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  1. Try a question and increase your knowledge- it's a win-win situation! 1. Who was the first martyr of Islam? 2. What is the name of the horse-like animal which the Prophet rode on the miraj? 3. What is the literal meaning of "Masjid al-Aqsa"? 4. What is the literal meaning of the word “Qur’an”? 5. The name of which companion of Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in the Qur’an?
  2. The book, in its entirety, is available at the following link: Maqtal al-Husayn.pdf
  3. @baradar_jackson
  4. Obviously, fast food is different. I'm talking about the regular cuisine of people in the West that's now almost exclusively derived from processed foods- ie: the kind of stuff you'll find in your local supermarket. What I'm saying is that subsistence farmers living in rural Pakistan and growing their own food aren't going to have magically longer bones and lifespans because their food is 'healthier.' A person living in the West with access to the multiplicity of healthy foods available has a much easier way of eating healthy than a poor, illiterate farmer drowning himself in ghee every meal. In the West it comes down to a lifestyle choice, and Western cuisine isn't somehow "inferior" to traditional foods.
  5. Yes, it is permissible. According to Ayatullah Sistani:
  6. All of the OT penalties against Boston were justified. The first "goal" in overtime was also clearly goalie interference- the guy ran right through Anderson without even trying to stop. It might seem incidental on TV, but the Boston player had all the time in the world to slow down or turn on his breakaway, instead choosing to run through Anderson's pads when he saw that his shot didn't get through. All of those smug little analysts (James Duthie, Elliotte Friedman, etc.) saying it should've been a goal probably have never played a game of hockey in their lives. The Pageau hand-on-puck probably should've been a penalty shot, but I'm not sure the referees could've reviewed that after the referee on the ice didn't make the call after the whistle. The video review was only for if the puck crossed the line. And they probably wouldn't have scored off the shot anyways. I'm angry Ottawa let a lead slip away yet again, especially with garbage goals like the ones Boston scored. They could've killed off the series in 5 games and then headed into the next one well-rested. Instead they played like 3 games in one night.
  7. You can also blame cancer, multiple sclerosis, and as many other diseases as you want on Western food, but I've never actually seen proof for this. My point is that processed food doesn't somehow cause " lifespans, health and length of bones " to deteriorate exponentially. And neither is desi food cooked in ghee and filled with butter a gold standard of healthy eating.
  8. @Cool The traditions provided on this link may interest you.
  9. This is another mantra that I don't understand. There is absolutely no proof that 'old', traditional food is somehow way healthier than modern food. If this was true, Western countries would be way behind Pakistan and India (where food is processed much less) in terms of lifespan and longevity. Traditional desi food of the kind your reminiscing about (full of butter and desi ghee) is actually highly unhealthy. It's very easy to fall back on the argument that traditional, self-grown, organic cuisine is infinitely healthier than the food we found in supermarkets. It's also easy to blame every disease ever on modern eating habits. It is however, very difficult to back this up with actual, non-anecdotal evidence.
  10. Women are stronger than men: Ayatollah Khamenei- Mar 9, 2016 Yes, he holds the same views.
  11. I would say Pakistanis have more of a tendency to 'look up' to people of other races than look down. The remnants of colonialism are still very much alive. It's astonishing how many times you hear expats here in the West saying things along the lines of "Dekho Chini/Gorey/Japani/Whatever itni mehnat kar rahe hein, hamare Desi abi tak itne nakame/awara/ghair paband/chor/mazdur/ghareeb/ghulam/insertanyotherderogratorytraithere hein". And more often than not these statements are accompanied by a tacit understanding that these "racial traits" legitimize the complainer's own laziness or inaction. I say this not so much because of the peculiarities of the azadari practiced in the region, but more so due to the fact that Desis back home, on average, are more likely to have tendencies towards ghuluw. They also gravitate far more easily to zakir-type of preacher-entertainers that spread lies and falsehoods about the religion (perhaps due to the fact that they're less-educated than their Iraqi and Irani counterparts, who listen to actual scholars on a far more regular basis).
  12. On a more serious note, I actually agree with this. Although of course, it shouldn't be used as an excuse for racism.
  13. I don't know if other groups do it, but self-criticizing seems to be a huge flaw with Desis. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm Desi, and it's actually a universal tendency to think one's group self-criticizes too much. This is getting too paradoxical. I'm going to go eat an aloo paratha and lament on how evil us Pakistanis are.
  14. Your original query: