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    The same reason why Rasullullah (saww) Imam Ali (a.s) wouldn't wage war on their enemies (to prevent deaths of brothers in humanity), I'm sure Iran wouldn't wage war on Saudi Arabia.
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    they are angry hezbullah wiped their feet with their isis apes in syria and iraq
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    Shia have been slaughtered mercilessly for generations. As a result we have been withered down to around 10-12% of all Muslims. I doubt anyone has the full statistics handy of how much Shia blood has been spilled over the centuries but its been at or near genocidal levels. Naturally, when one sect asserts such unchecked hatred on another then they will eventually become the dominant sect in all aspects (i.e. Conversion ratio). A more apt statistic to consider might be how many Shia reverts do we have to Sunni reverts and see the proportionate rate. I don't have that info but I would be curious to know how many Shia reverts we have compared to Sunni reverts divided by the total number of each sect. Perhaps the Shia reverts ratio is higher?
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    i think, it's just an attempt to spread hostility among muslims. true muslims will not accept report from sayf ibn umar, the liar. it's reported, once Abu Dharr hit Ka'b Al-Ahbar on the neck injuring him and said: "Son of a Jewish lady, are you trying to teach us our religion?" With such a firmness in religion which made Abu Dharr hit and injure Ka'b (who was highly respected by 'Umar and 'Uthman) because he tried to give a verdict in the Islamic religion, it is inconceivable that Abu Dharr would learn from Ibn Saba. oh yes, it may surprises many, but shias were already in existence during the Prophet's lifetime. http://shiapilgrim.blogspot.my/2015/08/who-named-shias-shia.html
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    Gaius I. Caesar

    Surah Yusuf

    If it contradicts the Quran and the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as), don't accept the hadith. There is no reason why a woman shouldn't be reading Surah Yusuf.
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    Daylight Savings Time

    I refuse to call the transition the common term "time change". Time doesn't change; it's a clock change. It might have served a purpose a long time ago, but doesn't anymore. It should be cancelled.
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    Salaam Alaykum It's winter and days are short. It's a perfect time to do Qadha fasts. I wanna start tomorrow. Let's do it together
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    Websites and Forums like that are usually manned by people on the Saudi payroll. They sit there making up lies about Shia. They even claim to have scanned images from our "Shia Scholars" and post them. All fake images of course because they know that no one bothers to verify them by actually double checking. On the odd chance that someone does bother to verify the scans then they just play the standard "Shia liar" card. They'll also all have the standard "Former Shia" there who claims to have found the true path and converted to Sunni. He/She plays the standard "Shia aren't bad, they're just mislead by their scholars" card in order to deceive when in actuality he's just another Saudi employee. Don't even get me started on the way they play the Taqiya and Mutah cards. If you scroll down through to the next topic and that will be how Shia insult Ummul Momineen Ayesha. When you're on the Saudi payroll specifically for the purpose of spreading incorrect information meant to slander Shia then you end up with Forums/Websites like that. Its all there for the purpose of spreading untruths and deception. Any Shia with any modicum of Shia knowledge knows their lies are nothing more than that. Problem arises when you get ill-educated or un-educated Shia who go there and fall for those lies.
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    Kids ruling the world.

    Salam, I remember years ago, when I was a young teen obsessed with the mysterious, I read a book about the signs of the reappearance of our Imam. If I remember correctly the book mentioned a hadith saying that one day in the future, kids and women will rule the world. I never paid much attention to it.
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    Kids ruling the world.

    Although experience is a very good add-on but I don't think age matters for ruling/leading. All one needs is vision and ability to get things done.
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    No not a Bida only if you don't listen it Live I guess.
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    Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum Within a few weeks 3raq will declare victory against Da3ish. This of course is not according to House of Saud plans. We wait now for the new terror group that HOS will create or is creating and Insh'Allah soon we will see the end of this monstrous regime. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
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    anyone who says that hassan and husain a.s. are not the progeny of the prophet pbuh is not right in their head.
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    You can see that both of you agree that Hazrat Isa continue the progeny of Hazrat Ibrahim even though Hazrat Isa do not have a father. So we can also say that Hazrat Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain are also then can called Holy Prophet sons through Hazrat Fatima(not prophet). So this is a refrence we can use or tell those who say that Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hussain are not Hazrat Muhammad's progeny..what do you say??
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    Isa (as) had no father, since he was born of a miracle. Furthermore, hundreds if not thousands of years seperate him and Ibrahim (as). However, if what was meant that Isa (as) is of his progeny, then that is probably true.
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    Surah Yusuf

    It is narrated in Al-Kafi with a mursal chain to Al-Sadiq (as) (so it is weak) - according to Majlisi. Some scholars seemingly took this hadith literally, while others might say it is conditional. Some scholars have added it in their rulings and have mentioned its discouragement. The writer is Sayyed Rizvi, he is quite respected in Islamic Jurisprudence and I believe has translated many books. For more: https://research.rafed.net/أسئلة-وردود/225-الحديث/2144-سؤال-عن-صحّة-ومعنى-حديث-«-لا-تعلّموا-نساءكم-سورة-يوسف-»-؟
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    I believe the point in ayt. Jamil al Amili was that Fiqh cannot adapt to the likes of external opinion, regardless of the sources of such traditions. Maybe for some it has a bad image, but for me it is the contrary to be honest. Acts of mourning and even letting blood shed may be sincere and genuine reactions of the sadness caused by remembering the tragic events and martyrdom of our Imam AS. Blessed are those who genuinely beat their chests. Religiously speaking there seem to be basis for it being permissible (Ayt. Shaikh Vahid, for instance, quoted some of the most prominent classic masters in Fiqh in defense of this matter, apart from the already mentioned marajis - you can easily find the text or video of this). Politically speaking, I don't see why the opinions of some must affect the freedom of someone who wants to express his religious experiences and sensibilities through mourning (be it in the form of chest beating or cutting or whatever). I hold this opinion even after having developed certain dislike for tatbir because of being exposed to many people who did chest beating in extreme ways as if it was a sport competition. I acknowledge, however, that the majority are not like this, and their practices shall be respected and even defended.
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    according to shia hadith about Imam Mahdi (atf) nowadays we must be patient but prepare for Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (aj) this war will happen after appearance of sufyani(la) & according to saying of Imam Ali(as) we must not who starting the battle.
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    As they follow Islamic principles they won't. But if ignorance and hate overcome they will fight against each other. Apparently they leadership on both sides seems to be avoiding war.
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    Olive oil

    Of course olive oil is better than other kinds of oil. Health-wise. Anyway, that is what they keep telling us. Olives are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. @Laayla
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    Gaius I. Caesar

    Surah Yusuf

    "Our readers should note that even a part of the Qur'an (i.e., Surah of Yusuf) is not permitted to girls to learn because it contains the references to the love of Zulaykha towards Prophet Yusuf (a.s.). Seeing this restriction, those Muslims who allow their children (and especially girls) to read sexy novels, visit cinemas where they are practically taught all kinds of obscene thoughts and deeds should be ashamed of their irresponsible behaviour. Such parents should be ashamed of themselves, if they have an iota of Islamic feelings left in their hearts." ^This still doesn't seem right or Islamic. The Quran is not a sexy novel, it is guidance from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and for all of mankind. The author should be ashamed for thinking and writing that people will be misguided into perversion for reading the Message sent by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى As for the hadith, it is legit? Who reported it? Where's the isnad? I am really skeptical now.
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    Easy snacks

    Eggplant tempura! It's great as a snack for guests or as an appetizer for a meal. It goes great with mayonnaise or, according to my taste, labneh.
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    I broke a promise to Allah swt

    If you made an oath to Allah that you consciously broke, make sure it is valid first (according to your marja). In the case of my marja, Ayt Vahid al Khorasani, you would have to pay its Kaffarah in the next three ways: 1 - Free a slave 2 - Clothe or feed 10 poor people 3 - If you can't afford 1 or 2, fast for 3 consecutive days. Source: Islamic Laws (Sheikh Vahid al Khorasani) n°2734
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    The New Debate Forum is Open!

    Posting is limited to two participants only, more focused discussion, specific conditions, less background noise and off-topic free for all. For those who want to go one-on-one against someone. Let's have a debate first, then we'll see. In addition to the debate poll, a system of public commenting after the debate can be considered.
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    Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    This is very serious, in the past 48 hours: -Lebanese PM resigns WHILE IN RIYADH saying that Iran and Hezbollah are trying to assassinate him (which the Lebanese army officially even said yesterday that they have found no such plot). -17 Princes arrested along with the head of the national guard -The SON OF THE FORMER CROWN PRINCE who was replaced by the current crown prince bin Salman was killed in helicopter crash along with 7 other government officials - Houthis fire missile at Riyadh airport and KSA blaming Iran for it which Iran denies KEEP IN MIND that this comes a few weeks after the Saudi Crown Prince meetings with Netanyahu and Trump AND the CIA report which implicates Iran having ties with Al Qaeda (yeah you read that right) and Iran's possible involvement with 9/11. Too many coincidences in such a short period of time don't you think? I really fear we are about to see a ground invasion of lebanon by Israel and Yemen by KSA very soon. Allah SWT Help us all.
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    Saudi prince Mansour bin Mukrin son of Mukrin bin Abdulaziz (SA's crown prince from Jan-Apr 2015) has been killed in a helicopter crash along with several officials near the Yemen border. https://www.rt.com/news/408859-saudi-prince-helicopter-crash/ Coincidence?
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    Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Yup, I’ll even take it one farther and say this is Prince Sally eliminating any of his opponents within the Royal ranks. Dont think this is anything more than a Coup d’etat. Salman is a dictator and he is taking out any and all threats to his authority. The only corrupt Prince in this mess is Salman.
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    Medications do NOT numb problems. The thing is, when it gets to the point of having to take medication, it means it runs alot deeper than just feelings and speaking about them. This is when it is a genuine medical problem. Your brain is not producing the right amount of hormones. Take a flu for an example. It may last a week, and you hope it gets better. But sometimes, you get those really nasty flus that just won't go away, even after a few weeks. Do you just decide to leave it, or talk about how the flu is making you feel? No. You go to the doctor and maybe get some anti-biotics
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    Easy snacks

    Chinese bhel.
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    Kids ruling the world.

    when the youth feel disconnected, the puppeteers then create a young puppet to feed the minds of the youth. Welcome to control.
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    why do Infallible imams Repent.?

    Agree brother, Insha-Allah, looking to improve myself in this regard as well.
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    Gaius I. Caesar

    Surah Yusuf

    It should never be at any time and for all women that a Surah should be seditious or arousing to them. I am stunned by the answer... Again, the Quran is not a sexy novel. It is a sacred Book and a guidance to all. I don't see how these traditions or this answer are even remotely justifiable. Whoever wrote this has forgotten that Surah Yusuf has themes of confidence and courage,what defines the character of a Muslim and describes the faith of the Prophets (as). The whole point of this Surah was show Quraysh that what Muhammad (saws) said was not made up but evinced and supported by Divine Revelation. This treatment of the Surah is disturbing.
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    Are frozen foods halal?

    I see.
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    know any ex shias?

    Personally I don't mind at all people who decided quitting Islam or Shiaism as I do with those who start a personal war on religion after that. If there is something that I cannot tolerate is constant repetition of ignorant hateful comments against religion while being proud about being offensive towards others' beliefs. This, sadly, kills friendships for me.
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    Rights of a wife on her husband

    This is one of the modern day issues. I guess if you really wanted you could take a trip to an Islamic country.
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    Mansur Bakhtiari

    Rights of a wife on her husband

    Though this might be related. I'm not sure what scholars would say, but this sounds like the husband is obliged to give money for basic needs, while other stuff (like charity) is based on his permission.
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    The following can be extracted from the same article: Comments By Al-Sheikh Jawad Mughniah - A Shi‘ah Scholar "Everything in this world is changing, except the writings against Shi‘ah. To every beginning there is an end, except the accusations against Shi‘ah. Every verdict is supported by evidence, except the one against Shi‘ah. Why? Are Shi‘ahs trouble makers or violent agitators, who only want to disturb people?" Here is the answer. In the second century of the Islamic Era (H.L.) lived a man called Saif Bin ‘Omar al-Tamimi. He wrote two books:- 1. al-Fatooh Wal Reddah. 2. al-Jamal Wa Maseeri ‘Ayeshah Wa ‘Ali. He served two purposes in his two books:- 1. Inventing stories without foundation. 2. Recording events in such a way that truth appeared to be false, and false appeared to be truth. He invented Companions (Sahabi) for the Prophet such as So‘eer, Hazhaz, Ott, Homaiza, etc. He recorded his stories in such a way that they appeared to have been told by the people who met these Sahabies. Among his fictional heroes is ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄, who was supposed to have related tales about Shi‘ah; all stories against Shi‘ahs, recorded by all historians originate from Saif. After Saif, the historians accepted his books as the gospel truth. Tabari was the first historian who relied upon Saif. Other historians, Ibn Athir and Ibn ‘Asaker, among them, followed Tabari blindly. Saif invented stories and muddled authentic events but the only source of all his stories is his own books ‘al-Fatooh' and 'al-Jamal.' The book ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄ proves that the above statement is true and its knowledgeable author's task, is to show the truth as it was, without gilding the lily. Not a single learned man can deny, or doubt, anything which Sayyid Murtada al-’Askari has written because the book is based on logical proofs and no one can deny logic and axioms. I have discussed ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄ with many people, but I answered them as previous learned men have done, except that I made it easier for them to understand, that I believed in the existence of ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄. Now, the very learned al-Sayyid Murtada al-’Askari, has changed the story completely, and proved that ‘Abdullah Bin Saba΄ is fictitious. I may say that this is the first Arabic book to have examined history scientifically. The author has done a great service not only for religion, knowledge and Shi‘ahs but for Islam. He has closed the door to those who wanted to disturb Muslim unity, and to those Sunnis who get courage from their false stories. Today their first and only evidence, the stories of Bin Saba and Bin Sauda invented by Saif, have been proved to be false. Finally, may I point out that this book is to be published and sold at a low price, in order that all Muslims can know the story. It is to be translated into many languages. Lebanon, Muhammad Jawad Mughniah
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    Salam i was also curious about this riwayat. hence i asked ayatullah makarem sherazi and this is what he replied. Q : Assalam o Alaikum There is a narration which says that Lady Zainab (sa) hit her head on the "kajawa" of camel and it began to bleed. Is it authentic? Best Regards Ans: Wa Alaykum Assalaam There were no Mahmil or Kajawah because it has been mentioned in narrations that captives were on camels without Kajawah and also Kajawah is a means for respect and no one uses it for captives.
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    hi you can visit www.tatbir.org Tatbir makes a bad Image of Shia Islam aroud the world.in above link you can see its story the people do it have good purpose but seeing it from outsiders has a negative effect on persons that want become Shia muslim so make them refuse to convert or revert to shia Islam and become sunni for its good image and there is danger of shifting them to Wahabism.
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    Gaius I. Caesar

    Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Definitely revenge. Trump likes to serve that dish nice and cold.
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    Today I read these interesting words said by a psychologist: "The most frightening place in the world is [inside] your mind". "None of us was born winner nor looser. We were born choosers".
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    1.Check if it had the 'suitable for vegetarian' symbol on it. If it's okay for for vegetarian it should be okay for us too,most likely. 2. Call the number on the packet to ask if there are any animal products in it.
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    Share your best recipe.

    Yes, one uses both parts of the green onion. Sorry for the late answer, I seem to be quite busy these days.(green for colour, white for taste) Best wishes
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    Share your best recipe.

    I had a similar thing but with my used potatoes instead of rice and filed with egg and meat.
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    Share your best recipe.

    I once made rice balls. They had been the only one item that I made specifically in my entire life lol. Apart from noodles, paratha, tea and some other easy to make things. Those rice balls... I don't remember what you call them, they had a special name in Hindi in particular. You fry them after mixing the boiled rice with eggs (I think), and then you make balls. Freeze them. Take them out after they have shaped enough to dive them into cumber bread (is that what you call it?). Make sure they have frozen enough before putting them into that cumber bread. I made it by putting a few slices of bread into the milk-shaker. xD Since our grinder has been broke for a long time. And I didn't know where to buy that cumber bread. Anyways, after mixing them with those grains of bread, you put it into freezer again so that the cumber bread won't come off if you fry it in oil. Okay, I tried to simplify the recipe as much as possible. You can add fillings of vegetables, meat, or something else inside those balls. Or you can make entirely something else with those rice balls. It's hard work but it's worth it. :P EDIT: It's only good as a side-dish though.
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    should i do Muta?

    I couldn't agree more. I could tell you that this person is not treating his wife correctly. And i don't know who would get laid with a married man on the name of mutah.
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    should i do Muta?

    @starlight! I am really disappointed in you. You have been in an abusive relationship, and you know very well our culture. You don't need to see documented proofs like a judge and you can see all the signs of abuse, still you fail to show any empathy for his wife. I don't have a problem with him doing mutah, I have a problem with his dishonesty. He is not doing justice to his wife and there's no way he will do justice with his wife after bringing more women in the relationship. He clearly thinks she is inferior to him, but he doesn't want to leave her just because she is an ego boost for him. There are so many relationships in our culture like this, where one spouse is superior to other and that spouse becomes a saint among people. While he/she constantly abuses the other partner, but still he/she always receives complements and sympathy from people. If you don't like your spouse, find someone you like and leave the poor person alone. But men are right when they say that a woman is the biggest enemy of another woman. If the abused women support abusers like this and don't show any support or empathy to other abused women, what can you expect from other people? This cycle and this sick culture will always remain like this. In jungle full of animals, the animals at the bottom of food pyramid attack each other. It's the same with women, they take abuse from men and then they attack each other. I can understand, you live in that culture and you are at the bottom of food chain. You can only survive by making sure other women remain in abusive relationships. A husband is not responsible for making his wife, but he is responsible for not abusing her in any way. No one should be happy with abuse.
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    How Shiachat helped me..

    shiachat inspires me to know wonderful ppl are out therewhich i come across on this forum
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    Who Is Ahmad Al Hassan?

    (bismillah) The Tawqee' (letter) which Imam Mahdi (ATF) sent to his fourth and last representative, Ali bin Mohammad-e-Saimuri. after informing him of his (Ali ibn Mohammad) death Imam (ATF) said : "...soon a time shall come when my Shias will claim to have met me. Beware! for the one who claims that, he has met me before the uprising of Sufyani and a call from the sky is a liar and a deceiver." WS