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  1. Dr Jordan Peterson thread *Change your life*

    His fan base is off the peasant class. In times of turmoil, the voice that speaks to the people becomes the leader. He tries to implant rationalism and is against the status quo of certain forms of censorship or rules. He isn't just against Islam, there are many issues he is against. But videos as such, bring in the nationalist. Another mistake of his, in trying to jump into waters he does not understand. That is generally the foolishness of western academics. They see eastern works from a westerners perspective, blind while learning, without a clear mind. However, he does need someone with intellect to challenge his knowledge on Islam or many other subjects. The problem is where are they?. I am sure he can be emailed. Plenty of academics here. I believe he him self is struggling with his own demons and is very adapt as using his skills in manipulation. No one can be exempt from their own imagination.
  2. peasants in their natural place. Look at the bright side, many of them will eventually be in prison or live a life of crime or have low income wages and die virgins. many of the boys in that video come from low income poor backgrounds. Hence they still have the gangsta ghetto mind, irrelevant of which group they adhere too. .Rule number one, always be careful of the mob. The mob has one mind. The mind is dictated by the most daring or foolish.
  3. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    Clearly you guys arent thinking about the dilemma. But the verses your used, outlines my point. It is either a forceful belief system or it isnt . Follow the rules or burn. The same ideology is then practiced by many factions through out the earth, be it democrazy, communism or whatever new system is conjured up. The pattern and rules are always the same.
  4. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    Reflect upon this scentence of yours. You are practically stating that, If X state Y as being true, and I deny it, it implies it is my fault for my own demise. Considering humans comes in many intellectual forms added with personal motives. That is the dilemma of reality.
  5. When God revealed Himself to Sartre

    that could be one interpretation. All I see is the feeling of guilt from perhaps his early experience from the church. That feeling of guilt is what he seems to refer to as God. Fear of the invisible. He does use the word indignation. The scenario is about doing whatone wishes, and covering up the tracks, but where does this feeling of guilt stem from. Havent read nagal or satre, might dig into them. although these days such works are boring.
  6. Crying awhile reading dua ahad

    will you train me please?.
  7. Crying awhile reading dua ahad

    make sure you have some tissues next to you. Thanks for letting us know how you feel. I am sure the oppressed feel the same way, while starring at their empty existence. Don't worry we can throw them some supplications to keep them busy until the pain is over.
  8. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    another comical apparition. Statements as such proclaim the motives of why atheism is so prevelant. That the thiestic God is playing a terrible game with its own creation, but appears like a tyrannical human and as such, the innate nature of mankind, expects a good God, saintly in that matter, however it doesnt seem so, therefore the belief in a creator is based on the premise that tyranny awaits if praise and appellation isnt given.
  9. When God revealed Himself to Sartre

    explain, your opinion on this matter. sounds rather a childish delusion to me. Knowing that A) God looked at him , B) turns aways when he took the opposite direction.
  10. Dr Jordan Peterson thread *Change your life*

    who did you hear it from?. If we follow your logic of I heard it from X then if it is true, then we can assume he follows your logic on islam based on I heard and read it from X. There is nothing right wing about him, it is just his followers who find him standing up for their delusonal white power or christiondom. A revival of their lost ethics or way of life. I am assuming his large fan base is composed of those in the lower brackets of society. Everyone needs a hero to guide them some time in their life, JP is the current one and eventually someone else will come, who will reuse the old texts in a different way. I have drilled 25+ lectures of his in the last few weeks, his general sympathy is towards the Jews in auschwitz ( he seems to forget a large part of history, about how the yanky doodle firms had ties with Hitler and co ), his hatred towards the behavior of the nazis and the communists. He does mention Isis a few times. Generally he is more concerned about human behaviorism and the effects of poor choices based on irrational or emotive decision making, and explains it rationally while also associating it to religion. Meaning, he explains that religions or ancient texts outlines what psychoanalysis figured out through testing. Those who havent studied religion or ancient text, find this as new profound knowledge, although the ancient sages and philosophers have already explained it all. Although after removing the rose tinted glasses, we have to realise he is just promoting his religion, his ideas and making good money off it.
  11. Judgmental Shias

    I didn't know that he reads SC. It is great that you A) Are learning from JP . B) That you want to improve relationships online C) sad, that you are forgetting the principles of reality. Humans disagree because there are two apposing parties with different intellectual levels. So the only way to achieve peace is, either one party forces them selves to be surbodinates and increase the ego of the other, or we go WAR and fight it out, until there are a few left, who decide how history is written. WAR WAR WAR!!! I will add some quotes to appear ambiguous and mysterious for my fans. The best way of avenging thyself is not to become like the wrong doer. On the occasion of every act ask thyself, How is this with respect to me? Shall I repent of it? A little time and I am dead, and all is gone. What more do I seek, if what I am now doing is work of an intelligent living being, and a social being, and one who is under the same law with God? Remember that to change thy opinion and to follow him who corrects thy error is as consistent with freedom as it is to persist in thy error. For it is thy own, the activity which is exerted according to thy own movement and judgement, and indeed according to thy own understanding too. Short-lived are both the praiser and the praised, and the rememberer and the remembered: and all this in a nook of this part of the world; and not even here do all agree, no, not any one with himself: and the whole earth too is a point. If thou canst see sharp, look and judge wisely, says the philosopher. In the constitution of the rational animal I see no virtue which is opposed to justice; but I see a virtue which is opposed to love of pleasure, and that is temperance. M.A
  12. Stephen Hawking died

    HE cleary was an important figure to entertain everyone here. Everything has worth.
  13. Knowledge or Money?

    A desert dweller is the master of telling his people that, the chances of rain is 1%. So does the camel.
  14. What advice would you give your younger self

    Don't judge people! O"rly!!.
  15. Judgmental Shias

    I felt some joy when I was mentioned even it was in the negative.