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  1. Qualifications for Muttah Marriage.

    Maybe you need to polish up your reading skills buddy. No one has had 28 muta's. it was a comical response to a response. And No, Muta is not common, in terms of statistics, it is probably around 1%. More reading, rather then silly opinions. https://www.al-islam.org/muta-temporary-marriage-in-islamic-law-sachiko-murata/four-pillars-muta
  2. ownage time noobs. No more , hey look I am smarter then you nonsense, as the truth stand I am smarter. It is actually called the Yinon Plan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yinon_Plan or into further detail https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Israel
  3. My loneliness is killing me

    like we have any friends.... Friends are a distraction. At first you will all laugh, be happy, graduate, then compete with each other as to whom gets the best of the best!.
  4. it is not an issue of deviancy, it is simple remembrance. Those near it, will have a stronger bond then those away from it. If you do not remember something it becomes forgotten. History and the personalities have to be mentioned and remembered or it gets replaced with other role models, like pepper pig. All nations conduct historical remembrance, never forget that, it is notjust a shia issue.
  5. sister causing trouble

    Your sister is a manipulator. She knows all the buttons to push to make you tick. your first step is not to fight or argue with her. You have to learn to play with manipulators. Yes, you may have to sacrifice being nice, but it is no different then being a leader of a group, nation, people. Art of dealing with many mind sets is a skill that one either has or learns it. https://www.drgeorgesimon.com/covert-aggressives-manipulative-wolves-in-sheeps-clothing/ Read his book too. Also forget what she or others say, you need to consider things in terms of law. Where do you stand in that, so far it seems you are in the right. Stop trying to help her, there is no need and neither are you obliged too. focus on what is important, considering you are wasting emotions in too many avenues is making you burn out, which then allows you to be manipulated even further.
  6. sex and marraige

    yes, he might have 28 other muta females, as he does not believe in the months that have 31 days...... Paranoia much? We cannot tell what the true issues is, as the information is nothing short of a complaint. How many hours does he work - what is his job like- what kind of job does he do - what foods does he eat - does he exercise - what does he spend his spare time in - Just poison his food with aphrodisiacs, vitamins etc.
  7. Thinks he created himself

    why do you believe that you need to give him an answer?. If that person believes it, let him do so. let me him entertain his own mind with that little pleasure of his. He could be right, considering, he was silly enough to erase his own memory in the first place. I'd say he was once a mental health patient in the world of God's. The theories to rebut can be as comical as the theories of existence too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandiose_delusions Just one many complexes.
  8. the layout of a masjid

    You are asking non-architects the history of Mosque architecture or building design?. Perhaps, you need to research all the ancient building constructions to the current designs, and how and why they went through a process of change. If they did not have carpets......?. Think about why we have carpets now, or water pools before they enter. Consider dirt to temperature. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dome
  9. Young talented struggling maulana from India

    your best bet would be to research the centers in NA, CAN, EU , rest of the world, find out whether they require one or contact them. Unfortunately , just like the job market, you need to know people, apply or ask those in charge. Talent will only get you as far as when the right ears hear or see you, otherwise the talent, for the majority is wasted and we all become hamsters on the wheel, dreaming of the good life. Learn to become a brand, as all those in the limelight are.
  10. How to develop creative thinking?

    eating donuts while running.
  11. I need Help

    melt the gold into a shape of a bullet.
  12. Imam Reza's A.S shrine = Iran Ayatollah Khamanei = Iran - the country pays for the upkeep of the shrine. Ayatollah Sistani - Iraq You - somehwere travelers pray 2 rakat. In the future you may visit the shrine and you may see sistani there or another ayatullah from sistan. Interpretation done.
  13. Whey protein powder, please help

    you don't need protein powder unless you cannot hit your daily limit. If I try, which I do not anymore, I could consume 2000calories/carbs and 100grams of protein in 4 meals per day, without shakes. Also what you need is whey isolate without anything else mixed in it.
  14. You sent such a long essay on my topic :angry:: "How do you control your anger."

    You do realize I don't like such long... difficult... reads.... :blush: yes?

    1. Hameedeh


      @Zavon Monad is on break from ShiaChat. He won't reply to you for a while. :D 

  15. "Qadarullah" A repeated phrase

    God has no reason to make a complaint against humanity or what he has created, a complaint is generally a deficiency in something. If one claims God is stating it out of mercy, then it implies God cannot go against his own will, meaning the game has rules and it must be played according to its rules, thus taking God him self out of the equation.