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  1. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    :) My pleasure
  2. Syeeda786

    Islamic Clothes

    Lovely sites! Just shopped loads :$ JZK!
  3. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    Salam brothers and sisters :) hope you are all well.. I am back from Iran :) came a few days ago... Thought I'd update you on my trip! And all I can say is WOW. Alhamdulillah my experience was phenomenal!!! Everything was perfect ALHAMD.. Our trip was organised by Molana Ali Raza Rizvi, so ofcourse it would be excellent :) in my eyes I had not seen even one down side and even if there was, I'm not the type of person to moan especially the place I was at! Qom was just out of this world.. Support from brother Saif 24/7, even if we called him 3 in the morning he would be ready to help us with anything! Mashaad was even more amazing! We stayed in a lovely hotel clean, massive rooms, 3 times buffet! Busses going to Imam Raza AS's roza all the time but we chose to walk :) Overall it's been amazing and I couldn't thank Allah swa enough for giving me such a beautiful experience and Inshallah I do want to go again! Can't stop missing it!! Remember us in your duas brothers, if I said anything that came across rude please forgive me :) Jzk Khudafiz Ya Ali Madat
  4. Story of my life!!!! My very very close relatives make comments like 'your namazz took time, how many did you pray?' 'Get off the Jan'Namaz there's other things to do to' Or because I dress covered - head to toe well apart from my hands & face.. My cousins often ask me 'don't you feel old in that' or 'it's soo hot change your clothes' 'you can wear half-sleeves you know' It annoys me not because they are saying all that I'm not bothered.. But they are saying it; people of my own house? So what can I expect from outsiders?? But I just pray to Allah SWA to give me sabr & for them not to have the urge to put me off! Lol ♡ Salammss x
  5. Syeeda786

    Why is Shia Islam the right Islam?

    SubhanAllah. What a beautiful thread.. Mashallah to Brother Orian.. Smashed it! ♡♥
  6. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    And brother! There's soo many people Brother Saif has to deal with I don't think he has the time to focus on just one person! Sorry, if there's anything I can do let me know lol. Fi amanAllah.
  7. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    Salam brother! Lol don't wory I totally understand where your coming from I had only made this account recently and thought I'd advertise our trip! Just for my back up (lol) not all kafilas have websites ect. sometimes you just have to trust Allah swa and your fellow brothers and sisters! I would persuade you not to miss this chance but obviously I don't want you to think I'm doing it for personal reasons lool but Mola waris :) Hope you can come if not next time :) I'll let you know how it went lol. Allah hafiz Remember me in your duas!
  8. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    Salam brother I am soo soo sorry about the late reply I completely forgot I had put it up here!! Well, the deadling was today but they are still taking people because it hasn't even been a month that everyone has found out basically the notice was too short lol. But I would love to know if you have been contacted.. If not! This is brother Saifs number 07429105402 he will give you ALL the information you wish to know InshAllah and I'm sorry again for the late reply! Please do let others know.. JazakAllah! Allah hafiz!
  9. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    Oh bdw this trip is organised by Imamia Youth - reliable and trust worthy! Inshallah.
  10. Syeeda786

    Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

    Salam brothers & sisters.. There is a group going to Iran for study/ziarat for 3 weeks, boys and girls aged 17-25. The total cost would be 750 pounds. Flying from London (Heathrow). Everything is include; Visa, tickets, accommodation, 3 meals per day, travel & travel by air from Tehran to Mashadd INSHALLAH. Please let others know! And if anyone is interested please email brother Saif on saifshah110@hotmail.co.uk. Remember us in your duas. Fi'amanAllah.
  11. Syeeda786


    I agree!! I thin your duasssss sisters <3nk it depends one your intentions too.. And only Allah swa knows everyone's intentions right? May Allah guide us all Inshallah :) Remember meee in your duasss sisters x