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  1. Imam Husain was merely a human being just like his father Imam Ali and his grandfather the Prophet Muhammad. Too good a human being to describe in words but a human being nonetheless.
  2. What makes you think that he is a good friend of Ammar Nakhshwani, Just because they have been filmed together does not necessarily mean they are friends. We do not know what occasioned that photograph. Unfortunately, we are pretty disorganised for those types of controls.
  3. As brother says, the war in Syria is a sign. But a sign does not give an indication of how much longer we must wait.
  4. It is not normal for a 24 year old man to behave in this manner. As sister Hameedeh has pointed out, black magic is certainly not the reason for his behaviour. Shiachat members are not specialists here, either in psychology or in marital science. It will be best if you persuade your husband to see a doctor or a psychologist. There definitely is a reason why your husband does not feel like getting intimate. And BOTH of you need to find out. In the meantime, you can read whatever duas you like. They will definitely help. But you MUST see a specialist. By "you",I mean "both of you" must go to see him together. You must tell your husband that for a 24 year old man, to behave in this manner, is just not normal. And he needs specialist help. We here will pray for you. But you are the one who needs to do something about it.
  5. Do you have the reference, brother?
  6. What about the flute?
  7. I don't understand why you guys are wasting your time. It is too obvious that your arguments will not cut the ice with this gentleman. Pack your bags and move on, my friends. Surely there are better things you can spend your time on.
  8. Sister I felt so sad to read your story. I sincerely hope God gives you peace in life. Is there any chance you could speak in confidence to your father and seek his help? I think it is his moral duty to help you. Anyway, I sincerely pray God resolves your problem as soon as possible. God bless you and God be with you.
  9. As another brother has said, you should make a list of your questions and see whether the responses satisfy you. Without your questions, it is not possible to help you very much. Make your list, number your questions and take it from there. Note: Please don't expect all answers to be perfect, even from the Shia point of view. There are no scholars here. You should do your own research after you have received our answers.
  10. Brother, what is the source of this hadith? I doubt the negative connotations for Salman because Salman is the ONLY companion about whom the Prophet said that he is from my Ahlul Bayt. As for what the hadith says about Abu Zar Ghaffari, I do not see anything negative in it.
  11. What do you do when you pick up a newspaper and find something which you find disturbing? Don't you go back to the beginning and read the full story to try and understand what it is all about? Why treat the Quran any differently? That is the least you should do though in some cases, you may need to go further and read the tafseer as well.
  12. چین و عرب ہمارا ہندوستان ہمارا مسلم ہیں ھم وطن ہے سارا جہاں ہمارا
  13. The QASR ended when you found out that you had to stay more than 10 days. From that point on, you need to re-commence your fast.
  14. True but this is not a battle between Shias and Sunnis. It is a war between Wahabis and non-Wahabis. And the latter includes Sunnis as well, at least in theory.
  15. God can do what He wants. Why is it so difficult to understand ?