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  1. Salams All, I am in desperate need of a Translator from Arabic to English for a book project in creating a Ziyarat Guide to Iraq for English speaking Pilgrims. Are you (or someone you know) able to help? Naturally, given the nature of the book, I am looking for someone who understands the nuances and respect required when referencing holy places, personalities etc, so for that reason only, a fellow Shia brother / sister would be most appropriate. From a service point of view, accuracy in translation is naturally essential, as is the quality of English language in the output. We're currently in the process of collating together all the pages that require translation (circa 300 pages) and I'm now keen to discuss the project with those who are able to help. No one involved in the project is profiting or being paid, but for qualified people I am happy to pay you for your services. Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer to help in the project, that would also be very welcome! (Everyone who participates will be credited by name in the book) Jazakallah RJ [Mod Note: The OP removed personal name to prevent google indexing.]
  2. Salams All, I'm going away for a few months and this is the perfect opportunity to do some personal study the Quran. Could anyone recommend the best Tafseer (in english) and where I could purchase it from? iPad / Ebook / Book - any version will suffice Thanks
  3. Salams all, Does anyone have a High Quality version of this Noha / Latmiyat? Please let me know and it would be great if you could send Thanks
  4. Am I In Janabah?

    Haha! This actually made me LOL
  5. Sheikh Yasser Habib When He Was Young

    You don't have to like him and I don't condone the disrespect of Aisha (Only because Hz. Imam Ali as told us not to), but can you refute anything Sh. Yasir says or the hadiths he quotes? I think not... Perfectly said. Perfectly true.
  6. Salat

    I'd be interested in this too - thanks
  7. So, I feel the need to add something. Look up 'The third secret of Fatima'. There's plenty about it online and on youtube. For many years now, the Vatican has kept elements of this miracle hidden in their vaults which they cannot and will not reveal as it will shatter the whole church and it's belief system. Now I'm not saying that the lady who appeared was Lady Fatema Zahra (AS), but considering how pious the witnesses become, the fact that the lady called herself Fatema, and the Vatican appear petrified of the truth to the extent that they have hidden away the evidence, theres a lot of good reasons why many would ask the question.
  8. Salams Floating, The domains are currently redirecting to a non existant page - No website was ever developed. I purchased the domains, and didn't do anything with them. Happy to discuss sale of the site, but would be more happy to provide this to someone who is motivated to develop a service in the name of the Ahlul Bayt Hope that helps
  9. Hahaha! Ironically, I almost spat out a chip laughing at this..
  10. Salams All, I have some Shia / islamic related domain names which I am not using and feel like they are going to waste: hazratabbas.co.uk ziarat.co.uk quismat.co.uk If you're interested in starting any online projects using either of these domain names, please contact me. We can either start a project in partnership or maybe you can take either domain off my hands completely to run with your own idea. Thanks RayJaw
  11. London mein kisi ko jaante hain jo Jado ka torr kar sakte hain?
  12. Do You Have A Sense For Art/design?

    Contact Haseeb from www.rizvigrafiks.com/‎
  13. Salams All, I'm not sure if this is the typical wait time, but I always seem to be waiting quite a long time to get my post approved by one of your (awesome) team :D How long does this normally take? I guess the reason why I'm so anxious is that I only have one more post left before this restriction will be lifted, and I can finally be a 'real' shiachat member! Thanks! Rayan
  14. Salams All, Does anyone know of any hadiths or any blessings (similar to Zam Zam or water for Qadamgah) in the use of water from the River Forat in Kerbala? Thanks
  15. Looking forward to this...