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  1. Nulifies fast...

    (salam) No.. as in wen u feel uncomfortable wif ur nose, u dig it... :squeez:
  2. Nulifies fast...

    (salam) I hope to clear my doubts here.. Does digging ur nose or ear nulify our fast? Is there sources for that as well? Ma'asalama
  3. The long term effects

    you'l get a saggy chest wen ur old... dat wld be so a
  4. Champions League 2005

    Its gonna be Barcelona, Man Utd or AC Milan.. Arsenal have gt no experience.. Real Madrid will continue to rot diz year and in future when figo,zidane n carlos retires... Bayern, well they're typical Germans..DEFENSIVE.. other den dat, No other teams are gonna grab dat title...;) Don't expect any underdogs to be e champion ya.. Common, Its e EURO Elites here...
  5. Arsenal robbed of their half century

    chelsea supporters are hypocrites...
  6. (salam) any docs here? i need advise... my knee was twisted some time back.. n i heard e sound of e joints dislocating n joining back agan... its pretty painful back den. but now its ok... but i'm still kinda worried abt it... afraid dat it'll bcome loosen up in future.. wat shld i do ar? dont tell me to go e DOCS.. i already am.. virtually.. :Hijabi:
  7. wut is ur fav food 4 iftar?

    (salam) actually having cheese in e morning is nt good..It degrades ur thinking, drops ur IQ...:) read it somewhere... if u cant live w/o it, u can balance e meal by having it with walnuts...
  8. Unmarried men

    (salam) well mayb they do communicate wif each other b4 dat without meeting.. its possible.. but if u have only e pix of e person n not knowing how e person is, den i'm not agreeable to it either...
  9. Can you join bodybuilding competition..

    (salam) Its still within ur aurat.. i was curious as i read that it may lead to some injuries when ur old.. but i guess dats only when u over-exert urself... n how abt e fact that its kind of 'showing-off' ur body to ppl ard u.. now is dat gd?? :huh:
  10. (salam) I wld like to noe if its permissible to enter it... What do u guys think?
  11. The Ahul Bayt were NOT infallible

    (salam) how can u use an English dictionary to translate e meaning, infallible, describing our imams? Like wat e link Ya Aba gave, dat shld be e way translating it..
  12. Have you ever been close to...

    wow... dats pretty unbelievable n scary... but wats der to be scared of death...;)
  13. hav u had the MOT test?

    (salam) U did dat?? Dats such a joke.. Not logical at all!! :wacko:
  14. Why did Jesus die.

    It does not says that.. Ur twisting it..
  15. 1+1+1=1?

    well there are some quotes here which definately contradicts e Godhead belief.. 1+1+1=3.. so 1 euqals 1. And 1 does not equal to 1+1+1.. Matthew 27:46 "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? That is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Surely this shows that Jesus had a God, of different entity.Or else he wld have said.. "Myself, Myself, why hast thou forsaken me?" John 14:28"...for my Father is greater than I" If u claim that Jesus and God were of same level, Y such phrase even exist?