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  1. Stephen Hawking died

    Actually, this list is mostly incorrect. As Ethan Siegel explains in the following Forbes piece, there was much that Hawking touted as 'confirmed fact' which in reality accumulated to nothing more than theory: The 4 Scientific Lessons Stephen Hawking Never Learned Regardless, I agree that his opposition to faith was in no way comparable to the likes of Hitchens and co; the man had a humanist impulse in him and had even boycotted Israel with his support of BDS. In fact his self-confessed 'atheism' was really an agnosticism that intermittently sojourned into the realms of pantheism. Unfortunately too many of us are rushing to judgement about his personal faith.
  2. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Its mostly in their poetry, but i believe there are also surviving inscriptions; i'll look it up later. Anyway thankyou for conceding that 'Eloh' can refer to God depending on who's speaking. What this teaches us is that its what the term 'Allah' refers to that is important, not the word in and of itself. And we know Allah in Islam refers to the Self-Existing Originator of Existence, the One all abrahamic religions acknowledge as the only god. So i dont see the problem here.
  3. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Galilean Aramaic, Syriac and Arabic all use words for God that are etymologically rooted in 'Eloh' of the Bible (sometimes spelled as the plural Elohim to signify majesty). The fact that the monophysite ghassanids (pre-Islamic arabs) used the word 'Allah' for God is enough to prove that Allah was not some 'foreign deity'..
  4. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Nestorian assyrians use the aramaic word 'Allaha' for God, which was the same language of Jesus (as).
  5. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Alright, no worries, i dont mind having a respectful conversation. Did you know pre-Islamic arab christians used the word 'Allah' for God?
  6. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Even your english is terrible.
  7. Is YHWH the same as Allah?

    Im detecting an amalgam of OCD, psychosis and schizophrenia all in one from this mishael kid.
  8. A New Years Gift to You!

    Damn i only recognized this 4 days late, how thoughtful though magma! A belated happy new years from me bro!
  9. More Anti-Shia sentiment from Hamas

    Did anyone even read the link? The murderer wasnt a hamas member but an unknown gunman that pro-hamas police are on the look out for. Likely to be ISIS as they have already established sleeper cells in gaza.
  10. Bloodletting: United We Stand

    2016 and shias still think pictures of tatbir arent sensationalized by the media which misrepresents the rationale behind it (and misrepresents the principles of islam in general). You can see how thoughtful and understanding all the non-muslims are in the comments section under all these tatbir news articles. I mean honestly...
  11. This whole OP only references incidents of wailing and slapping of the face/chest - nothing that implies bloodletting is a permissible act.
  12. God, Time And Contingency

    This particular subforum has been inactive as of lately, apologies for the late reply! I am thoughtful of the fact that since God is not contingent on time, He cannot 'cause' in the usual sense of the word (which implies a process that occurs through time). Which brings us to the question of eternity as is hinted in your following words: In the eyes of God, there is no past, present or future. The conclusion I have reached is that all these renewal of moments that we put under the banner of time have eternally happened and are eternally in the presence of God. Now a superficial reading of your words would seem to indicate you are saying that there is an endless past of moments being renewed (hence an infinite regression). Im assuming thats not the case. What you are saying is these renewal of moments are eternally present in the mind of God. So God eternally caused the Universe to come into existence. That's all fine and dandy, but given the topic at hand I am approaching the whole question of time from a different angle (perhaps characterized as an approach immersed in extreme skepticism). Assuming the forms we see in the outside world exist, can it be adequately argued that by their very limitations they are contingent to time? Would you say a moment has time as a factor that encompasses all that exists in this world, simply by virtue of a moment having the potential to be renewed?
  13. I have always realised that for everything there is a cause, and that the cause of all causes, is God. I have also come to the inevitable conclusion that God cannot be bound by time, since that would lead to the infinite regression argument being rightfully applied to God; it is as impossible for God to pass through an infinite span of time as it is for the universe. My question is thus - Is every shape/form necessarily contingent to time? If so that would prove God has no form of any kind, demolishing the credibility of the anthromoporphists.
  14. Saddam wasn't sunni, his private beliefs rejected basic pillars of islam like belief in the akhira and the obligation of salat. There's no civil war, thousands of sunnis have joined the shia militias and many sunni tribes helped free Ramadi a couple of weeks ago. It is a ISIS vs Iraqi war there. These conflicts are largely unrelated to sectarian sentiments. There are communists, Christians, shias and Sufis in that area too. What salafi Wahhabi group got annihilated there?
  15. Iraq retakes Ramadi

    Great news, unfortunately this was more of a pyrrhic victory, dependence on airstrikes and the ISF makes Iraq only in more debt to America's hegemonic influence. Probably the reason why the recapture of Ramadi is being hyped as the biggest success yet. A real - and big - victory looks more like the Tikrit offensive back in march, a large city which had literally around 90% of its land liberated without any American airstrikes. Only reason why that offensive wasn't popularised was due to the large presence of iran-backed militias in the operation.