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  1. if four witnesses accused of stealing, you declared innocence, were innocent, but the witnesses were your enemies, is that a fair judgement?. The judge would not know, as the witnesses looked just like you. This happens around the world daily. Your statement is incorrect, it would not be a fair judgement, it would appear to be one, similar to how western politicians use this same concept to invade nations. It is a fair judgement according to their criteria. But those on the receiving end find it abysmal. The reason why you prefer B&W situations, because your mind prefers order and thus it is too simplistic in nature to consider options as it requires critical thinking. This is general for a majority of human beings, as there are too many variables in all cases including the B&W ones. Hence, if one were to analyse religion, its majority is based around this B&W concept, as order is preferred over disordered, especially in regards to the whole, even if we have collateral damage.
  2. America's military worship

    there are perhaps only few men in history that killed because they had to, as apposed to many soldiers who did so for pure entertainment and the abuse of their power. Hence the pstd, thus arises from the guilt of their evils, but hide behind the trauma of war.
  3. America's military worship

    there are perhaps only few men in history that killed because they had to, as apposed to many soldiers who did so for pure entertainment and the abuse of their power. Hence the pstd, thus arises from the guilt of their evils, but hide behind the trauma of war.
  4. clearly simple minds failed to understand the narrations. All narrations are based on context.
  5. What is far more interesting is how both kirtc and quisant failed to understand what i had written. Clearly there is never a perfect way to put forward opinion, as emotions always sway the rational. It Is time to retire.
  6. Haider

  7. #3 - Kids Today Have it...

    easier. If you have the ability to cast a vote then I doubt you have to wake up, use the latrine outside, in the dark, or walk a few miles to get dirty water. Or work in sweat shops. https://ourworldindata.org/extreme-poverty/ Look up child prodigies, then you will notice a pattern in their households. Their parents had a method of direction, that allowed proper growth and those who had terrible homes, somewhere along the lines, they directed themselves using YT. it is all about the correct form of inspiration no matter the age.
  8. Baqar - The problem is, these type of subjects require a very high level of intellectual knowledge and the power of oration to written format. The only persons who came close to the positing ideas to the written context were Jibreal , MuhammedAli and Inshallah, but I am sure they too will admit, that all this is typical surface nonsense, a bit like icing on the cake. If men were to immerse in the underlining, majority would be stuck at the cream. The simple example is that of reading Mutahari's book on justice, where he refutes Hegel, Hume and Locke. If I recall correctly. But then one can agree upon it and leave it as is, or they would then have to read the works of those authors to understand their viewpoints. How many have the time or intellectual capacity to traverse this subject, as we know, it will take years. I do enjoy Quisants remarks and points, but it seems with time, they have become simple questions poking at the untrained minds. Purely for pleasure.
  9. waseem - s0 when is your arrange marriage?.
  10. kirtc , do not derail the topic. According to our chat, I have no intent in engaging with you, because I am smarter and such topics are fruitless. In fact your objective is to save your self while providing intellectual pleasure. I am here to play and not with you. Braaaaaaaaaap. I have not even immersed in any form of intellectualism, as we are all but fools in the sea of ignorance. God has not blinded them, their objective and motive is different then yours. qusiant is a long time member. Yet he entertains his mind with trivialities on such a subject, although he knows that he doesn't even know. The theists are of different aliases and timelines constantly attempting to refute him. The answers and refutations are always stagnant. It is simple, both atheist and theist want others to follow their version of reality, which generally is never concerned around ethics, morality, laws, but tries to win on existence, when both do not even know tomorrows end.
  11. add : debating with atheists should be based on either God or Law. Religions are Both God and law. One must ask, what is the disagreement upon. Science agrees upon Laws of religion, it just cannot agree upon the idea of God and not God it self.
  12. If they surrounded you; first rule, stop, look at all of them directly in the eye and tell them, move out my personal space, we are having a discussion, this is not a fight. If you want to have a fight, let me call my boys you call your mamas, cause somebody gonna get hurt! easy to defeat atheists, ask, why is the state your master?, no, no ,no, we just obey, I mean follow it, they look after us?. But they make laws that you never have a say in it? but, but, they are smarter!. You admit to being dumb and thus need someone do direct you to the grass? So is that the reason why you are the slave of the men who own the money?. erm what do you mean you conspiracy theorist! That is when you got them. Then follow up with, is Sigmund and Dawkins their prophets?. If one follows the ideas of a particular men, thus they become their masters. Well why did you not mention Carl Jung?, he and Sigmund worked together before Carl decided he was a retard?. What about Kant? Socrates? Emerson? Plato? Plotinus?, the list is huge. One cannot enter such discussions without having read works of around 20 authors or more.
  13. Guidance

    Many with the so called good jobs cannot find partners. You are concentrating on the job title, focus on how to make dem monies u get me brejin. In today's world YouTube is your tutor, you can take the good from it or the bad. Research all the types of careers with their prospective qualifications or not. Read, write, go do some volunteering or apply for work. At the interview tell them, the truth, because the point in life is, you are meant to be free and not a slave. If you claim God has guided you, surely he should Guide you whenever in need. https://www.prospects.ac.uk/ Do not be addicted to such types but be inspired.
  14. I love the doctors on this site. readers should realise, this is a case of mental health and a psychologically damaged person, that requires rehabilitation. The person is not corrupt or evil, they probably never had the luxuries you had or will have. There is no point in starting your day with the praise of your god as compassionate, when your own minds lack empathy and are self centered to compare evils done by choice to one who is searching for the mercy of mind, to find solace in being normal, while knowing life may never shines its rays on them. We agree upon being strict and not allowing her to be emotionally manipulative due to her health, which may espouse a poor habit of reliance and lack of responsibility. Our responsibilities are to evoke solution finding not throwing out garbage, perhaps a refresher course on the religions that you all aspire to might assist. And asks your self this simple question, when you all commited sin, should not you all have been caste out and burnt in the depths of hell, yet your Gods took a pity on thou, and allowed respite, but how quick are we to condemn for own praise and safety from the oven.
  15. Praying while your angry at Allah **astagferallah

    the devil does not exist, it is nothing but your own dreams and delusions that your mind is entertaining it self with. Wake up tomorrow and delete all those fantasies, you will then notice life will be much clear and you will hold your mind responsible for the emotions and decisions that you take daily.