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  1. Your favourite 'saying' ..proverb.

    " one must realise that, whether one looks to the past or to the future, there is always one greater then thou, thine name is monad"
  2. Justice between 2 wives

    not my fault, women chase me all the time. When they see me they all line up to impress me. I only go out at night while they are all tired and a sleep. No one is using Islam, that would imply an incorrect usage. Islam is a series of laws for social organisation to the ethical manipluation of a stable society in one context. I am sure the intended outcome of the Islamic propostion to x amount of females pertains to certain types of men. it is perhaps a sign of their natural virility or in some contexts where the female population is higher or in war torn areas. We can also admit that once again, the type of man Islam had in mind is of an intelligent type. The problem lies in the method of educating the masses. What generally occurs is a child like propagation, where an educated person may support the idea, because X did it 1400 years ago, but not explain the whys, how, reasons, and nature of the said individual. Reason is alluded and emotional tangents a created, thus the masses follow via imitation, and not true reason. Now all females marry Alpha males, this implies that they marry someone who they think will give them a good life, although they cannot justify this openly, so they allude to the description of love and commitment. Males are the same, what they want to is to procreate. Now ofcourse as humans are social beings and companionship is a core principle on the human level of existence which is part of that ethos. A man marrying or taking another women, is not cheating because consent has been applied through contractual agreements. The question lies in , as to why females think it is regarded as cheating, and why western laws have defined as that. perhaps the females should tell us males the true reason of them being unhappy regarding males taking on another woman, consider this both from a biological perspective too. I am sure it stems around Value and attention. If the permission is granted that intimacy will be available with shared resources then it boils down too?.
  3. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    considering the store clerk is probably 70, i do not see the issue.
  4. Divorce grounds

    OLD lady, that has passed her youth in frivolities, how has time passed thou, while now you await the hell fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Khul’a (divestiture) divorce is a term applied to a wife who has developed an aversion toward her husband and despises him to the point of refusing him conjugal rights. For this particular divorce, the wife would have to forfeit her mahr, and perhaps pay an additional amount that may exceed her mahr, for her independence. Mubarat divorce is when a wife and husband have developed a mutual aversion toward one another. Therefore, in order for the wife’s autonomy, she would have to furnish the husband with some of her assets. The difference between this and a khul’a divorce is that the value does not exceed the mahr because it was a mutual dislike. Al-hakim al-shar’i is a divorce conducted by an Islamic judge or imam with or without the consent of the husband. This particular divorce is exercised in cases where the wife, having no authority to divorce, requests and claims a legitimate reason to divorce but the husband refuses to grant the divorce. When a husband refuses to grant a divorce, and the wife’s claim for divorce is justified, then the Islamic courts or imam may intervene. The Islamic court or imam may summon the husband and order him to divorce her, or they may finalize the divorce with or without his consent. This type of divorce is termed hakim al-shar’i. Assuming the wife does not have the power of divorce and that she wishes for separation then her claim for a divorce must be warranted. Scholars have specific criteria for such cases. Additionally, there are certain cases in which a marriage may be automatically annulled without declaration or legal procedures. They are as follows: 1. Annulment: If the husband concealed his insanity before the marriage contract. 2. Annulment: If the husband concealed a communicable or a burdening disease before the marital contract. 3. Annulment: If the husband concealed castration before the marital contract. 4. Annulment: If the husband apostatizes (abandons his faith). The moment a husband apostatizes, the marriage dissolves instantaneously. 5. Divorce Procedures: If the husband becomes insane during the marriage. 6. Divorce Procedures: If the husband physically abuses or is violent toward his wife. 7. Divorce Procedures: If the husband no longer supports his wife financially. 8. Divorce Procedures: If the husband abandons his wife physically because of long-term imprisonment ( guantanamo bay ), he is missing, or he has deserted her. 9. Divorce Procedures: If the husband becomes physically contagious. 10. Divorce Procedures: If the husband becomes castrated during marriage, and the consequences become unbearable for the wife. carry on read the book. https://www.al-islam.org/a-new-perspective-women-islam-fatma-saleh-moustafa-al-qazwini/chapter-3-divorce-divorce-and-mahr#divorce
  5. Donating Organs

    cell memory. Studies show those with organ transplant take on particulars from previous diner kebabs habit. patient A does not eat pizza after transplant, pizza addiction. donor was a pizza lover. theistic view. The fear is that the patient may adopt the ideas of the previous heathen. But does not really consider that a human has a mind and thus be told that x might occur and be prepared. Life is test after all. This is my opinion. they are trying to grow parts in labs, soon in the future there would be no need for donors.
  6. What is your goal today?

    to find wife number 5!
  7. Justice between 2 wives

    I have 4 wives, none are complaining. Cause menz earnz moniez and it flawz like honiez too many immature children here just like the real world. Too afraid to understand the biology of humankind. I am going to make an ownage post proving the flaws in many of the female posts. I lied.
  8. Divorce grounds

    well, we have to establish why the persons thinks the laws are evil and what laws. To think or to accept something as evil, that something must have demonstrated it self as evil, hence that supposition. but they should point it out, as written, so they cannot embrassass themselves. There are many issues I disagree with it and I point them out if I think it be suitable or a pointless endeavour. Poor experiences and struggles of life create resentment and anger, that is why one should seek revenge and not cry over it, or forgive and walk away from it or give me all their monies.
  9. Divorce grounds

    young lady. I pasted you a book with the laws. Go read it. They are actually fair and give permission to the op for divorce. And instead of spouting opinion, it would be appropriate to read the book and discuss the laws academically, especially where and what the disgreements are with the current timelines.
  10. Divorce grounds

    yes, i went shopping the other day and bought me a new wife. Life is so easy.......
  11. Divorce grounds

    Where is Oprah! Opraaahhh!!! It would be better to read for yourselves. https://www.al-islam.org/a-new-perspective-women-islam-fatma-saleh-moustafa-al-qazwini/chapter-3-divorce-divorce-and-mahr#divorce Lola20 - Stop projecting.
  12. Are there any Mutah networks?

    think. a mutah network. hello, me want partner. okay, come here and see all beautiful people, now pick....... I pick A A , erm no thanks. I pick B. B, erm ermm I am busy . I pick C, D. E,F,G H, I, J,K fail.... No thanks, not my type...... it cannot really work, because it is a very private affair. The above is more on the lines of men walking into a brothel and picking the best looking one. the reality is, talk to females, charm her, show her that you will be king one day, that is the dream you must sell, then take it from there. Perhaps mutah works for certain type of mind sets to behavioural constructs. We are not sure how it worked in the old days, maybe men had more confidence in approaching women for it, while women excepted that men did have such rights. Or from an anthropological perspective many tribes or cultures had particulars in order to initiate such agreements. Like dancing during festivals or bodily expressions. Here the prophet tried to keep a control of such free for alls, by applying clauses, such as iddah. My opinion only.
  13. Am I being to extreme?

    music is an agent for dopamine release. The reason why it is haram or deemed as, its negative effects regarding addiction are greater then X. Anything that indicates a corpus amount of forced dopamine, like cocaine, has determental effects in the long run. Do thinker listen to music, perhaps the man of old did, to be inspired, like bach and co, but not as the humans of today. Early morning going to school or work, when the mind is fresh, they all have headphones with loud music, hyping their minds with garbage ,especially when the brain is in a fresh sponge state. it is a whine post. Would they say the same if he adopted buddhism and claimed his way to mindfulness and enlightenment?. If yes, then they want him to follow their path. The rule of life is, carve your own path. That is what he has chosen, thus he should not be complaining, albiet being a child. This is the path of growing up, choosing between ones own path or that of others. It all comes with a price.
  14. This is a bias statement from a parent. If a person were to revert, while their parents were non-muslim, would you then claim it was great upbringing from non-thiestic parents?. The story would then change to claim it to be fitrah. Reversion or non is based on motive, desire and perhaps to some extend an intellectual drive for a way out.
  15. Am I being to extreme?

    No, I don;t think you get it. If you hang around intellectuals, even they are non muslims, they have a life plan, everything they do is calculated. If they have fun, talk to a females, males, dogs, cats, , have friends, revise, it is all part of their grand plan, and if one does not fit in that plan, they are out. They dont think you are weird, it is the person who has decided to opt out feels wierd, because now they have taken a different path but are missing or wanting their friends to join them in their current lonely state. Neither is the person getting closer to God, they are attempting to practice a way of life, hoping it will lead them to salvation. When intellect increases, many things become boring. To fit in, dont shout it is haraam, say I have no interest in this, I need to study or do. It is called tact.
  16. Secret second marriage

    somebody gonna get hurrrrrrrtttt..
  17. Imam Ali was oppressed more than anyone

    and other humans haven't faced similar or worse fates?.
  18. perhaps the better discussion would be to ask A) why are thiests becoming athiests B) why are athiests becoming theists. C) if the rate at both are exchanging their ideologies is relatively the same, then there should be no worries.
  19. well, he broke a law or say command. Master tells slave to jump, slave does not jump, master punishes slave. Why? Because master knows that particular jump would be a benefit. To see how much change the slave was carrying [in pockets]. Satan does believe in God, thus he cannot have disbelief as he follows his path of destruction of mankind or allowed. Stan lost the trust of God. Meaning, after apparently climbing the ranks and feeling like he was top of the world maaaa, he was replaced without knowledge. Just like that. This mad him maaddddddd, so he huffed and puffed and raged to destroy mankind. God said sure. Cool story. Not all disbelievers will burn, many narrations claim otherwise. True question is, define disbeliver, that would be 99.99999% of zumans.
  20. Loudly crying during salah

    perhaps they cry because someone has oppressed them, and there is no one to complain but to God, or they really want that ferrari........
  21. #25 Best Universal Food Base?

    considering that one can get Rice bread and Rice noodles......
  22. Am I being to extreme?

    so, you stopped listening to music and stop wasting time on useless conversations and instead decided to self educate on a particular subject. This is deemed extreme? Are you sure that is the full story?. Sounds like a normal persons life to me. although to tell someone not to follow the path of virtue or self improvement would it self be counted as extreme.
  23. Virtual Currencies

    I should have written it better. My concern is?, how do we know what kind of research establishes a viable result. Considering that many are new to crypto, and they will follow either FOMO or their Gut instinct. Which of course is incorrect, but at the same time, reading white papers isn't much helpful, neither is looking at the Team and their associations. So, the investors are basing it on feeling, where a minority will benefit, the majority will make the minority benefit.
  24. Is marriage really fate (qisma)?

    no it isnt. You have to make things happen in life and fix problems via solutions. life isn;t fair, we are playing with the cards we are given. Look at what you are good at and make that work for you. See the problems in terms of scale, what actually is making it the size it is. Can you solve the problem? if yes, how?. The genius state, learn to solve problems, not roll in them. Well a mother cannot make such demands, however a solution should be appropriated where all parties can have a piece of the cake. Self edcuate. Start of with Ted talks - Jordon peterson is good, free classes MIT, Stanford, Harvard, all on YT and many more.
  25. Virtual Currencies

    Brother I think I may have been unclear or you misunderstood. I said those were the ones I would not invest in. I know that Bitconnect and Bytecoin are scams. But the fact that the latter still has a market cap over a $1 billion, indicates that there is something really wrong with these valuations. The concern is how you both have come up with two different conclusions based on research. This is one of the problem with investing. How much are we speculating, and if that speculations comes off true, how much of that was actual research.