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  1. I think your question should be about fornication. Because fornication is more common and it is also acceptable in the secular world, as long as it has the consent of both parties.. But adultery is neither very common nor is it seen well in the secular world.
  2. Sunni brothers

    I know but Sunni Brother does not agree. That is why I asked him to say exacty which Sunnnis believe what you are saying and which Sunnis believe that Imam Ali was the best among them. I hope he will respond.
  3. Sunni brothers

    OK then could you say clearly which of the four groups believes that spiritually Imam Ali was the best among Muslims or he is number four.
  4. Sunni brothers

    You are wrong. I have lived in India all my life. Indian and Pakistani Sunnis are ALL Hanafis. And they believe that the spiritual order of the first four caliphs is the same as the chronological order.
  5. What about in the Stone Age or something that old? Do you information about those days?
  6. Sunni brothers

    Authentic Hanafis! India and Pakistan have only Hanafis. There are no Shafis, Hambalis or Malikis in those two countries.
  7. Sunni brothers

    But that is not what most Hanafis think. What sect are you?
  8. Sunni brothers

    In other words, in his belief, he was not prepared to grade Imam Ali along with the rest of the companions. So in his view, he regarded Imam Ali as possibly superior to all other Sahaba. Right?
  9. The greater number of sins are exactly the same in most religions. Not all. But most.
  10. Shia In amsterdam

    Salam sister Please send an email to info@Ahlalbait.nl and they will be able to give you all the information you want.
  11. Salam madam I think I would stay away from unfounded speculation because it could expose the entrails of my inner character and point possibly to a deep-seated jealousy in my heart. Jealousy or hatred or malice or spite or ill will or animus or antipathy- any one or more of those. Take your pick. But the extraordinary character of Imam Ali was such that people either fell deeply in love with him or they contrived to undo his example. Anyway, I have also given the opinions of other non-Muslim scholars earlier in reply to Andres. I have nothing more to say and so this would be my last post in the thread. Peace unto you!
  12. Slave Girls in Islam?

    I don't even know if that particular hadith is true. And if it is, whether it has skipped important details. You see, a hadith may be true in theory but if it skips important details, it may be telling the truth but not the whole truth. And that could make a lot of difference to the overall sense. Anyway, I do not really know how things panned out in the case of this particular girl (or woman) But yes, as far as 'men of God' like Prophets and Imams are concerned, I very strongly believe that they did not marry for sex. Sex was never their objective as it is with ordinary human beings.
  13. Slave Girls in Islam?

    According to the Quran, all women have their rights [Q.4:19]. So you do have a point. Unfortunately, the hadith does not say if her permission was obtained. So we don't know exactly what happened. Firstly, let us not forget that before Islam, slaves were treated like animals. And it is well-known that Islam tried to lift them up. But we do not know how accurately hadiths were recorded. Apart from that, in the days of the Prophet, most women who came to be slaves were the widows of fallen soldiers. I am sure you will agree that it was necessary to find a place for them to live. It is very much possible that somehow their own wish was ascertained but hadith writers did not have the mentality of the modern day and therefore did not consider putting it down in hadith. I believe the word 'possess' is an incorrect understanding of the Quranic phrase. I think it just means ' those in your care'.
  14. Slave Girls in Islam?

    Whose permission would he need? Let us not forget that the hadith relates to the time of the Prophet, when Lady Fatima was alive. So assuming that it is correct, in all probability, he was asking for domestic help. And don't forget that when a 'man of God' wants a woman in the house, it is NOT necessarily for sex.
  15. The merits of Talhah

    I do not particularly wish to focus on anything. But (read below) I waa not saying that he will go to hell. That is not my role. That is for God to judge. it is just possoible that the All-Merciful God will forgive him. However, the number of evid deeds that men do does not matter, but their weightage. In my opinion, his wrongs do considerable disfavour to any good he may have done. That is my firm and irrevocable view. Where he will go in the Afterlife is not my business. And I am not bothered.