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  1. Thank you Runaa for your quick response
  2. Salamu alikum sisters, While surfing on Youtube I discovered a new style called moroccan caftan …. I fell in love with the style and now I’m dying to buy a caftan but I don’t know where to find it online ….can someone please help me ? thanks in advance
  3. salam is there anyone who has a review about this book "Tenth of December" ? I wanna have a glipse on the book before buying it . Thank you
  4. Why Do Girls Hate Football?!

    I'm a girl and I looooooooove football :D
  5. Falling In Love

    my advice to you is to embrace this noble emotion called love and use it in Halal ....may Allah help you
  6. Marijuana And Praying?

    as far as I know there is no dalil that says ones prayer can't be accepted withing 40 days
  7. False ..... I have named my son and my husband was totally cool with that ,. it just depends on the relationship between the couple