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  1. Do You Know The Answer

    Salam. What is the position of a baligh boy in respect to prayers in the following case: due to a medical problem he cannot control his urine and suffers from mineral loss, etc. can he do tayamum instead of taking a shower especially at fajr?
  2. Empowerment Of Women

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us .
  3. The Hijab Of Fatima (sa) Or Aisha Lecture

    Well when u do hajj and umra u cannot wear niqab so that demonstrates niqab is not wajib (compulsory). However if a woman attracts the looks of men on account of her extreme beauty it is best for her to wear niqab.
  4. Muchas gracias por compartir estas peliculas. Me ayudaran a no olvidar mi espanol. Dinde puedo encontrar articulos/ libros chiitas en esoanol en la inrernet?
  5. Salam hermana No soy espanola pero hablo espanol. Me gustaria tener amigas hispano hablantes que sean musulmanas. Si estas interesada enviame un mensaje por favor.
  6. Enlightened, please tell me where you got "I hear a voice from Najaf and Medina". May Allah bless u for sharing this.