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  1. Where can I find the Complete instructions of night prayer (tahajjod) or a complete version of mafatih book with all of its prayers translated to Persian. I couldn't find in internet.
  2. سلام مهسان جان. ببخشید حواسم به جوابتون نبود :)
  3. I thought this way people can understand me better.
  4. Who is Iranian here?

    I'm Iranian and confused how to use this site. It's a bit complicated.
  5. سلام بنده‌یه‌کمی‌گیجشدم. چرانمی‌تونم‌واردقسمتhttp://www.shiachat.com/forum/chat/ بشم؟
  6. Do you know how the Prophet Muhammad (saws) defines and describes the faith? Is there any Hadith from him in this regard?