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  1. Abu Bakr have more knowledge than Ali

    You are right.
  2. Some of the hadith are so demeaning that I wonder how Islam manages to win any reverts at all.
  3. More authentic is not the same as Saheeh, which is 100% reliable.
  4. "Lying" is a rude word, not used among respectable people. You should use words that are socially acceptable.
  5. Shia and Christians

    That is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen in SC history.
  6. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    There is no such thing as "the book of idols" in Islamic literature.
  7. [Android App] 1000 Virtues of Imam Ali a.s.

    If I don't have mobile, is there anyway I can see it on my laptop? Thanks
  8. Post Your Voices!

    Some hope!
  9. Marriage with a christian girl

    Hi SoP I am sorry to say that it is not fornication at all. it is actually a brilliant tool and a double-edged sword, at that. You see, on the one hand, it attempts to prevent people from sleeping around, and on the other, it helps them test out their compatibility for marriage. It is a very practical and useful tool actually. Unfortunately, it is not being used in Muslim countries effectively. It is completely non-existent in countries like India, Pakistan etc. India, of course, is not a Muslim country but it has around 200 million Muslims. But it is practically unknown in the sub-continent. Personally, I do not know a single individual in that region who has contracted mutah. In many non-Muslim societies sinful behavior is a commonly accepted part of life. And if Islam provides a tool that helps avoid sin and at the same time test out compatibility, people call it fornication. Even people who themselves engage in sin possibly with multiple partners, refer to mutah as fornication. That is hypocrisy - plain and clear. Many people all over the world are just living together (in sin), without getting married. If they had a tool like mutah, clearly, they could avoid sin and at the same time, see if they are mutually compatible. And a lot of time and money would be saved that is currently spent in divorce proceedings. You call living together a secular thing but it is the way of life in practically all of modern day Christendom. The reality is that if properly used, mutah is an ingenious tool to do the right thing. Ingenious, I tell you, if you think about it, with an unbiased mind. If you think of some Godly people mentioned in the OT engaging in multiple relationships concurrently, there seems to be a greater justification for mutah. In Islam, Solomon (Suleiman) is regarded as a prophet and he may not be a prophet in the OT, but he was worthy enough in the eyes of God to have an honorable mention. Yet he had hundreds, not only wives, but also concubines. I think mutah is is a brilliant tool and I wish I was young and unmarried and not born in India. Cheers
  10. That may be true in general. But in case of hadith, the biggest problem was the massive fabrications that attempted to destroy the truth.
  11. Well, there are a number of hadiths that both Shia and Sunni agree on. While the public may not be aware, scholars on both sides know them very well.
  12. That is the least of the reasons for the imperfection. The bigger reason is that they were deliberately fabricated.
  13. And they have been distorted. All Muslims know that many hadiths have been fabricated.
  14. A hadith from Sahih Bukhari

    Could you please give the Internet link to this hadith? Thanks