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  1. Pakistan

    and you yourself are using KASHMIRI with your name and yet you say that hyper nationalism is a curse we know CPEC is a thorn in your eyes and you cant digest the very fact that so much of investment is coming in Pakistan
  2. Foji, kesay ho?

  3. Pak Tour

    great its really grt meeting someone from SC
  4. Pak Tour

    wats the update on paktour?
  5. it was too damn hot here in karachi still is i once was about to be admitted in a HEAT STROKE CENTRE
  6. Blast From The Past

    panzerwaffe sir is u'after so long time
  7. nice to see some serious comments here
  8. brought back to life
  9. there???

    1. al-syedia


      send me an email at

      ali-tajdar@hotmail.com plz

    2. Abbas.


      Sab khair hai bro?

  10. Al-Syedia ki selection ho gai

    its been 8 years now
  11. Happy Birthday

    love ya alll
  12. Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi

    after sooo long detention allama got freed ALHAMDULILAH