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  1. Any Brother In Sydney.

    Wsalam, Brother, there are hundreds of us mashallah. Just come along to any of the imambargahs and you will see and meet many people. Farid
  2. Use of animals in drug testing or research is highly regulated in most developed countries. However, I am not entirely sure to what extent pharmaceutical companies comply with regulations. Also, while there is a point in say that physiology varies from animal to animal, animal testing can be quite useful for determining toxicology of new medication (whether the drug may be damaging to the human body). Even though the animals are euthanised at the end of experiments, they do suffer. Ultimately, it is important to realise that not everything can be simplified to black and white. This is an ethical gray area on which I am sure researchers have to grapple with their conscience. So my opinion in summary is - experimenting on animals is acceptable if suffering is minimised in all experiments human benefits are gained which could not be obtained by using other methods