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  2. notme, Thoughts and prayers are extremely relevant they are more relevant than anything on this earth as they transcend the here and now and are eternal. I pray to a Living King, bless His Holy name! Since you asked my opinion of this topic-the 2nd Amendment-we are privileged to live in a nation that give its citizens the right to keep and bear arms and defend that which belong to them whether home or family. I appreciate and honor my country and the rights I have been granted. Personally, I do not own firearms as I do not wish to have the responsibility of becoming proficient in their handling. In the case of my or my families well being I depend on the police in my community and would have to wait for their defense if harm were to come to me. Thank you for asking!
  3. I thought Assad was an Alevi. From my knowledge they are not considered believers. So, how is supporting Assad supporting Shias? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll be the first to admit I have limited knowledge in the Middle East conflicts.
  4. It is tragic when incidents happen and people are killed. Do not hate. Pray for all of the people who have loved ones who perished in any event. Find your life in Christ as He loves you and wants life for you. He is a God of love. It is His nature. Death is an enemy.
  5. Arminimo, I saw the HA HA emoticon....Jesus Christ rejoices for one lost soul to find His love and salvation.
  6. Best Islamic Shia Book Publishers.

    Salam I think if you contact with below link https://eform.aqr.ir/portal/home/?58200/ہم-سے-رابطہ-کریں http://www.astanprint.ir/contact.aspx https://www.aqr.ir/portal/home/?568862/تماس-با-ما https://library.aqr.ir/Portal/Home/?news/479425/480394/تماس-با-ما you can order shia Islamic books they also provide free books . https://globe.aqr.ir/portal/home/?news/63096/16395/1426588/کتابمرشدالخواص-فی-شرح-بعض-الآیات-والاحادیث-المشکلہ-منتشر-ہوگئي https://www.aqr.ir/portal/home/?490284/المکتبات-والمتاحف-والمستندات-مرکز-آستان-قدس-رضوی http://www.islamicinsights.com/news/community/where-do-you-find-shia-books.html
  7. What do you suggest? Isis and their types have taken over an area. In every country in the world, when Isis strikes, they send the army in. When it's Syria, they have a truce?? Next time there is a terror attack in France or USA, I'm going to ask for a truce before they send the army in.
  8. The scales were completely different. Syria was bearing the brunt of the Western powers; Iraq to a much lesser extent. No defense for Assad but at the same time, let's condemn all the western and Arab governments that added constant fuel to the fire.
  9. Thoughts 2018

    Duas for your aunt and her mother and daughter. My dad went through chemotherapy. I think the cure might be more painful than the illness. But my dad has been fine for 20 years now, alhamdulilla.
  10. What is your goal today?

    Well, I spent quite a bit of time on SC. Hehehe
  11. If someone's teeth is hurting, they can either take pain killers to temporarily relieve the pain, but the pain will keep coming back, or they can fix the root of the problem by going to the dentist and getting their teeth fixed, so the pain never comes back. Although both ways relieve the pain, going to the dentist is the smarter method. Now apply this concept with Hezbollah in Syria. If Hezbollah went into Syria to just protect the shrine, the terrorists would not stop coming to destroy it. However, instead, Hezbollah tackled the root of the problem which is by cooperating with Assad and his army in order to kill the terrorists all over Syria, this way the terrorists do not come back and threaten the shrine or the Shi'a. Iran and Hezbollah know what they are doing, they are a lot smarter than all of us and have full knowledge of the situation.
  12. Today
  13. Oh a SC miracle. We actually have shia's condemning Assad for a change. Usually it is just blind apologists.
  14. Justifying the 'He' pronoun for God

    It is more a literal discussion that Allah conspired in holy Quran by male attributes , that is common in most religions but female God also mentioned in most of polytheistic religions.
  15. What is your goal today?

    سبحان الله Oh Mu’mineen, May I remind you that idleness is detested by Allah, Allah bestows upon you the greatest of hardship, For by it comes the greatest of pleasures.
  16. There is no evidence that he supports Assad , he is supporting by gov for resistance against anti shia parties .
  17. Predestination

    I can’t find a major difference between these two issues from shia Islamic point of view.
  18. Assad not only wants to get rid of ISIS. He also wants to take advatage of the support he has from Russia to exterminate the Syrian opposition. There is no limit for the cost, counted in human lives, that is to high for Assad. That Khameney still support Assad is remarkable.
  19. the miracle of words

    Salam thanks for your work I think we suffer from lack of this type of material ,it’s a good work although needs more work to make more sense & reasoning in this story to full it’s gaps I know it’s a hard work & until now your work is good I hope the story of other converts p/reverts provide you more material for your work https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDt1Kldmx43Aw8bS9kQ5ev6LcRz0f_FMR
  20. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

    Every year new 1000 dollar phone is just crazy.
  21. Predestination

    More videos! You dont (want to?) understand the paradox that free will versus predestination means.
  22. Imam Musad Sadr is Alive and Captured.

    Salam I also hope that he returns on day. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDUXcLvD_1W2BbB1rOGDmoANsTs69aXSp
  23. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

    Not worth it.
  24. The same way how Iraqis handled the civilians in battle of Mosul. They really did care of their own people.
  25. Typical of Police

    Salam most of their work is like another jobs is a routine job so day to day they more care about avoiding trouble & supporting their family when somebody has a routine life & job like me so he everyday lesser care about incidents around him/her .
  26. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

    So what do you think?
  27. So send in the army, then go door-to-door asking people if they belong to ISIS???
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