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  1. Asslam-o-Alaikum! I am new in Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 and looking for a Shia mosque, imambargah, or community. If anyone has any information or contact address please let me know and oblige. Allah bless you. -Ali
  2. Salam, I am in Greensboro NC just moved in 2 days ago. I am not familiar with the community. If any one know any Shia Mosque or community in Greensboro please PM me.
  3. Two Verses From Quran,

    Salam Sir, I am old to this fourm, mostly visit shiachat.com for reference. This is my first Question over here. Coming straight to the question: I am going through two different verses of Quran (4:3 & 4:129). I know Quran verses can never contradict its just the interpretation that I am unable to fully understand and need some help and guidance. I believe second verses is clearly saying that "No matter how hard you try you CAN NOT DO JUST between them........." unlike as you said I am happy that I am Muslim. And want to clear the meaning and get correct understanding of the verse 4:129. Please kindly put some light on the topic. I will be thankful. -Ali