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  1. A person in need of answers would not necessarily rush immediately to the first available booth, which in case of SC members, may probably be SC itself. Perhaps many SC members would but some might consider other (and in their view, better) options. It is also doubtful that answers from SC members, however knowledgeable, cannot be improved upon or cover every aspect of a situation. After all, 'knowledgeable' is a very relative word.
  2. Good point, brother.
  3. Insha Allah may God grant your father full recovery. And peace to you and your family.
  4. The sunnat of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) seems to be to avoid futile debates. That, however, does not rule out debates completely. The important thing is to make your point and explain it, as far as practicable. And Islam has already made its point in regard to the divinity of Jesus. Beyond that, it should be noted that the Prophet (pbuh) met Christians several times but never asked for or insisted on a debate. There is a sacred manuscript in St Catherine's monastery in the Sinai peninsula purportedly signed by the Prophet, giving amnesty to the Christians of the monastery in particular and to all Christians in general. (Reference: National Geographic, March 2009). There is no indication that he asked them (or other Christians) to engage in a futile discussion. He had already made his point. Beyond that, nothing else was required. As for the Christians of Najran, they had initiated the discussion. And in response, the Prophet gave them three verses of the Quran. When they did not accept, the Prophet invited them to a mubahela, not a debate. And as we all know, the Christians called off the mubahela. Debates are not always the preferred option.
  5. Even if they could, there is no need to stir up things unnecessarily. Unless someone throws down the gauntlet, there is no need to engage in a debate. However, it might make some sense to throw out a challenge to the atheist lobby, headed by people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, Because atheism is on the rise in the world. Apart from fully declared atheists, many people who claim to follow a religion actually follow nothing and could be seen as quasi-atheists. I think the proportion of such people in the world may be much higher than we are willing to accept. Language is not a problem. We have excellent multilingual translators these days. And the technology exists to exploit their expertise to the fullest.
  6. No, not if the ruler is an unjust person! You missed the word 'unjust' in that quote. That was the seminal part of his entire treatise. Submission to an unjust ruler is quite frankly discouraged in Islam. As I said before, it does not mean that you must necessarily rise in revolt. Not at all. But you MUST do whatever is within your power to oppose him. If you can do nothing, do nothing. But at least, do not show active support. The point of obedience to unjust rulers has been promoted by some sects of Islam because most of the rulers whom they honour were the worst of men. So someone had to invent hadiths supporting that premise.
  7. Yes, sure. But that principle does not apply to an unjust ruler who could potentially cause havoc in the lives of people, just as Hitler, Stalin, Saddam and Gaddafi did. You may not always be in a position to raise your voice, except at the risk of death or the destruction of your home and family. But if it is possible, you should definitely raise your voice against an unjust ruler. If some more people had done that to Hitler, there would be many more Jews in the world today. The fact that no one stood up against Hitler is very sad. The different flavours of Islam have opposite views in this matter. Our friend was telling us the views of his denomination. The hadiths he quoted are rejected outright by Shia Islam. Islam is a religion built primarily on justice. There is no compromise with injustice. Mind you, I am not saying that everyone MUST stand up in revolt. But if it is possible, then YOU MUST raise your voice and you must do what you can.
  8. No, I don't. But as far as I am aware, he concentrated heavily on the events of Karbala. Definitely not.
  9. Well, Pakistan is a Sunni majority nation. How come they built a huge shrine for the founder of Pakistan, MA Jinnah?
  10. Nice movie, thanks ! People of all faiths agree that Imam Husain belongs to all mankind, not Muslims alone. The noble Imam is a towering role model for one and all.
  11. Mir Anees died in 1874.
  12. May be but the ladies of the household of the Prophet took it more seriously. They would not let any single part of the body be seen even accidentally by the non-mahram, that is, those outside the immediate family. So if we are to regard them as our role models, it is not entirely cultural.
  13. Not necessarily black. Could be somewhat fair like Iranians, light-skinned like Pathans,slightly fair like Kashmiris, brownish like North Indians, darker like South Indians, and so on. There are many different possibilities.
  14. Excellent, brother Masha Allah
  15. There are many Syeds in this site. But brother, if you don't mind my saying, I don't think it is not a subject worthy of discussion. In the eyes of God, Syeds have absolutely no privilege over non-Syeds. Human beings are distinguished not by their ancestry but by their commitment to the Will of God. When we die, the angels will not ask for our birth certificate and lineage, only our record of deeds. That is all that matters.