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    Thoughts 2018

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    Having strong leadership, having the belief we are all muslim and stop listening to western propaganda trying to divide us. Starting a war with Israel usually seems to work as well.
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    Feminism and Islam

    Daniel Haqiqatjou 4 hrs ยท
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    Thread locked. We repeatedly asked that users refrain from personal attacks but it seems that advice fell on deaf ears. To those, I would also like to point out that regardless of what you think, people come to this forum looking for advice. It truly is a shame that I need to lock down a thread because people can't control themselves; if you don't like something, then don't comment. Why should the OP not be able to discuss something she truly wants help for because of others' misbehaviour? @Rayhana80 I believe you've received many useful pieces of advice from members. I hope you'll take them to heart and I wish you the best in your future.
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    What made you laugh today

    My son holding tissues to the tv after liverpool lost. The goalie was crying.
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    Feminism and Islam

    Why do you feel the need to stick labels on yourself in the first place? Just be a Muslim and that automatically encapsulates being a "feminist." You can explain to others who think you are oppressed that Islam views women as equal to men. We have differing roles but we both have the capability to reach the highest or lowest levels of humanity based on our actions.
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    It's no mystery that Nakshawani enjoys a luxury lifestyle, but these are disjointed out-of-context clips. Most if not all of us have done worse, and we ask Allah to forgive us and all mu'mineen. Just keep in mind that this is a preacher, not a scholar; and even if he were a scholar, we should not raise any fallible person above our heads. One section of our community reveres people on minbars, while another section of our community look for every reason to attack them. They are people. Take the khayr and leave the rest.
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    Thoughts 2018

    Hameedeh khanom just burned me lol