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  2. House of Horrors

    Hard to imagine how this could happen. Both the man and wife must have been insane.
  3. House of Horrors

    Even if they started a cult, then why on earth would they torture them, lock them up in a closet, malnourish them etc. What is more weird is that they use to make their children memorize passages from the Bible. These people are very creepy and dangerous, who feel that their acts are a service to God.
  4. most challenging questions in your mind?

    Time is defined as: T= delta X (displacement) devided by V (speed). We can go backward or forward in time or in other words, we can stop time, if we can keep delta t=0. Delta t=0 if delta x= 0. It occurs when everything (really everything including the tiniest particles in the world) stops moving (or changing because change is a kind of movement). Now, how can you go back in time without moving?! As soon as you start moving, time starts too.
  5. most challenging questions in your mind?

    Salam I read somewhere that animals's saliva contains a pain-killer substance which works instantly so when a lion, for example, preys on another animal and bites it, the prey doesnt feel extreme pain. This is confirmed by people who were attacked by wild animals but survived. They say they just were too frightened but didnt feel pain. Adrenaline is another pain-killer substance which body produces when you are very frightened. So extreme fear prevents you from completely feeling the pain.
  6. House of Horrors

    There are so many questions about the parents and their mistreatment of their children. It is too early to tell, but some people are saying that maybe the man and woman started a religious cult and their children were the only members and they were not allowed to leave home.
  7. Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadiw wa Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah.
  8. Chest Beating is way better than to Bomb up Yourselves and kill Innocent People.

  9. House of Horrors

    What pleasure did they get from torturing their children? The fire of hell is made for these types of people.
  10. Porn and Zina thoughts.

    Umm, the guy who opened this thread presumably does not have porn addiction. Although dude might be playing the fool to ask a question. Either way. Also your second paragraph is partly true. But it is important to know that the majority of cases of masturbation stem from lack of sex. You are not born with porn addiction unlike ADHD. Instead porn addiction usually begins with an individual wanting to have sex but can't for certain reasons. Then the brain goes through biochemical changes once exposed to porn. Once again, the cause of even watching porn is usually a desire to have sex but usually the person cannot. Granted once a person goes in too deep into porn then all bets are off and odd things begin to happen. But I am talking about the initial stages of porn addiction. Also your third paragraph seems to suggest that I insinuated people who are knee deep in their porn addiction should do Mutah. Well, that is one extreme I am not sure why you went to, although nowadays it is slowly becoming a reality. But for the sake of brevity I don't assume worst case scenarios. The minority is what you are referring to. That is folks who don't have much of a sex drive still end up getting addicted to porn for various reasons. And also I don't think you understand. Instead of teaching abstinence (which anyone can tell you is unrealistic) we should teach our kids to be comfortable with their desires and to bring them up carefully so they get married young (either Mutah or permanent marriage). And also parents need to become more astute to their child's desires. As in a father should try his best to read his son's surfacing desires and a mother should do the same with her daughter. Trust me, nothing else works. And that is why during the prophets time marriage was not delayed and 13 year old boys and 12 year old girls were married off as soon as their desires surfaced.
  11. Jaw Surgery in 6 days.

    I’m doing great, thanks for asking. I still have residual swelling that increases and decreases throughout the day, but other than that, everything is great! I got unwired a week earlier and I’ve been chewing! It’s such a different feeling to chew with all my molars.
  12. Same sex marriage legalized in Australia

    I will not let Homosexuality dominate at any Cost.
  13. This is wrong. You can pour water on your arm as many times as you want, but you can only wash your arm either once or twice. The criterion in determining each pours of water is one’s intention, therefore if you pour five handfuls of water on your arm with the intention of being one wash, than it will count as only one wash. You're allowed to wipe your arm from elbow to fingertips in between each time you pour water on your arm. This method is optional and mustahab. There is another method which most people do, which is to pour water on your left hand and then wash your right arm [instead of pouring it on your right hand then left hand to wash your right arm].
  14. Today
  15. What is your goal today?

    Do something I was supposed to do yesterday. Make a new to do list.
  16. House of Horrors

    Parents were homeschooling their young children but why would they keep their adult children (18+ years old) locked up in their home?
  17. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Trump is something different. That's a large component, l think. Also, he is not an insider and not 'controllable' like the Demon-cratic and Republican establishments want. Bush did call Trump "treasonous".
  18. Hey guys! So, I've been driving myself nuts over the correct way of performing wudu. I've seen tons of videos on YouTube on how to perform Shia wudu but it seems like everyone's doing it slightly differently from each other which is making me super confused and unsure over what's actually correct and not. I've always done it the way my parents taught me which is like this: - Wash face from hairline and down twice. - pour water in my right hand, pour that water into my left hand and then wash my right arm from the elbow down to the fingertips twice. (And here's where it gets tricky) - pour water in my right hand and then, without touching my skin, pour that water over my left arm as many times as I want until I feel like my left arm is wet enough to start wiping from elbow down to the fingertips. Once I've touched the arm with my hand, I can't pour anymore water on it. (I do this only once). - then I use the remaining water on my hands to wipe the top of my head once. - then I wipe my feet up to the ankles once. What are your thoughts on the way I perform the wudu? What's been making me nervous is the way I do with the left arm cause I haven't seen anyone else do it like that. Anyone here that does something similar or the same way I do it? And why does it seem like everyone's doing it differently from each other? What's the absolute correct way to perform the wudu in detail? How important is it to perform the wudu the exact way it was meant to be done? I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I'd be so happy if I could get some explanations to help sort things out. Thanks!
  19. What is your goal today?

    l'II get to it ... sooner of later.
  20. Women

    Al-Salamu Alaykum The rulings of the fuqaha have differed historically on this issue. For example, Sayyed Al-Khomeini said looking at a woman's face and hands is not allowed as per obligatory precaution. But anyway, this is what Sayyed Al-Sistani says; 495. It is permissible to look without lust at the women who would not listen, if they were forbidden from exposing themselves [by not observing the hijab]. Therefore, it is permissible to look at the face, the hands, and the feet of the woman as well as those parts of their bodies that they normally expose in public but not those parts that some of them, against their own custom, would expose publicly. This is with the condition that the look is not combined with carnal appetite and the onlooker should not fear the temptation of getting into a situation whereby they may commit the haram. https://www.al-islam.org/a-code-of-practice-for-muslims-in-the-west-ayatullah-sistani/youths-issues
  21. Porn and Zina thoughts.

    Man I don't think mutah can solve someone's porn addiction, although it might help. Most married people even say that porn is completely different to real life sex. The biggest misconception we have is that most people watch porn or masturbate, because they don't have enough real life sex. Porn or masturbation addiction is a behaviour addiction just like some people are addicted to smoking. Our brain is wired in a way to release large amounts of dopamine from looking at a screen rather than having real life sex. Also your mutah partner or wife will not be clung to you 24/7, so there will be circumstances where one will be tested when the dopamine kicks in randomly. Therefore I reckon someone should practice abstinence and develop enough will power. This mindset that "No need to worry I'll just get married (temporary or permanent) - is not good at all. Therfore we should develop some real productive habits and not have this lazy mindset that "it is lack of sex". Our brain is looking for a thousand excuses to shift the blame to something else, when in reality it's just the conscious decisions we make.
  22. Atomism

    What is Atomism exactly? I never heard of it until now. Edit: Seems like a very interesting subject, especially the Ashari interpretation. I would like to see somebody post a Shia view of atomism.
  23. Women

    It's okay to look at a woman, but just develop some sort of respect for them. At my workplace when I interact with some female co-workers, who might be pretty good-looking, I just try to focus on their personality and what they're actually saying. Lowering my gaze here would be very impractical, so I just try to act rational and not let my desires take control over me. But in some circumstances when I walk in public and come across a girl whose body is exposed a lot - I just avoid glancing the second time. I remind myself that my eyes have a right over me, and every unnecessary glance will result in my eyes speaking against me on the day of judgement.
  24. Porn and Zina thoughts.

    Also a general question. From what I have observed is that nowadays the most difficult part in terms of doing Mutah is not knowing which women to ask. Thus I am curious to know if Mutah networks (either off like or online) exist just like marriage networks to take the guessing game out of Mutah?
  25. Porn and Zina thoughts.

    I think another member here gave the best practical advice. And that is that at some level no matter how irfanic you become it does not solve the issue of sexuality. Instead let us take the advice of Imam Ali (AS) who recommended Mutah as a deterrent to fornication and even masturbation.
  26. Jaw Surgery in 6 days.

    How you doing? Everything ok?
  27. Have we ever asked ourselves why the Prophet put so much emphasis on Ahlul- Bayt? Was is just because they were members of his family, or was it because they carried his true teachings (Sunnah) and they were the most knowledgeable individuals among his community after him?
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