannings' are publishing this particular piece of news. http://www.persianfootball.com/news/2017/08/27/ghoddos-ahead-of-iran-debut-as-team-melli-list-is-announced/
  6. Placement of Ma'mum in 2 Person Jama'ah

    @Islamic Salvation Thank you. Do the narrations say anything about which way the saff should be filled after it has been started in the center, behind the imam?
  7. Placement of Ma'mum in 2 Person Jama'ah

    What I'm referring to is the fact that many small Shi'i communities of 50-100 people in the West, including ones I have lived in, regularly hold majalis but neglect congregations prayers (even when they are gathered and the time for the prayer is perfect)- as not a single adult male is willing to vouch for himself as adil. This type of neo-humbleness is what I'm criticizing, not the requirements outlined by scholars.
  8. Thoughts 2017

    I find Reddit to be really anti-imperialistic in some regards. The r/SyrianCivilWar subreddit is a good example in that 99% of the people on there don't believe the American narrative.
  9. Thoughts 2017

    Alhamdulillah reports coming in that the khawariji scum who murdered innocents in Barcelona has been shot to death while hiding in a sewage plant.
  10. Placement of Ma'mum in 2 Person Jama'ah

    Then it seems that our ruling is the same as that of Sunnis, except for women (which is the one I had been thinking of- to the right and slightly behind).
  11. Placement of Ma'mum in 2 Person Jama'ah

    The adil thing, now that you mention it is pretty ridiculous, and unfortunately widespread. And to think that the rewards mentioned for a jama'ah in our traditions (even for only 2 people) are so much greater than in the traditions of the mukhalifeen.
  12. What's your BMI?

    I hope someday he falls off the treadmill like that battalion crossing a wooden bridge, knocks some sense into himself, and replaces his cardio regime with hours of deadlifts, over and over again.
  13. Placement of Ma'mum in 2 Person Jama'ah

    Also, continuing on from the previous question, once other people have joined the jama'ah, does the row begin from the center and extend to the right? What about once the first row has filled up, does the next one start from the center and fill up towards the right first?
  14. What is the correct method of aligning the imam with the ma'mun (the follower) when there are only 2 people in a jama'ah? Although I know the Sunni ruling is that the follower prays standing directly on the right side of the imam (in line with him), I was taught that in our method, the follower is on the right side of the imam, but a short distance behind him such that the top half of the musallah of the follower is beside the bottom half of the imam's musallah. However, I recently came across this: Is this "just behind the Imam" as I have described it (the ma'mun being half as far back as he usually would), or a full-length behind like a usual prayer. Is it correct to deduce from this ruling that the Sunni method is also correct and viable?
  15. What's your BMI?

    By the way, if anyone here is underweight and planning to go the gym soon, please stay as far away from treadmills as possible. Doing cardio while trying to gain weight is like shooting yourself in the foot, unless you're prepared to drastically change your diet.