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  1. California Shootings

    Late to the party but I was watching the whole thing unfold the night of (my son had a dr's appointment the next day and I was up most of the night worrying). Multiple reports coming in of the shooters being well-built white men in military fatigues and tactical gear. Many media, national and international had the story. I knew [Edited Out] was going to go down the memory hole when some guy came on spouting stuff about first hand witnesses being "unreliable" (if this is the case, might as well not have any witness in any trial every on earth). I knew some concocted story was coming. Sure enough, wake up the next morning and the fairy tale comes to light. Lots of implausible stuff but the kicker that sealed the deal completely was the media being released early into the house and rummaging through everything. Immediate nullification any further evidence. My wife went to law school and she was flabbergasted that this was allowed to happen. Things are getting real bad now. Trump just came out with some stuff about how "duh moozlems" all knew about it and didn't turn this couple in. You can see all the stuff happening now in the US and this flat out re-writing of events is emboldening it.
  2. My son, my BABY, is the same age. May Allah destroy this killer, those like him, his countrymen, and those who aid them in any fashion.
  3. Have Shia Ever Fought Non Muslims?

    Hezbollah are the lions of the ummah and the pride of the Arabs, much to the dismay of the wahabi vermin. Sayed Nasrullah (ha) is the only one truly worthy of carrying the mantle of Salahuddin (ra) in driving out the najas from Quds.
  4. Could backfire and will give them more credence than they deserve. Outside of being really rude to people he disagreed with, Ibn Taymiyya really isn't the problem here. He came waaaay before the Najdi movement. The other are just barking stooges of Wahabistan or just opponents to the new Pharoah in Egypt. If you want to get right to the heart of the matter, the works of Martin Luther bin Abdul Wahhab must be addressed. Whether banning is the most appropriate solution is debatable. The absolute must is for sunnis to systematically dismantle those works (and all salafist heresy in generally) in an academic fashion. I have personally seen kids lose their damn minds after reading and applying that garbage. Takfir left and right.
  5. Illegal Pirated Torrent Software

    Say it is pre-modern times and I buy a manuscript. I then transcribed it and gave a copy to someone. Is this sinful according to sharia? Moreover, if the literature is explaining and advancing the deen of Allah (swt), is that a sin? I know Shia fiqh doesn't really look to kindly on qiyas but, to me, this is why software patents and intellectual property in this regard should be examined from a scholarly perspective.
  6. Illegal Pirated Torrent Software

    I also think that the high ranking maraji` should begin to comment on patents (I'm a member of the Free Software Foundation, so my proclivities are obvious here) and intellectual property rights with respect to software.
  7. Illegal Pirated Torrent Software

    Take a look into GIMP (http://www.gimp.org/). It does the same things Photoshop does, but its free.
  8. Like Harun A.s. To Musa A.s.

    By saying that the trust and leadership of that community was placed in the hands of Yusha bin Nun (as) and not Harun (as). Just sayin...
  9. Let's not act like protestantism initially brought anything more than warfare across Europe though. Thirty years war, anyone?Further reading:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_wars_of_religion Note: this isn't a defense of najdism, it's my firm contention that MIAW and his cohorts are in the fire.
  10. Ibn Taymiyyah was a anthropomorphist, generally rude (evidenced in his polemics with al Hilli), and not at all an example of Sunni creed but he's generally not on the Najdi dawah. Imam Ahmad was not anthropomorphist (although his madhhab has clusters of them throughout the years e.g. his son Abdullah).Martin Luther bin Abdul Wahab, in essence, twisted Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al Qayyim to suit his purposes. His brother, Sulayman, took him to task on this. Abu Jafar alHanbali translated Sulayman's refutation (http://www.amazon.com/Divine-Lightning-Sulaiman-%60Abdul-Wahhab/dp/1926635523). Interestingly enough, Ibn Taymiyyah's works are used to refute MIAW. He has a set of like 14 dars on this book. Just do a search on youtube. It is very helpful, as his footnotes tend to overwhelm the text at times. Worth note: najdism *is* reform, in a nasty, violent, literal ist sense. Aside: oil money goes a long way, which is why I pray the eastern, oil rich, provinces break off from Saudi.
  11. This stuff is so pretentious. Sometimes, some of the Arab folks I know will call me by a kunya but thats kinda rare. I refuse to be called "al amreekee"; I was born with my name and I will die with my name.
  12. Its so much fun to watch najdis eat themselves.
  13. Islamic Awakening Forum. What Happened To It?

    Alhamdulullah. That place is nothing but a cesspool of takfiri, head-chopping, anthropomorphist savages who have taken MIAW as their prophet.
  14. I believe theres hadith in sahih sitta about just this. I have been told that the Hanafi opinion for travelers prayer is to shorten and combine, but combine in such a way that you catch the end of dhuhr and go forward into the start of asr and so forth. Note: generally, the point of contention is not the permissibility, but making it a habit.
  15. To doubt the love of the prophet amongst any group is not a really a fair allegation to throw at someone. One thing I have noticed, however, in my interactions with lay shia muslims is that their knowledge of history exceeds that of the sunnis, starting with the death of Habibullah (saw). However, I tend to get the notion that the average sunni does have a greater knowledge of the prophet (saw) during his nubuwwa and shia knowledge is, in many instances, limited to polemical arguments. Anecdotal and doesn't count for much. Also, I do not mean to be rude or insult.