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    Sunni converted to Shia

    In the Name of Allah I'm 31 years , I was Sunni , and converted to Ahl Elbyat when I was 18 years old , but I Live in an Arab country , no one knows that i'm Shia, all my Family are Sunni , and some of them are Wahhabi , I'm sorry for bad English , cuz my native language is Arabic , I ask you for Doaa and help .
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    The sequel has arrived: @starlight @Haji 2003 @zainabamy @DigitalUmmah @hameedeh @Shaykh Patience101 @baradar_jackson @Brained @Ali_Hussain @Pearl178 @rinneganMahdi @Lover of Ahlulbait (ams) @alHussein @Darth Vader @AnaAmmar1
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    Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa Ahli Muhammad wa Ajil Faraja Hum. Eid al Zahra (sa) Mubarak.
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    Allahumma salli ala muhammadin wa ahli muhammadin wa aj'jil faraja hum.
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    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa Ahli Muhammad wa Ajil Faraja Hum
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    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ Allahumma salli `ala muhammadin wa ali muhammadin O Allah: (please do) bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad
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    But even the fairy stories we grew up with are pretty Grimm (sorry bad pun). There's: attempted fillicide, Snow White attempted murder, Sleeping Beauty possible paedophilia, Rumpelstilskin slavery, Cinderella pre-marital sex, Rapunzel (traditional version) cannibalism, Hansel and Gretel
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    اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد وعجل فرجهم Peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and his pure progeny and may Allah (swt) hasten his (atfs) reappearance. اللهم العن جبت و الطاغوت
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    Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib Bar Muqassirreen Lanat this is a question specifically for shia lawyers - how come there isn't a shia professional will writing service? or at least a community/ web based service that's well known? I have seen the khoja community and those guys have thought of everything (as usual, *rolls eyes*) so they have dedicated scholars to assist their local communities in writing a will, but I haven't seen anything in the paki community (not aware what goes on in arab or iranian community) I haven't got a will, and need to write one ASAP. I am sure, and maybe a hadith expert can help me out, that it is absolutely wajib for all muslims to have a will prepared at all times. I want to have a legally binding one, correct according to shia fiqh. what options are available to me/ people like me who know they need one but do not know how to get it done?
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    The crawling on torso to the shrines

    I didn't read through all the posts, but I will say that as time goes on, the original purpose behind something is often lost. We pick things up because we see it being done by our elders, and without knowing the true reason why it is done, we pass down that behavior to our children without explanation. This continues, and often times someone makes up a reason behind it, and it is taken as the truth because no one knows any better. By that point, no one can question it, and everyone accepts it as legitimate. And that's how bidah (innovation) becomes entrenched in religion. Look at traditions in other religions, and research how they evolved over time. Some of those traditions are flat out shirk. If you think Islam is somehow immune to that, you are wrong. There have been groups that actually give divine attributes to Imam Ali. I firmly believe that you must always question why you do something. It doesn't matter what your marjah says, or what your parents or grandparents did, you need to evaluate the purpose behind it and just ask yourself if it makes sense. And ask that question from a skeptics point of view. Don't take the first answer you get as the truth. And when you see innovation or just something stupid, call it out.
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    Celebrating Christmas - Allowed?

    'cause they were military, so they used military terms of exclamation? (And I was joking too.)
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    Abbas. @Abbas. "Everyone's more likeable and successful cousin"
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    Celebrating Christmas - Allowed?

    @E.L King is very knowledgeable, mashallah. He's usually right on fiqh matters. He's just still a bit lacking in tact, but he's improved greatly in that area in recent months.
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    Scholarships in India?

    Well if you require assistance, it's only natural that you would need to explain in order to receive accurate information. Every country and every insistitusion has its own policies when it comes to scholarships. I don't live in India but as the sister above mentioned, you could check with the university first.
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    Scholarships in India?

    What? Are you offering or asking? Which country? Which specialty? Even which university makes a difference. Rather than asking here, maybe ask at your university's financial aid office.
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    I hope your surgery is absolutely routine and uneventful and your recovery is surprisingly quick.
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    May be he have seen that happening too..
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    The father and the facilitator of modern terrorist groups who claim Islam as their religion, i.e. Al Qaida, Nusra, ISIS, etc. To be more clear, Ibn Taymiyya and other pseudo scholars such as Muhammad ibn Adbul Wahab are the ideological fathers. The facilitators, in terms of direct support are Al Saud family and Gulf Kingdoms.
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    How do you Shias view Ibn Taymiyyah?

    He was a sheer nasibi, an enemy of Ahlulbayt a.s. May Allah curse him for all eternity.
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    Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad wa aj'jil faraja hum. اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد وعجل فرجهم
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    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allah Humma Salle Ala Muhammadin Wa Aal-e-Muhammad, Wa Aj'jil Farajahum اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد وعجل فرجهم Peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and his pure progeny and may Allah (swt) hasten his (atfs) reappearance.
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    Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum During majils, I had children sit around me and I was explaining to them what happened with Imam Hussain. I was looking at those precious faces and they were listening to me attentively. Their ages ranged from 4 years-10 years. I had to stop explaining what happened to Imam Hussain at one point because I don't think children can handle hearing a beheading or horses crushing Imam Hussain's body. I can't tell them how Shimr LA sat on his body and with a dull knife .... Assalamu 3laka ya Aba Abd Allah. I couldn't tell the children what happened, yet Sayyida Roqaya and Sayyida Sokayna witnessed the body of their father. And saw the heads being carried in front of them while they were prisoners walking to Shaam. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALAH
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    More like: Lebanese Gulf Countries:
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    [Closed/Review]Napoleon Reincarnated

    Brother, please make an appointment to see a medical doctor. If you have a medical problem, the doctor can help you. If it's a mental problem you can be referred to a psychiatrist. Hearing voices is not normal. Take care of yourself, please. If you are uncertain about this, tell your family and they can help you, inshaAllah.
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    Wilyat al Takwiniyah

    Some scholars standards change when it comes Duas, Ziyarahs, and mustahab actions, but from a strictly rijal standpoint it is not sahih. But this is not my point, I didn't ask you about whether the Ziyarah is sahih or not, I am asking you does anything in its content contain ghali passages. If you say yes, then Saduq was a ghali, and so are 10s or hundreds of our Ulama who consider it sahih in content. Is anything in its content akin to ghulu? Please answer this point strictly brother without mobing to other topics. Moreover, this is what Sayyed Al-Sistani (your marja) says, when asked about this Ziyarah: "And no one doubts the Ziyarah except a deviant, or one of corrupt faith, or an arrogant".
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    I don't like on-screen violence myself, but where is the evidence that death in children's stories is bad for children in any way?
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    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ale Muhammad wa aj'jil faraja hum.
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    The real question is, is saying Hallelujah allowed?
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    Our sister is right. Tasnim is a famous Iranian news agency. However, the interview is translated into Urdu for the Urdu version of the website.
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    In my opinion, saying "merry christmas" is worse than murder.
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    Celebrating Christmas - Allowed?

    You can exchange welcomes with them but you are not allowed to promote the religion of Christianity in any way shape or form.
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    Operation Mosul

    East #Mosul is almost over and joint operations are planning for the west bank now". Control of east Mosul is almost over, ISIS lost major defense lines & will retreat when forces take the university (very Soon)
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    Is there agents?

    What's an agent? This forum is open to the public. It's hard to infiltrate a public space. Are some people not who they claim to be? Most likely, but that's how life goes, especially when they are able to hide behind their keyboards.
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    Sunni converted to Shia

    وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته مبروك لكم اخي العزيز ركوبكم سفينة النجاة والله يكون في عونك على مواجهة الأشكال هنيئا لك مرة اخرى
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    The Battle of Aleppo

    Obama's reply: The West and their allies will never give in, I'm sure that even when the last terrorist inside Syria is destroyed, they will still keep funding and sending new mercenaries (lets face it, things still haven't changed, the vast majority of the Sunni world support the terrorists inside Syria, and they have quite a few powerful nations backing them, so we shouldn't hold our breaths hoping that this conflict will end soon.)
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    Sunni converted to Shia

    If some of the members are Wahhabi as you said , then " Sahifa e Sajjadiya " too will work with Nahjul Balagha.
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    Sunni converted to Shia

    Salam. If you want your family to know more about Shia Islam, I would suggest leaving the Arabic book Nahjul Balagha on your table (or English if they know English). If they pick it up and look at it, you can discuss something they read about Hazrat Ali AS among his sayings, letters or sermons. Later on you can talk more about him being an Imam AS and how there are 12 Imams AS. You are in my duas.
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    I disagree. They will always find an excuse. This world can not become heaven. Man will always be man. Minorities will always be killed. Minorities like the jews? Try saying something against the jews in europe or USA, see how you will be flamed. You know why? Because they are a people that stick together, speak out and their leaders will bring it up internationally. Unlike us, we remain silent, while our leaders(most of them) sit at home and do zikr. You think little of shias if you think that your voice and your leaders voice will have no effect if used. But since throughout history we have remained silent........of course you doubt it. See above. It will always be criticized and hated for one reason or another. Of course you won't What are you on about? When did they make fun of us before we started these innovated and out of the ordinary acts? Heck, if it didn't please the enemy, i would make fun of it too. So does cultural assimilation, pollution and ignorance but no one discusses those. Just because you haven't paid attention doesn't mean it's not spoken about. As a matter of fact, it's spoken about a lot. What do you youtube? The only BIG strawman is what you are/will use again when you jump to blood letting which was not the topic of discussion. Sitting on here in an audience of a handful you all feel you have done your part by making useless threads crying about tatbir each muharram, whining like children. Go out there and preach, no one is stopping you.But you would rather play more world of warcraft. Then why bother at all in the form of such e-jihads. This is a new low, even for you. It's easy to call people e-jihads when you run out of arguments, while they are actually out there working. It's what a forum is for, to talk. If you don't like it, get out, but you rather do personal attacks and be cheeky, which is your intellectual standard. But since you want to drop low, i can join you to your level, since common sense doesn't seem to be your thing. Didn't you beg me the other day to find you a job in Iran? How can i find you a job when i only play world of Warcraft? I don't know about a job where common sense, intellect and talking like an adult isn't a requirement. How do you like the level we are on now? Productive? It is and always will be the duty of scholars first and foremost to offer correction to the society and fight ignorance. Especially these days and especially with Shia the scholars are ruling over a good sizeable country and have its treasury and an army of Qum fazils to their disposal. Me? I work to make a living. I don't recall nahi anil munkar being for scholars only. Which school do you follow? The shia you are speaking about, is actually doing that, but you seem to ignore him, so does many of the Qum Fazils.
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    Memorizing Quran and Du'a

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    Syrian Army suspends active military operation in Aleppo – Russian FM Syrian government forces have suspended “active military activities” against militants in eastern Aleppo to enable the withdrawal of civilians from the city, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced while speaking in Hamburg, Germany. Lavrov was speaking on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting of ministers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). https://www.rt.com/news/369674-army-stops-aleppo-actions/ The low down: 1. Aleppo is the second largest city in syria, and was split between east and west during this conflict. 2. The majority of civilians in alleppo live in the west, and the minority in the once-'moderate rebel' held east. 3. A number of the 'moderate rebel' groups in the east were linked to alqaeda and fought alongside official alqaeda affiliates, and were intermingled. Examples are the very powerful alqaeda affiliate 'jabhat al nusra' [la], who rebranded themselves at the likely behest of their equally despotic donors [qatar or saudi or turkey] to 'jabhat fatah al sham'. This group is still designated a terrorist group even after the publicity stunt. Other groups are Ahrar Asham [founded by an alqaeda member and closely participates and fights with Al Nusra] among other radical secterian and or takfiri groups. However, we can say that among these groups ,some are not as radical and may be considered closer to being 'moderate', and it is up to these groups to disavow and stop working with Al Nusra. 4. The Syrian Arab Army has retaken much of Aleppo, and the days of terrorist control in Syria are now drawing to a close. I predict in their panic, there will be massive attempts at propaganda, and sectarian vitriol, which they spread very effectively on twitter, facebook and al-jazeera, as well as through main-stream western media, like the Clinton News Network [CNN].
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    @uponthesunnahObviously their "speaking out" has done nothing so far. Your argument about the intention behind an action being of no value became indisposed by quoting the verse of prostration to Adam. What right do you have to preach? Just like ill patients in a hospital need and deserve qualified doctors, the ummah needs learned scholars and not quacks. Especially e-quacks are an utter waste of time. Crying over the internet to vent their frustrations while doing nothing real on those lines. Especially you uponthesunno I dare you go to a crowd doing tatbir and preach and do not forget to preach your favorite sermon of respecting sunni heroes. If you do that there will be one less problem in this world inshallah.
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    @.InshAllah. And yet, here I am an adult and I think I turned out okay so far.
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    salam, Lebanon is unique in a sense we are mixed. As for being dominant. As a Lebanese ex- sunni myself, I can tell you that alot of people here are muslim in name only, the civil war has made people allergic to religion. And as brother @Hassan Y said, the Shias have held onto their religion above most. You will even find some christians more religous than others. go to dubai and see what arabs do there behind closed doors.
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    Comparing someone crying due to sadness, which is normal, and in this case sadness due to losing a prophet son and crying so much as to losing eyesight.............. To Preparing 3 days to sharpen your blade so you can go outside and slash your own back. Not really a good comparison.
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    I am, and that's why I keep an open mind in dealing with others. Wasn't a gentle word and a willingness to listen and not cast judgment the manner of RasulAllah (SAWAS) and the Imams (AS) that followed him? I'm reminded of a story about Amir al Mu'minin (AS) where he and a companion passed by a church and the companion wondered how much shirk happened there, and the Imam (AS) asked him how many times Allah (SWT) was praised there. Allah (SWT) doesn't need me to judge others. He's quite equipped to handle that perfectly. We all have our day of Judgment to face, and Allah (SWT) will judge between us on where we differed. @AleviTurkmenKhorasan is either my brother in faith or my equal in humanity, and so I will act accordingly. I prefer to listen more than to speak. And that's no judgment on anyone. I believe you're sincerely encouraging the good and forbidding the evil, and I thank you for that. I'm not looking to change my beliefs, but I believe it is important to understand the perspective of others. Truth is clear from error, but as I am the least in knowledge among you, I need to learn as much as I can while I can.
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    I'll have whatever you're smoking too
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    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Yaseen By the wise Quran You are of those sent (with a revelation). ..... Peace be upon the family of Yaseen.
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    here are some i made up
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    (salam) Not all the content of it is weak or solely found in the book it self (it can be found in other narrations and books as well, narrated from other chains). However, some other parts are weak and some of the narrations have even been altered over time (like the ones mentioning the 12 Imams). From the book Tradition and Survival: A Bibliographical Survey of Early Shi'ite Literature (Volume 1), by Hossein Modarresi Sulaym b. Qays al-Hilalı, allegedly a Kufan disciple of ‘Alı who escaped from Kufa eastward when Hajjaj cracked down on the pro-‘Alıd elements in Kufa. He went into hiding in the town of Nawbandagan in Iran’s southern province of Fars where he later died while Hajjaj (d. 95) was still in power. It is, however, obvious that such a person never existed and that the name is only a pen name used for the sole purpose of launching an anti-Umayyad polemic in the troublesome later years of that dynasty. Regarding the book it self, he writes: This is the oldest surviving Shı‘ite book and one of the rare examples of works surviving from the Umayyad period. The original core of the work which is preserved to a great extent in the current version is definitely from the reign of Hisham b. ‘Abd al-Malik (r. 105–25), almost certainly from the final years of his reign when the long-established Umayyad hegemony was already under threat from troubles concerning his succession. There are repeated references in the work to the twelve unjust rulers who usurped the leadership of the Muslim community after the Prophet: the first two caliphs, ‘Uthman, Mu‘awiya, his son Yazıd, and “seven members from the offspring of al-Hakam b. Abı’l-‘A s, the first of them being Marwan” (Kitab Sulaym: 110, 174, 175, 205; see also 136, 170, 200). From among the Shı‘ite Imams, only the first five are mentioned by name, and it is said that the Imamate will continue in the descendants of Muhammad b. ‘Alı b. al-Husayn (al-Baqir) (ibid.: 206; see also 168). Likewise, it is stated that the “masters of Paradise” among the descendants of ‘Abd al-Muttalib were the Prophet, ‘Alı, his brother Ja‘far, their uncle Hamza, Hasan and Husayn, Fatima, and the Mahdı (ibid.: 217; see Kafi 1: 450, 8: 49–50 for other similar statements from the period; these statements obviously predate the formulation of the Imamite theory that considers the Imams to be more excellent than anyone other than the prophets, including Ja‘far and Hamza, a theory already present by early ‘Abbasid period). The hope was that one of the offspring of Fatima (Kitab Sulaym: 140), more specifically a descendant of Husayn (ibid.: 175), would overthrow the Umayyad government. The Shı‘ites at the time were reckoned to be only seventy thousand. The book focuses only on Kufa, describing the situation of the Shı‘ites there in some detail (ibid.: 180–82), a clear indication that the book is from that city, and possibly also suggesting that Shı‘ism had not yet spread beyond that region in any noticeable way. The language of the book is eschatological, depicting some of the historical events of the first century of Islam as seen through a Shı‘ite perspective in the form of prophecies from the Prophet and ‘Alı. In common with books of this nature up to our time, the prophecies have been updated in two or three stages in later periods by the insertion of words or sentences here and there. There is thus a reference in two passages of the book to the black banners from the East that would bring the Umayyad caliphate to an end (ibid.: 157, 175). The reference is obviously an updating and does not necessarily point to a Hashimite Shı‘ite sympathy, as the book has a clear ‘Alıd, pro-Husaynid provenance. There is also a reference to twelve (sic) Imams from among the descendants of ‘Alı who would succeed him (ibid.: 217–18). The relevant passage is inserted in a paragraph that describes how God looked at the people of the earth and selected from among them the Prophet and ‘Alı as his chosen ones. (This follows the statement about the masters of Paradise noted above). The passage then continues by asserting that God then took a second glance (at the earth) and chose, after the Prophet and ‘Alı, twelve legatees of the descendants of the Prophet to be the elect of his community in each generation. The style itself identifies this last line as a later insertion, obviously added after the number of the Imams was finally determined early in the fourth century. This addition was of course a careless slip as the contributor had failed to note that it would raise the number of the Imams, when we include ‘Alı himself, to thirteen. Najashı:330 reports that a fourth century Shı‘ite author, in a book he wrote for a Zaydı patron and in order to please him, used this passage to argue that Zayd b. ‘Alı, the eponym of Zaydı Shı‘ism, was also an Imam, adding his name to the list of the Imamites’ twelve Imams. This was the only report on the number of the Imams in the version of the Kitab Sulaym available to the historian Mas‘udı in the early fourth century (see his Tanbıh: 198–9). However, soon after that when Nu‘manı wrote his Kitab al-ghayba around 340, there was at least one copy of the Kitab Sulaym with many further references inserted here and there on the final number of the Imams. The sentences were now more carefully drafted to avoid the problems caused by the former passage. These appear in the printed versions of the work too (Kitab Sulaym: 62, 109, 125, 136, 151, 166, 167, 168, 201, 207). These references made the book a major source for the Imamites’ argument that the Twelfth Imam lived in occultation (see Nu‘manı: 101–102). According to the introductory note at the beginning of the work, the book was entrusted by its original author to Aban b. Abı ‘Ayyash, a h ˙ adıth transmitter who was then very young. Aban in turn gave the work to another transmitter two months before his own death. The book is one written by commoners for commoners. It is a display of primitive, unsophisticated beliefs among the rank and file of the Shı‘ites of Kufa during the late Umayyad period with clear residues of the usual Kaysanı exaggerations on the virtues of the House of the Prophet. It also refers to the Umayyad positions on some of the matters discussed. Many such popular, unsophisticated Shı‘ite lines of interpretation and belief were later transformed and developed by the Shı‘ite rationalists of the fourth and fifth centuries. Later Shı‘ite scholars therefore had problems with the ideas expressed in the book as well as a number of factual errors in it (see Mufıd, Tashih: 149, stating that the book is unreliable and that corrupt material has been incorporated into it). However, the text being such an old and persistently popular book among the Shı‘ites, and its chain of transmission up to the first alleged transmitter, Aban b. Abı ‘Ayyash, being conventionally held to be strong, some Shı‘ite scholars of the early centuries and later times thought that Aban, who was generally known as an unreliable transmitter, may have been responsible for the corrupt material (see Ibn al-Ghada’irı 1: 36, 63, 118–19, also emphasizing that the book is undoubtedly a fake and that Aban is the one suspected of the forgery [also quoted in Ibn al-Mutahhar, Muhanna’iyya: 124]; Ibn Dawu d: 178, 414, repeating Ibn al-Ghada’irı’s remarks). A prominent recent Shı‘ite scholar, while confirming that the book is a fake, holds that this forgery “was done for a good purpose” and that its maker piled up all sorts of data, some well known, others incorrect, but in general aimed to serve a purpose. He also supports the idea that the book is late Umayyad, before the number of the “unjust” caliphs went beyond twelve, “as it prophesied that the right [to rule] would then be restored to those entitled to it. This, however, never came to pass as the number of the “usurpers” increased and the right did not return to those legitimately entitled to it” (Abu’l-Hasan al-Sha‘ranı 2: 373–4). It should thus be concluded that one or more of the early transmitters came across this book and related it by wijada (as against sama‘, that is, direct hearing of the material from the author). Meanwhile, someone also added the story about the genesis of the book. The text is, at any rate, older than two months before Aban b. Abı ‘Ayyash’s death, which was in 138. Owing to the fact that a number of insertions were made in the book, there are variations among its different manuscripts, as described by Agha Buzurg 2: 152–9. Fortunately, later accretions seem always to have been in the form of insertions and additions rather than replacements and alterations.56 The old core is therefore preserved in most of the manuscripts, even at the cost of obvious contradictions. Some of these variations are noted in the editions of the book: a number of Najaf editions; Beirut, 1407; Qum, 1415 (the one used here is Najaf: Haydariyya, n.d., 236 pp.). Wassalam