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  1. Breaking news : 16 Americans dead

    You havent answered the question you shifted the blame on muslims an evasive technique. That is exactly who I said you were. You hate the "terrorists" yet love USA. That explains alot. And what a great job they did (sarcasm) these cowardly puppets cannot even defend themselves everyday being killed by the dozens, hiding behind there masks out of fear, raiding muslim houses and terryifying innocent families just to obey their US masters. If the shias of Iraq did not abandon Jihad they wouldnt need these cowardly men to exist at the first place. [Edited Out]
  2. This time it's spain

    This is why democracy fails because it relies totally on a logical fallacy of appealing to population whereby it states that the majority is right and minority is wrong.
  3. Ayatullah Sistani offers new electoral system

    "because it wont work in iraq and the iraqis dont want it. " Exactly thats why its not democratic, people have no choice of living under an Islamic government, did the prophet take votes on who would like him to be the prophet he enforced Islam wethere people liked it or not. And Islam works anywhere as long as its implemented. "The Iraqi scholars themselves do not want an Islamic theocracy like in Iran" They should be imprisoned and given lashes for rejecting Sharia and chosing secularism. "Iraq is going to be run by Iraqis...not Shias...not Sunnis...not Kurds. " Enough of this patriotic [Edited Out]. Islam comes before your nation or race. We dont have charismatic leaders like Imam Khomaini(ra) that is the reason why shias are becoming useless in the world now.
  4. usury-riba-

    yes if the money earns intrest. "can some define riba, and since the whole world is running on usury, ?" riba=intrest, "how de we avoid" Simple..just dont borrow money from the bank if it charges intrest which it probably will and dont save money that earns intrest.
  5. Breaking news : 16 Americans dead

    Are you saying that the USA is not an enemy of Islam and has not waged war with Allah and his messenger have you read any of Imam Khomainis(ra) speeches, have they desecrated the Quran, have they blown up mosques and killed innocent muslims, your stupidity amazes me. [Edited out] If someone who is Islamic and supports the fundementals of Islam and hates the Kuffar is a wahabi or a nasibi then I am one, Imam Ali(as) and the prophet(sw) according to you would also be one since they participated in Jihad, they were not trained by the kuffar to turn against muslims. Edited Out
  6. Breaking news : 16 Americans dead

    These so called soliders have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans and you feel sorry for these pigs, and those fighters are ignorant because they are fighting your fellow Kuffar countrymen? Anyone who feels sorry for these invaders does not have islam. What can I say muslims today are so brainless and dim-witted that they have love for the Kuffar and hate for those who oppose them. They feel sorry for those who kill, massacre, rape, humiliate the muslims. I sometimes wonder why the hell do these sort of people call themselves muslims when they feel sorry for the enemy of Islam, do they like the excercise of praying or starving themselves for one month or blabbing the Quran knowing absolutely nothing let alone not following it. And lets see if Allah feels sorry for these Kuffar. "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement" Sura Al-maeda: Ayah 33 “Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not” 2:216 There are many more ayahs but 2 is enough to show the disbelief of these muslims upon the Quran. [Edited Out]
  7. Hezbollah baby formula ring broken up

    I dont see what the big deal is about this issue, lets hypothetically say this is verified, why dont you instead write about Nestle funding Israeli terror attacks.
  8. Gelatin

    Chemically changes, lol how scientifically stupid, If I cook bacon it also undergoes a chemical change does that mean it becomes halal.
  9. Selling Music CD's

    You say music is not haram then you say "but if it is", if you have nothing important to say why are you wasting your time and confusing people with your lies and stupidities.
  10. 'Hezbollah drugs ring' broken up

    At least theres one person who knows how to read.
  11. Message of killing

    "Has the darkness in your cave 500 feet underground gotten to you yet after 20 years down there? " What the hell are you saying you are not making any sense.
  12. Chess

    I agree that the reasoning behind it by those Maraej saying its haram is weak. Just because something is a tool for a possible haram use, doesnt make it haram, eg a knife can be a haram tool if you use it for unjustified murder that doesnt make knives haram the act is haram the waseela is totally irrlevant. And the wasting time reason is also nonsence, anything that wastes your time from your obligatory duties is haram it doesnt matter what it is.
  13. Rape?

    What sources are wrong and what are they wrong about?? Not soldiers, any women that belong to the Kuffar wife, daughter etc, there wasnt any female soldiers during the prophets time. All these women become halaal for the mujahideen. this just shows some peoples ignorance of Islam and Quran. You missing out one important detail, whos killing is justified a muslims or a non muslims, then if a muslims killings are justified his capturing of women should also be justified. And this treatment of the Kuffar should be an incentive for the muslims not to abandon Jihad. Its like saying lets not kill Israelis because if we put ourselves in their shoes we wouldnt like to be killed.
  14. Message of killing

    The difference is that Hamas' killings are justified since they are being opressed and invaded by the Jews while this is not the case for the Zionists who have illegally setteled in Palestine. And this land has always been called Palestine if you have any historical knowledge. Every Jew that Hamas kills is justified period. The jews are slaughtering muslims and you expect us to just watch it.
  15. Y have so many ppl replaced "salaam" greeting with

    Ya ali Madad is a completely irrelevant statement and has nothing to do with greeting another muslim, why do people have to innovate things when its clear from Quran and Sunnah that the only muslim way of greeting another muslim is by saying (salam)