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  1. baqar

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    Brother, many Shias also neglect what God has asked them to do. Let us leave everyone to his own way. Instead of criticizing others, let us try to see how we can improve our own Shias. Criticizing others is a negative approach and a complete waste of time. It is God's job to take stock of everything, not ours (13:40). Let us mind our own business and leave them to theirs. They will receive the reward for the good that they do and they will be punished for going overboard. And so will we. Dear sister We Shias worry too much about others and neglect our own selves. In a fast evolving planet, it will be much more useful if we try to come to terms with the proper education of our children, among other things. In India and Pakistan, Shia children from well to do families know much better English than they do Urdu. They know much more about Shakespeare than they do about Iqbal and Ghalib. There are a lot of problems that we need to attend to in our own community. There is no point wasting time criticizing others. There is a lot we need to do for ourselves and our children. Let God take care of everyone. We need to look after ourselves.
  2. baqar

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    What is wrong with Sufism? They just try to get close to God. What is wrong with that?
  3. AsA I want to know any Shia masque in Al.wokra

  4. baqar

    why do taqleed or follow marja?

    Yes, but the Quran is not very straightforward. It is not so easy to understand.
  5. He is a scholar on Islam and Christianity and has been working on Christian - Muslim relations in England for more than 30 years. You can get more information on his website. https://www.chrishewer.org/
  6. Yes, not many communities in history have been persecuted like Shias. In the time of some of the Abbasid caliphs, Shia pilgrims to the holy city of Karbala in Iraq, where Imam Husain is buried, would be stopped at the city gates and subjected to limitless persecution. They would be harassed and tortured before they were finally allowed in - if that. Many were simply killed or had to pay the entry fees with their limbs. The persecution of Shias began when our Holy Prophet passed away and Imam Ali was denied the caliphate. That is when some Muslims seceded from the mainstream and the Shia came into being The alienation gained strength when the first caliph refused to accept that the Prophet's daughter, Lady Fatima, should have the title to a real estate known as Fidak owned by her father. He simply grabbed the plot and annexed it to the national estates. From that point, it just went on and on for centuries. I am sure you are aware of the story of Karbala and of the persecution of the Prophet's family and their votaries that continued for generations to come. For those who are not familiar with that story, here is an article by the English scholar, Dr Chris Hewer. https://www.chrishewer.org/live/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Husayn-role-model-for-humanity.pdf The ISIS and Taliban are, of course, hell bent to revive and renew the persecution of Shias.
  7. baqar

    Can I convert into Shia??

    Sister, you name has nothing to do with your beliefs. But if you feel uncomfortable with that name, you can always change it. How far do you live from Hyderabad? Hyderabad has a fairly large Shia population.
  8. Brother, I believe that verse is talking about Jews of much earlier times. The Jews of Medina were not given the scriptures - their forefathers were.
  9. baqar

    Do not confess your sins

    That is a very important point. And probably the most important reason why talking about your sins has been discouraged (or even forbidden, except perhaps when there is a good reason for doing so).
  10. Dr Hewer is an English scholar of Islam and Christianity. In a set of four lectures, he tries to explain Christianity to a Muslim audience. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Enjoy
  11. If belief in Islam is going to be so significant, then why did God create some people in Islam making it easier for them to enter heaven and others outside Islam giving them the responsibility to investigate. Doesn't sound quite right? Does it?
  12. Some of the hadith are so demeaning that I wonder how Islam manages to win any reverts at all.
  13. More authentic is not the same as Saheeh, which is 100% reliable.