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  1. Hadith From Imam Mahdi (Af)

    It is a little difficult to get his sayings.But I know some faacts like He wants people to help the poor in a moderate manner. He wants people to be more conscious of their prayer He likes people to help orphans and extremely poor people. I know a little through some source ,but I cannot give you a link
  2. I Need Help

    Yes,you can use this money.Selling pigs and alcohol is haram,and if already sold,money from such source is haram.
  3. Yes,they will all return,but spiritually to help the last Imam a.s.But not physically for a long time.They do return but it is. a. short moment when Imam Mahdi a.s and his people get ziyarat.It is not like the otriginal continous life that they lived before being martyred.Their permanent return will be on day of Judgement and then they shall enter heaven.
  4. Who Are "shimr Ibn Thil Al Jawshan"

    Shimr although related to Hazrat Abbas a.s was one of the commanders of the Yazid's army which fought against Imam Husain a.s and his people.So he was definitely not Shia.Shia is by aqeeda not by just relationship.
  5. Islamic Clothes

    Salam Kids should be taken to the majlis in Islamic and mourning colors clothes,so that they learn to be good from a very young and right age.
  6. Leg Pain

    Salam Leg pain can be caused by eating something that causes toxins to be released in the blood.Some toxins are mild, they do not cause immediate death,but can damage the inner lining of nerves which causes severe pain in any organ which is used most or is weak and where there are lot of nerves.To relieve such pain, check with a doctor to know toxin levels and treat accordingly.At home she can take blood purifers,fruits or herbs. Leg pain can also be caused by stone or infection in kidney.Give her lot of fruits to flush them from kidneys. Leg pain can also be caused by worm infection in the intestines.As worms suck large amounts of blood,the legs may not get adequate blood to work properly and thus cause severe pain upon moving.In such case lying in bed gives relief.Treat with utmost care.Use herbs which are safe for older people.Use mild purgatives if she is very old.Again fruit juices would help. General tips Exercise,eat fruits and vegetables,use menthol creme,take pain killer,if pain persist take her to a doctor she is comfartable with.If she wants to be treated by a female doctor,take her to a female doctor,if a hetbalist,go to a herbalist,unani doctor as she says.Finally,you will get your reward for helping your mother on the day of judgement.
  7. Leg Pain

    Salam Severe leg pain causes and treatment A. If the cause is a fall, calcium and phosphorus supplements combined with vitamin C will help B. If it is a sprain,try pain relieving balms or creme or ointment with menthol,with pain killing tablets and exercise. C. If the cause is swelling try all that you know to reduce swelling as swelling puts undue pressure on bones,muscles and delicate nerves. D. If she has a personal problem,try ginger,asafoetida or other female health herbs,can be mixed with food or give a decoction mixed with milk. E. If nerves are damaged or weakened due to old age ,give her vit. C and lot of sweet things to eat..Avoid very bitter substances,food and also bitter medicine..
  8. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    I ate pulao that I and my mom made it.My mom made the yakhni and I cooked it .I ate it with home made garlic chutney.It was very tasty.For those who find the presence of bay leaves in pulao annoying,,a tip-- put the bay leaves in the cooker before you cook the yakhni.Remove the bay leaves when pouring yakhni in Rice.In this manner you get the taste minus bitterness of rice plus no irritability.People get annoyed if they find a big bay leaf in their plate,but wan't the pulao to be cooked with bay leaf..Wish you a Yummy pulao.
  9. Islamic Clothes

    Salam No single site sells all decent hijabs,since people buy for different occasions or regular wear.So no shop online or otherwise keeps same type of products.Try searching and buying from most of the hijab shops online.They all sell decent hijabs,but preferably buy from those where you can combine it with other products to increase the amount to get shipping free.Or if you wan't to pay more ,buy from whichever site you know in this thread or otherwise.You will get atleast one decentt hijab from every site. Check Hayaa clothing,check the sale section,you will find simple abayas .If you don't mind buying from sale ,you can check the sale section of every hijab shop online to get the simplest hijabs.
  10. Do cats have good eyesight?cats eat lot of fish.Fish is known to improve eyesight and prevent eye diseases.But human beings can't eat fish everyday like cats ,eating lot of fish causes headache and very low cholesterol which causes fainting.
  11. Shi`a Pilgrims Massacred In Iraq

    May their families be blessed with patience and their souls rest in peace. Does anybody know the nationality of the victims? No details about victims were given in news.If the victims are in U.S or any other western place,they are given so much importance and respect that their name and some times photos are also given.But when the Zaireen die,these poor creatures are just forgotten and not known.Atleast the news agencies should give the nationality breakup of pilgrims. Sunni police should not be allowed to service near the shrine.Atleast no suicide bomber near the Ziarat.
  12. First of all, Mouwiya broke the promise made in Sulah Hudaibiya.He promised and also signed the peace treaty in which it was mentioned that khulafat will not be hierarchical.Meaning his descendent would not be the immediate caliph after him.But when he was about to die,he broke the covenant and announced his son Yazeed as the caliph after him.But it cannot be said that others involved were not responsible.They were greedy so they did it .They had nothing to do with sulah hudaibiya or what Mouwiya said.They were sinners so too on the side of sinners like their own self and also greed was a major factor which brought the bani umayya as well as People of other tribes under people like Yazeed,Ibn Ziyad ,Omr e saad and Shimr.These were the people who gave lot of money and other things to pull people into their group.So greedy people joined them in large numbers.
  13. Islamic Clothes

    Salam Just a reminder,Moharram very close,approaching fast.Those who do not have mourning color hijabs,buy now.Please do not wear red,maroon,pink,orange,yellow and voilet hijabs with black abaya.Buy black hijabs,also no embroidery of the prohibited colors.Live peacefully and let live peacefully.To avoid any misunderstandings try to wear complete black,blue,green,grey and white( mourning colors)White in west if considered bridal wear itmixed with these mourning colors.Do not try to please the sunnis by wearing a little red,but please Bibi Zehra s.a.
  14. Kerbala

    Salam Nobody replied to even one of the questions.Please try to answer.
  15. Everybody on yazid side was responsible for the zulm in kerbala.Some of the names shimr,hurmula,khuli,haseen,amr/ amir,arzak,shabas,omr e saad,ibn ziyad,etc. Can somebody help me know what were the names of the immediate slaves of these people? It is better to know so Shias avoid naming similar.Many names are not known and hence cause confusion in later life.