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  1. Hi Christian Lady Just one more thing. I got that quote from that book advertised at the top of this website. There are three advertisements there. Two relate to marital hookups while the third is a book which costs only $1. I mean the eBook. Perhaps you might like to download that book at the cost of $1. Best Wishes to you and your loved ones.
  2. Dear Christian Lady Thanks for attending to my post. As for that article you have attached, I am sorry I will not have the time to read it. As you will hopefully agree, every little bit adds to the pile and life is very busy for most of us. However, it is widely known that at the advent of Islam, a woman had a lower position in Arab society than an animal. That does not mean that every Arab subscribed to that trend. The family of Khadija belonged to a small group of monotheists, unlike the vast majority of Arabs. They did not live according to the common practice of the rest of the Arabs. But the anti-women character of Arab society is too widely accepted. Your prerogative to accept or reject! I merely quoted Karen Armstrong, a British scholar and researcher on Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and also perhaps some other religions. My scholarship in the matter is limited. And I do not expect you to have her contact details. But you could send a message to her publishers for onward passage to her. In any case, her books have been praised by friend and foe alike. Having read a few of her books myself,I personally trust her scholarship most of the time. Peace and blessings to you too. And best wishes for your family.
  3. Age does not elicit a salute, sister. The badge itself is salute enough. But thank you. And may God bless you and all members, newbies and veterans alike.
  4. They will ask you about wine and games of chance. Say, "in both there is great sin and also some advantage for men. The sin is, however, greater than the benefit." They will also ask you what they should give in charity. Say, "whatever you can spare." Thus does God show you His signs that you may ponder. ***************** That was verse 219 of the second chapter of the Quran. The Quran does not deny that there is some good there. But still requires us to stay away.
  5. Son of Placid never said that our Imam is an anti Christ. Where did you get that?
  6. You don't know how to use them? Just sit as you would sit if you were defecating.
  7. You should treat her well. of course. You should make sure that you do not break off with her. . Is she older or younger? And do you have any other brothers and sisters?
  8. Bye

    Dear Brother and Friend If you don't mind my telling you, there is absolutely no need for you or for me or for anyone to tell others about the flaws in their religion or in their books. At least not pro-actively. I have also read some of your posts in the Christianity forum. And I must say that they are not friendly at all. If anything, they are pretty aggressive, and for very little good reason . Don't forget that our Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) always spoke to non-Muslims in a manner that some among them simply loved and adored him, like the Christians of St Catherine's monastery in Mount Sinai during his time. When you criticize people or something about them, you have to do so in a manner that they listen to you. Otherwise it is no use. Is it? Remember what Imam Ali said in one of his famous letters: "Remember that among your subjects, there are some with the same faith of yours. And there are those of other faiths who are also human beings just as you are. Both these groups may act wrongfully – wilfully or otherwise. Grant them your pardon to the same extent that you expect God to pardon you." On the other hand, by sending a PM to a Christian telling him about the flaws in the Bible, you are merely provoking him and acting against the teachings of the Prophet and our Imams. Please don't be offended by my advice. It is being made in absolute earnest. I mean well to you. The crux of the message of Islam is that you must treat non-Muslims kindly. You don't need to love them, as Christians are supposed to love their enemies. But you are duty-bound to treat everyone kindly, including your enemies and those you are angry with. We all need to learn from our mistakes and from our observations of the world around us. I am sure you will too. Just take it easy. There is no need to prove anything. You cannot change the mind of 6 billion non-Muslims and 1 billion non-Shia Muslims. In all probability, they will continue to believe what they believe, regardless what you say or do. If you wish to follow the teachings of Islam, any effort to change others must be done in an atmosphere of bonhomie. As the expression goes, it is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Actually, pleasantries alone are not enough. The ability to influence others to the extent that they change their mind requires exceptional social and psychological skills. I sincerely hope you will pay heed to my advice. All the best.
  9. Most certainly not!
  10. Personally, I would fully endorse that view. But it would be nice if he would give a scholarly explanation for verse [2:228] which many Muslims seem to think requires obedience from women. I have never seen a very good explanation for that verse in support of women.
  11. Yes, there is no contradiction in the Quran, assuming that one can understand everything. Yes Yes
  12. Bye

    Brother, please stay. And next time someone shows disrespect, please report immediately. But I earnestly request you to stay on. We can only learn more if we are together.
  13. Bye

    @AfricanShia God be with you, brother. Actually, we will be happy to see you again. If you cannot be here regularly, do please come once in a while. it is not so bad here. Is it?
  14. No, we worship God and God alone.
  15. We showed great weakness in 1925 when the actual destruction was done. That would have been the right time to take a big stand. And after that, we have never been united enough to create any real impact. Some people do occasional protests but it is clearly not enough.