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  2. Art

    I tried drawing anime when I was around 13 and I found it really difficult! Its just not my style, plus I wanted to be unique. Anime is so popular and I've always had an aversion to doing what everyone else is doing lol. And last reason is that I hate drawing bodies because I'm bad at it, and in anime the full body and clothes are usually drawn.
  3. In shaa Allah, I will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt soon. I have been there before and I have visited Masjid Al-Hussein twice, as Allah has willed. First, I am wondering if the reports are true that the mausoleum inside is the burial site for Imam Hussein's blessed head. Second, if it is true, then what is the proper etiquette of visiting this place?
  4. Predestination

    Now wait a minute, Iraqi_shia; it is no secret how Hitler came to power. He deceived important politicians, then important religious figures, then important world leaders, and then the German people in order to become powerful and according to the Koran, Allah makes schemes for scheming schemers. So how can you say that it was entirely Hitler's choice to be deceived if Allah made a scheme against him and Hitler became deceived as a result? Wouldn't Allah be responsible for misleading Hitler if that were the case?
  5. Art

    Drawing faces is such a burden, It is hard to copy that, I tend to want to draw anime characters cause they are easier to draw.
  6. Art

    These days I draw children's book illustrations. But my favorite is to draw and paint artistic portraits because I looove drawing faces.
  7. Is Istikhara mandatory before marriage

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful video. Made me feel a lot more positive. I can over come this pain inshallah and I hope Allah rewards me for those 10 years that have been wasted. i am so grateful to Allah for all his blessings. I'm so grateful for being a Muslim and having Muslim brothers and sisters like yourself who help each other in the time of need. I am truly blessed. Thank you
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  9. Is Istikhara mandatory before marriage

    Yes, it would have been polite if his parents called my parents and formally apologised but I don't think they give us that respect. And I think it is the guy who is at fault because all these years he would tell me that his family is very nice and welcoming and they will welcome me. He would give me false hopes every year that I will marry you this year but it wouldn't happen. He made it seem like he won't leave me ever like this. Even recently he said, before this istikhara thing got in the way that I am going to Pakistan to sort the wedding out. That's why my parents are calling me there. He got there and said I have to do istikhara because a maulana has said its mandatory. That's where everything started to change. He lied to me and when I spoke to everyone here and told him everything you all told me he denied it all. Clearly if he wanted this marriage to go on he could have said to his parents look, I have wasted so much time, I am not following your traditions and I am going to honour the promise. But no, apparently it came out "bad" and now Allah is not happy. I have never seen or heard of anything like this in my whole life. And when I said I will do the istikhara he said you can but my parents won't accept it. If he was not about going against his parents wishes why did he promise me marriage for 10 years. He wasted my time like water just so his parents could be happy and in the end he threw me away like I am worth nothing. And on top of that, he said Allah is on his side. This is emotional abuse on the next level. I am so grateful to Allah that I have dodge a bullet. If a man can't stand up for you and what is right then he isn't worth marrying. I hope there is some guilt in his heart but from what I can see I don't think there is. He kept saying why did you contact my parents, you ruined everything.... And I am like I thought the istikhara was bad, you had left me already. It's just mind games and I am tired of all this. I would rather be lonely than be with someone who plays mind games. You guys have no idea how much I used to cry, every year begging him to hurry up. I said look I am getting older hurry up and he would say don't worry I will marry you and in the end the play this whole game. Tomorrow even if he comes begging I won't have him back. I can't even express here in words how I felt. This month he was going to marry me and then he puts everything down to an istikhara. What makes it even worse is that all my friends are married now. And now I have to start all over. I feel left out and behind everyone. He left me empty handed. He wasted my time. I cried a lot in those 10 years. I worked hard to get to this stage of marriage and then he did all this to me. these people have no sense of responsibility. If I saw my son do this to a girl I would be scared of Allah. I would fear Allah but their family and him seem to think they are pleasing Allah by not marrying me because of a bad Istikhara. I do not miss him at all. I don't want to talk to him. I am just upset that how someone could play me for this long. Someone could promise me and then do that to me. I am hurt. And because of him I hardly have any friends left. He made sure I made him my priority. I went to the gym for the second time today and I have to say I really liked it. It made me take my mind of things. I felt relaxed and I felt I am doing something to make myself even more fit. I need to find other productive things to do but my mind is kinda blank. I want to go on a holiday but I have no one to go with me. But I am grateful. I am happy that Allah has saved me from evil people. Tomorrow they could have even hit me and my parents who live here in the U.K would have not been able to communicate with me. So I am happy. Just a little worried because I am emotionally unavailable right now for marriage. I find it hard to trust people and now I don't think I can but inshallah when the right person comes in my life I am sure I will be okay. Thank you for everything. Trust me when I am reading your and other peoples response here I have nothing but sincere duas coming out of my heart. I remember the day when I joined Shia chat I was so lost and felt sick because I was crying when he was telling me that istikhara is mandatory and all that. You guys helped me realise that I am worth a lot more than the lies and deception. Thank you.
  10. @Syeda fariya butool Salam and welcome to ShiaChat! Thank you for your interest in the Sisters Only Club. In order to join the club, you need to be an Advanced member with 25+ posts in the forums, and then the sisters in charge of the club will send you a private message (PM) to discuss the club rules. If you need to know how to participate, see the first post in this topic:


  11. The younger generation is also close-minded

    Yes, the older generation is considered close-minded by this younger generation. Science is taking over religion slowly and slowly. Modesty is starting to be considered as "scary" Only the Imam can relieve us from this!
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  13. Art

    What do you guys draw? Like anything? Anything in particular? Like Anime characters or that too cool for you guys? If anyone could post their drawings, I will love to observe. Thank you for the answers in the advance. Peace.
  14. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Keep it simple, brother.
  15. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Not exactly. Both are very good. Weights can actually help you with having healthy joints and deeper flexibility (depends on how you use them, that’s another topic for another day).
  16. Salam, Do you reckon the older generation have it unfair as they are always considered close-minded and backward (in a negative manner)? The younger generation seem to think they are very open-minded angelic intellectual beings. The newer generation also think irrationally and are as biased as the older generation.
  17. Pakistan Army in Saudi Arabia.

    Pakistan military works for money. So if Iran will give them money they will work for them. Saudia and US is giving them money so they are working for them.
  18. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Yeah, I know. As long as you keep yourself in good health, It is all good. But I want a body that lasts long, a strength that is solid, Inshallah I will obtain it.
  19. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Any form of exercising is good. It is healthy on the mind, body, and even spiritually.
  20. Transgender in Islam

    Well, I was not planning to.
  21. Transgender in Islam

    You said this:
  22. Transgender in Islam

  23. Transgender in Islam

    Please remember not to reply in this topic again.
  24. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Now my upper no way I can. LOL I go between 5-12 lbs depends on what part of the upper body I'm doing.
  25. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    True. But he is only a beginner. He needs to build up to the vest.
  26. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Yeah, with other words, It is better to use your body. It may take longer, but that just means that it will stay longer.
  27. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Apples and oranges. Calisthenics uses your own bodyweight. Usually takes longer to build muscle this way but builds great foundational strength. Think of gymnasts when you're thinking of bodyweight exercises. Gymnasts are hella jacked but that muscle mass is built throughout 7-10 years, with perfect nutrition. Weight training also has different paths. Are you looking for aesthetics or powerlifting/weightlifting? You have to consider what you want.
  28. All 66 on board killed in Iran Plane Crash

    Unfortunately there were plane crashes last year but we were not aware of them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_accidents_and_incidents_involving_commercial_aircraft
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