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  1. Does anyone know where la casa del profeta is located? I have sent an e mail in the past but i did not get an answer. Alguien sabe donde queda la casa del profeta? Yo les envie un correo y no me han contestado y estoy interesada en empezar a ir a esta mesquita.
  2. Shia In San Antonio, Tx?

    Thanks! I started going to one.
  3. Salaam. No busco nada especifico solo queria saber si habian otros hispanos en el foro.
  4. New To The Forum And Islam

    Thank you all for being so helpful! :)
  5. New To The Forum And Islam

    I appreciate everyone trying to help, I don't really mind if is a male or female that helps me understand and answer my questions. Of course there will be some questions where it would be more comfortable to ask a sister.
  6. New To The Forum And Islam

    I tried calling the number for the mosque above, and it was the wrong number. I believe it is the same one that i started going to and changed addresss. This is the one i started attending http://www.iec-sa.org/index.html
  7. Shia In San Antonio, Tx?

    I have the Holy Quran in Spanish but i haven't started reading it yet. I want to familiarize myself a little better before start reading it. I have been looking for a place to go learn and take classes but i think the best option will be reading online and asking questions here. I havne't learned much, I am trying to learn phrases, and words that are commonly used so that when i start reading and those phrases come up that are not in English, so i can understand them. I also started reading about Prophet Muhammad. Thank you so much for helping :D
  8. Especially females, i'm learning about Islam and would like to make some friends/sister to help me. I'm sure i can read and find lots of information online but nothing like learning from a real person. Thanks!
  9. I'm still fairly new to the forum, hispanic and want to learn about Islam. Just wanted to see if there were other hispanics here that either converted or are trying to convert.
  10. New To The Forum And Islam

    I wil try that one, thanks!
  11. New To The Forum And Islam

    Thanks, Yes i started going to a mosque here in San Antonio, i have only been there three times. It is hard to find the person in charge of it though, i have sent e mail and message because they supposedly offer classes and i wanted to start going to them, but since i haven't been able to talk to anyone, i am just going to start doing everything on my own. I am going to start visiting and reading those web sites that were provided for me here. Thanks!
  12. New To The Forum And Islam

    Thanks Sister AhlulBayt, I tried to message you and went to your page, but i didn't see anywhere an option to send you a message. It might be because i'm still pretty new in the forum and may have restricted access. Can you please send me a message to see if i can reply to it. Thanks!
  13. New To The Forum And Islam

    Well I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, I'm 31 years old and was raised in a catholic family as most hispanics are. For some reason i stopped attending church many years ago, as i lost interest, one thing i always said was that i didn't need to go to church in order to find God. About a year ago I met my boyfriend, i know muslims don't believe in boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but as i started to spend more time with him and seeing him praying i started to become more insterested. I never mentioned anything to him and i want to do everything on my own, I am not doing it because of him, but because it is something that I found interesting and would like to learn more about. I also want to be closer to God, and would like to do it with people that are honest, not hypocrites. I noticed that a lot of people went to church but were doing bad things or talking bad behind the others back which i guess is the reason i lost interest in being a catholic. I've noticed my boyfriend and his family are really good, kind hearted people and i can tell they are very honest. By the way, i am now living in San Antonio, TX USA