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    Your post reminded me of Qatar National Day celebrations. In the celebration guide handed out, among the long list of events,one that stood out was: 2 km long fun run by Filipino Community with 2000+ contestants https://www.marhaba.qa/qatar-national-day-2017-guide/
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    Understanding negative thought processes.

    A lot of people wait until they lose someone to suicide. Today I took the pledge to talk about depression, to stop mental illness stigma. https://makeitok.org/take-the-pledge
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    Haji 2003


    I thought I'd start off short and pithy. So they're all 3 cells long at the moment. But the format does lend itself to more complex expression.
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    Haji 2003


    Let's face it, amongst all the people living in Qatar, it's the Filipinos who are most in need of exercise.
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    Arbaeen 2017

    Thank you And im a sister, People get confused cause of my nickname.
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    Understanding negative thought processes.

    Wonderful blog! I like how you have started by focusing on identifying and understanding our negative thought processes, because that's what lies at the core of nearly all psychological disorders. Change is easy once people can identify and understand the reasons behind the irrationality of their dysfunctional thoughts. However, sometimes it is difficult to understand that our negative core beliefs are illogical, because they may imply 'facts' (e.g., "I am worthless." "The world is a scary place" "People are evil") and have been with us for a long time (since an early age/childhood) and so have had the opportunity to grow and become strengthened. This is why they are deeply-held beliefs and create the essence for how we see ourselves, the world and other people. And so we rarely question them and tend to screen information according to these thoughts or beliefs (which can over time appear automatically across different situations). Educating ourselves about the role our negative thought processes play in creating mental health problems is the first step to breaking this vicious cycle.
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    Today I read these interesting words said by a psychologist: "The most frightening place in the world is [inside] your mind". "None of us was born winner nor looser. We were born choosers".
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    ShiaChat Mod

    ♥ Marriage ♥

    My advice was for someone who is not married! Since you are already married, a book like "Youth and Spouse Selection" would be obsolete, because you have already gone beyond that stage. In your case, read the book "Principles Of Marriage & Family Ethics". See if you are doing the things that a wife needs to do in Part 1, before you ask if your husband is doing the things in Part 2. I'm sure that you are a smart sister and can make the effort to enhance the happiness of your marriage, and in return your husband will be likely to reciprocate toward you. Tolerate each other and adjust. Then depend on each other and cooperate more. Love must be maintained and increased. Allah help you. Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/principles-marriage-family-ethics-ayatullah-ibrahim-amini
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    ♥ Marriage ♥

    my husband is not older then me but still he is the boss.. he is the one planning everything,, giving advise.. always guiding what to do and what not... what should i do then.. im not an independent type of a person but still i got fedup sometimes like im the most ignorant peron who dont know nothing
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    ♥ Marriage ♥

    want to convert, please guide me @kakoogeee [Mod Note: Click on any Forum and click on a topic to read. To reply to the topic, click the "Submit Reply" button to save your reply. To start your own topic, click the button called "Start New Topic." Fill in the box called "Title" with words that describe the subject of your message (not Miss, Mr., Mrs. or Dr.) Then write in the message box. Click the "Submit Topic" button to save your topic.]
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    Love and Suffering

    One of the old Iranian poems about the tragedy of Karbala starts with this line: این شکار دام هر صیاد نیست عشقبازی کار هر شیاد نیست "this is not a prey for any random hunter; love is not the affair of charlatans"