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    Nouman Ali Khan was always overrated

    He wasn't for me personally, but I know many people who have benefited from his talks. I don't think he claimed to be a scholar (correct me if I'm wrong), he's a preacher/speaker that, like our speakers, will have some good and some bad. One of the difficulties of public speaking is that most people will look at you with disdain simply for opening your mouth or sitting on a minbar. You must be ready to have your looks, style, voice, lecture content, and pronunciation criticized. There's as much shaykh-hatred as there is shaykh-worship. There is also jealousy. So now there's all these people who are celebrating NAK's downfall, people that have questionable histories themselves, as a way to "get back" at the Muslim community.
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    Salaam Alaykum Brother, I am a person who was suffered from serious family problems. My father didn't do his duties the way he should do, and my mother didn't too. Sometimes when I think about this, I see that I don't love them that much JUST because they didn't follow religion. Providing for family and respecting wife and children are the father's duty, and submission to husband especially in sex is a woman's duty (I didn't say these are the ONLY duties. I'm just talking about my case). Every single time that my mother rejected my father (of course they didn't ask it in front of us, but you realize it gradually), there was a big fight in the house that was supposed to be a peace place. I DO KNOW how you suffer. I'm single. I know it's even HARDER for you. For the sake of Allah, try to be more patient. Probably she would change her behavior in future. Try to show your feelings towards her even though I know it's a BIG JIHAD with all of that rejections, with all of that nights that your ego and your role as husband in the house were deteriorated. Be more patient and try to show love, patience, and your care to her. Don't lose your temper even only one time, since it ruins all of your previous efforts. Start over. Pray two Rakaats Salah and after your Salah tell Amiralmuminin that you want to do this Jihad to show your love to your wife. It's difficult and I need your help. Make her my Fatemeh. I have a word with women regardless of being single or married: Men are totally different from what you have in your mind. NEVER never reject them in their sexual needs. Be more stronger and don't use their need in sex as a weapon to punish them. A Shia Muslim never does that. Be confident and change your husband by your Islamic Akhlagh not by using a weapon against their natural desires. I also want males to understand this that when your wife submits to you it's because they love you, so be considerate to this love feeling. All of these comments and my past experience is a listen for me and to all wise people.
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    @Smiles786 I don't see what the brother has done to deserve such harsh words from you. @KulluNafsin Based on what little information you gave I cannot give specfic suggestions but what but here are some general tips. 1. Don't involve family,particularly mothers, both yours or her. 2. Don't push for intimacy yet. Infact stop pursuing her for anything. I know it can be frustrating when you feel unheard but for now,take a deep breath and back off for a bit. Overwhelming the other person causes her to shut down even more. 3. Sincerely apologise to her for whatever has offended her no matter how small it seems to you,it hurt her greatly. 4. You and her seem to be in a negative cycle. To break that you need to treat her with love and kindness unconditionally.I know it's not easy when the other person is not reciprocating but nothing breaks emotional barriers like unconditional love.
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    Ashura in Denmark

    Copenhagen (Denmark)- Ashura 2017 Copenhagen (Denmark)- Ashura 2017 Ashura, the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom, held in Copenhagen along with walking in some streets, distributing tracts, and explaining the event of Ashura by Shia youth.
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    "Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful." - Imam Ali (AS).
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    I am not saying who is right and who is wrong, all I am saying is that we definitely dont know the details of the matter and as such we should reserve ourselves from harsh judgement. Anyways, I hope their situation improves.
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    Rebuilding Jannat Al-Baqee

    Jannut al Baq'i is a graveyard in Saudi Arabia, where many important figures in islam are buried. The main ones people know of are Imam Hassan (a.s), [second holy imam] Imam Zain-ul Abideen [Sajjad] (a.s), [fourth holy imam] Imam al-Baqir (a.s), [fifth holy imam] Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (a.s), [sixth holy imam] Ummul-Baneen (a.s), Imam Ali's (a.s) mother (Fatima bint Asad), who is also Holy Prophet's (sawws) aunt (a.s), the wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sawws) are mainly buried there, and many more important figures of islam are buried there. In 1925, the Saudi Government (wahhabi) destroyed this great mosque, and now it is just a pile of dirt on top of the holy bodies, as it once was a beautiful masjid. If you visit there, you will very likely be kicked out, as their beliefs state that visiting graves is haram and they take it very seriously. Luckily, they didn't destroy the Holy Prophet's (sawws) grave as well. Many Shia (and other schools as well) want this graveyard to be rebuilt into the great mosque it once was, since it is the resting place for such holy figures. My personal opinion is that Imam al-Mahdi (hujja) a.j will be the one to rebuild this sacred mosque, but no one knows for sure!
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    Come on, easy with the condemnations, nobody here knows the details of the situation. Im sorry to hear about your situation brother, dont have any great advice but I will pray for you both that whatever happens it will make the both of you better muslims in the end IA, thats all that matters. @KulluNafsin
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    salam brother.. as i am a woman i can tell u about our emotions.. first of all she is hurted by u that much that she dont accept u as a husband.. women cant say to her husband a harsh sentence until not even her heart but her soul is badly hurt.. and on times like this only saying sorry or to apologize is not enough... and sometimes ur words dont do the effect at all but ur caring and silence love can do.. what a wife wants from her husband is only love.. obviously she needs other things 2 but they are secondary.. as she dont say or talk, no problem u can do little things for her that a women want to fell that she is being loved.. silently show that u love her and want this relation ship to heal.. like if ever she look at u , u can give her a friendly lovely smile .. she dont smile back or ignores u no problem continue smiling.. another good idea.. u can give her a blanket at night when she lie down to sleep but remember without touching her..if she gets sick take care of her like a mother does for her child this is the best way to say that u love and care.. wait for her when having food so she comes and start her own meal.. when she walks or sits around u look at her from time to time that she know that u looking at her and u concerned about her.. place a red rose next to her pillow from time to time .. place a card on kitchen slab that says u love her.. bring her, her favorite chocolates or a book or her favorite perfume.. show concern about her family members.. there can b thousands of these little things that can bring her closer to u.. but remember it will take time b patient and pray 2 IN SHA Allah Allah WILL HELP U..
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    I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this. most people that ask for advice are truly in the wrong and people tell them to stay together when it's clear the problems are going to lead to divorce sooner or later. However, these problems are pretty petty and merely rough patches that could be resolved with a Muslim counselor (not an imam.) if she refuses, which she most probably will, then I agree with Akbar. Cut your losses.
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    This sounds very odd on her part. What reason did she give for not wanting to go on a Honeymoon with you? OK, but how much time did you two spend together getting to know each other in depth before getting married? I'm not talking about sitting in a room full of other people, I'm talking about having conversations about life goals and expectations as well as conversations in which you get to know the other person's nature and personality. How soon after your wedding did this food event happen? No, stand your ground. You need to be understanding and respectful of her feelings and wishes as anyone in a relationship should be, but at the same time you can't let her walk all over you by forcing you to do what is in her favor. Something is telling me that she's up to something here. This smells rotten from the outside. How well did you know her family and friends? The other people in her life? I'm assuming these are work related trips? Was she aware that you have to travel so much? Well, to be honest if these are indeed the things that happened based on what info you've given then I would say this is not your fault. I'm getting a vibe here that she is doing this on purpose. Usually, that only happens when she's got feelings for someone else, probably someone her parents wouldn't have let marry. Perhaps there is a Mental health issue involved. But to have all this drama happen so early into a marriage is a bad sign. Usually, 5 months into a marriage both people are so caught up in the joy of a new relationship that they let little things slide because they are so happy and excited. However, with her its not that way. She's using everything you do as an excuse to achieve something else. Either way, don't dwell on this too much. If she's acting like this this early in the marriage then you can expect a lifetime of drama and nonsense from her. She sounds like a manipulator and a strategist. Only 5 months into a marriage. This is not because of an argument or fight, its because she doesn't want to have sex with you. Cut your losses and get out of this marriage. This girl isn't going to give you a happy life.
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    Salam From : A Commentary on Theistic Arguments by Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli
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    @Muhammed Ali What else is new? Just another reason why I don't trust most charismatic preachers, always hiding something and harming communities.
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    I don't think he was that overrated at all. He is able to dumb down Qur'anic concepts and verses, and make them relatable for an audience that doesn't know any classical Arabic, let alone anything about the Qur'an. Of course we may not accept his initial understanding of the Qur'anic concepts to begin with, but as far as his skills are concerned, he is definitely unique and good at it. Wasalam
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    If there is a just and / or wise person you both know and trust, maybe you can ask him or her for help
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    Nouman Ali Khan was always overrated

    Which speaker isn't put on a pedestal? How many are all that insightful?
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    ShiaChat Mod

    Banned Members

    AfricanShia insulted Christians, Shias and Sunnis, disrespected a marja taqleed, created multiple accounts with different religions, posted a video with profanity and answered religious questions without any knowledge or evidence. Banned.
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    1. Offer Salah 2. Read Quran (With meaning) 3. Stay away from sins 4. Keep yourself covered 5. Read books related on our prophets and imams learn from their ikhlaaq and show good manners 6. Don't think bad of anyone and show your love for humanity. 7. Treat others with respect 8. Do all other wajibats (it should be on top) 9. After wajibats pay attention to mustahab stuff.
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    Although he is the savior, it doesnt mean that we cannot stop or decrease it.
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    Gaius I. Caesar

    Problems that reverts have

    1. Judgment from friends and family for converting. 2. Never quite fitting in a Muslim community. 3. Language and culture barriers. 4. Being assumed that I don't take my faith seriously, I was told on here that "One day, I will follow Islam, the next day I will follow Buddha." 5. Dealing with pork and alcohol at the dinner table. (Especially since I can't move away from it) 6. Missing salat. 7. Marriage, I haven't found the right one yet but you will be surprised at how some born Muslimas/Muslims love to waste your time. 8. Being misunderstood/judged/taken for granted. 9. I am nervous about going through number 8 because of my disability. @Hameedeh Did I miss anything else?
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    Probably the first problem is that your family thinks you are crazy. Then your friends stop calling you.
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    Hugo Boss

    zanjeer zani

    More than wrong! We see today that the image of Ashura is being destroyed by this act! Many people would have been Shia if it were not for such acts. (even tho I am a bit late to write this comment... sorry)
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    In Islam, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is not attributed to the harm we cause to ourselves, so although it may look like I am disagreeing, I agree with you.
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    Thanks for your response, I have tried to apologize and even purchased some gifts...to no avail. I guess i need to just continue to show unconditional love.
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    Was it a love marriage? You have to ask her for why she doesn't want to go to honeymoon. There should e some kind of reason. I don't know whats on her mind. Talk to her or involve someone. May be marriage counseling.
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    Operation Hawijah is doneee
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    Nouman Ali Khan was always overrated

    Salam, what do you mean his downfall, what did he do?
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    #9 Oppression in the World

    This dua? https://www.duas.org/Allahumma.htm
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    America, Saudi and Iran

    Yep, ideologically not different at all! Saudi beheaded more people than ISIS actually in 2015.
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    ( Every nation has horrible people. I also believe that we should strive to never assume , including about (some of) these passerby's )
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    Kitty was in New York City, not Detroit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kitty_Genovese
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    ShiaChat Mod

    #9 Oppression in the World

    Vote now. A new poll will be coming up soon.
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    America, Saudi and Iran

    To answer your question yes Saudi and Iran are enemies, they back opposite sides in nearly every conflict in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia backs radical wahhabi groups like ISIS, to weaken Iran and their allies like Syria and Hezbollah, iran fights these groups. The Saudis often blame Iran for Shiite uprising in the eastern part of their own country and in Bahrain, where they sent their own soldiers to go crush it. They also blame Iran for inciting the conflict in Yemen when it's the Saudis that have been bombarding them, imposing an inhumane blockade which has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis.
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    Attending Birthdays

    Religion over dunya. Tell him you can't attend his birthday because the Holy prophet's (sawws) grandson, Imam Hussain (a.s) was murdered along with his family and companions against an oppressive army that outnumbered them by thousands or hundreds of thousands. The general rule is farah (happiness) is very discouraged in muharram. Don't take it as a rule, take it as a lifestyle. Imam Hussain (a.s) sacrificed himself and his companions for us, we shouldn't be celebrating in birthdays! May Allah guide you all to the straight path.
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    Attending Birthdays

    Tell him you can't come because of Muharram and tell him tat prophets family is more important to me than any other relation. This acting might light a spark in him and he starts learning about Karbala and Imam hussain (a.s)
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    I don't know where to put this...

    Sorry but for the very school that robs Islam of it's heritage, mocks the truthful and more importantly ''cuts off'' ties with the Prophets pure blood line - would you believe anything they produce? Maybe it's just as weighty as Abu Hurairas hadith factory. Hold on a minute- we surround burial sites of Prophets and Imams and these wahabies call us heretics. Am i to believe they are worshipping hair now?
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    Is your wife also? How long have you known her overall ? What happened that caused this? Has to be something. Sounds like something very serious and traumatic took place. Hmmm...something had to have happened for her to take this stance. Was there another woman in your past before you got married? and there is the gist of your entire problem. What was it that happened?
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    Abu Nur


    Similar situation from Sistani site: Question: I am a girl who has received many proposals for marriage but each time my father has done istikhara and it came out "bad". What should I do? Should I keep waiting until the istikhara comes out "good"? Answer: The woman and her guardians should give importance to the qualities of the man she chooses to marry. She should not marry except a man who is religious, chaste, of good character, not a drunkard or someone who commits sins and evil deeds. It is better not to reject the proposition of a man who is religious and of good character. The Prophet has said, “When a man whose religion and character pleases you comes to you [with a proposition], then marry him. If you do not do so, there will be chaos and a great corruption in the world.” It is not good to rely on istikhara when he/she can do research about the character and background of someone who comes with a proposal.
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    No, it isn't, it is their choice but in Islam, God decides the fate of those who commit suicide in the hereafter.
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    Salaam brother @MustafaMc, Welcome to Islam and welcome to ShiaChat. While the topics mentioned above are essential to Shia/Sunni discussions, the main difference between these sects is the core belief system. Without referencing what the Sunnis belief, below are the set of core beliefs that one needs in order to be a shia: Tawheed - belief in the Oneness of Allah Adl - belief in the justice of Allah above all else. While He is not doubt Rahman and Raheem, He will treat each person with justice. Risalah - belief in the Prophets of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (saw) being the last, final and greatest Prophet (saw). Imamah - belief that the Prophet (saw) named Ali (as) as his successor by the Will of Allah. There are 11 subsequent Imams after Imam Ali (as). Qiyamah - belief in the final Day of Judgement I think any legitimate shia/sunni discussion needs to start with the list above. There is a whole list of furuh-e-deen (practices) but that would be secondary to the discussion above. I hope this helps inshallah
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    Guys, your arguing here is rally not helping me to understand matters that I have on my mind as noted in the opening post.
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    #9 Oppression in the World

    Law of second thermodynamics "Entropy". The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy can only increase over time for an isolated system.
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    I would love to discuss with you on each topic and hope that Allah SWT would do a favor upon me, if I tell you what I know. I just begin by the first point which you said that Imam Ali a.s reluctantly accepted Caliphate. In our view, it was not acceptance rather silence If you read Nehjul balagha, you would see that Imam Ali a.s says:"if I take my sword for my right, people call me an oppressor and if I keep quiet, I am called a coward, but I will do as I am told". Imam Ali a.s was instructed by Prophet pbuhhp to be patient after him. If Ali a.s would have waged war, a great war would have ensued which had caused great blood shed and all would have been imposed upon Ali like murder of Usman was imposed. What Ali a.s did was not to take responsibility of other's ignorance on his shoulders.
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    Problems that reverts have

    That's pretty much universal.
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    Problems that reverts have

    Has anyone had problems of having to decrease friends? Like after becoming Shi'a because the Sunnis that know you - its just not so good anymore?
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    Holidays! The family ones aren't right for my religion and the religious ones are rather more solitary than for those people who have Muslim relatives. Islam isn't meant to be a solitary religion.
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    should i do Muta?

    Is it harram for the male to cook food? You're clearly an ungrateful person. Your wife is busy making you delicious food, while you just keep doing ab crunches. Now you're proud of your six packs and feel that your wife is not up to your standards. Now you complain about her not having time to go to the gym because she is busy doing house chores. We're living in the 21st century man, you can also help you wife a bit. Don't you want to follow the example of Imam Ali (as) who would help his wife with the house chores?
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    The 9 Sunni Mosques in Tehran

    For more information :-)
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    any dearbornians? michiganders? lol

    I'm in dearborn. Born and raised.
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    (salam) This actually reminded me of the Iraqi Information Minister :!!!: He was denying the US forces were in Iraq eventhough the tanks (US) were 100meter behind him. A year after the occupation, he had this to say to one of the Middle East TV network "The information was correct but the interpretation was not". I think the most important goal for Sunnis should be to find out the reason why the Holy Prophet(saw) mentioned the Ahlul Bayt in his last sermon.