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  2. Homosexuality in islam

    Salaamun akeikum, im copy/pasting this from another thread i wrote this answer in. Its harmful to the self and to other people because one of the main reasons men seek out relationships with women in the first place is their sexual drive. Its part of guaranteeing survival of the species. Once intercourse is achieved with a woman, surges of hormons,like oxytocin, which is the "bonding"hormon, floods the brain and men become even more cemented and attached to the woman and the relationship. When a man engages in porn,masterbation, etc, not only is he satisfying his need without a woman, but he is cementing the idea that he doesnt need a relationship (marriage) to fullfill this desire as hes doing it on his own and with less stress,responsibility, etc.that comes with having an actuall relationship.( This can lead to less masculine men as they end up shirking the masculine roles Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has assigned to them and enforcing more feministic and childish attributes into themselves mentally and spiritually, which essentially equals self harm.) Hes forming an abnormal and unislamic bond to porn, attachment to the act and to himself as the hormonal surge happens regardless if it is with an actuall woman or simply sensory stimuli. Who is he associating this wonderfull feeling flood of hormons and chemicals with?? Porn and himself.:/ All of this fosters a very imbalanced man, mentality, spirituality, physically and sexually. Repetition of this action CAN lead to addiction, further reinforcing all these problems and distancing him from actuall human reletionships. As humans, we need interaction with each other,because if there is no one there to "check" us or advise us of our shortcommings that we are blind to, people can develope very weird and antisocial behaviors and thought processes after awhile. Ive seen this first hand a few different times. I dont think i need to mention the reasons why this behavior is harmfull to already existing marriages as well. Anyhow, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has made this action impermissable, for BOTH sexes, for many reasons, and this situation is clearly one when you look at the harm it causes. W/s
  3. Balanced piece on the Assad regime by Mehdi Hasan

    Urmm, the statement you quoted above is Mahdi actually defending Qatar not condemning it His article talks about Assad killing and imprisoning thousands, but it doesnt give us context. Would any western country allow ahrah al sham or jaysh al islam to take over areas and terrorise the population? How was mosul liberated? How many civilians did the americans/iraqis kill in the process? Why is the coverage between the two so different?
  4. Not allowed to eat

    In this instance, I dont see how the OP is making her mother's life difficult. Yes, it may be frustrating for her mother to see the OP look so ungreatful (when she actually has a mental disorder and she's not doing it out of spite), but the OP said she simply got up to wash the plate again. She hasn't mentioned that she constantly moans at her mother for the cleanliness of the plates, or starts fights because of them. The OP hasn't given us any reason to believe that she's making anyone's life difficult. The only thing she's doing is cleaning things more than necessary. Yes, it isn't ideal, and some may interpret the OP's behaviour differently if they didn't know that she suffered from a mental disorder. Also, although society does encourage and romatisise certain mental illnesses and disorders, people who actually suffer from them tend to be annoyed by the romanticisation and encouragement of an illness that has actually made their life harder and more frustrating. So most of the time, people with disorders like OCD don't appreciate the encouragement they get from Asian/Arab communities and try their hardest to get help that will allow them to deal with their OCD in a more constructive way.
  5. Countless marja permit it; countless marja permit it as long as it is acceptable in the region where you reside. What they say and what I am saying is that you separate the act from the locality. Salah is wajib; salah on usurped land is batil. Act of tatbir = permissible Act of tatbir in a place where it is not appropriate/allowed != impermissible That is a cop out if I have ever seen one. No one said this topic was specifically about UK and you didn't preface your original statement with UK-Indians and UK-Pakistanis. Since you are on the track of noticing things, go back a page and see where you initiate the personal attacks. Perhaps, then you won't cry wolf. While I am fortunate, same can't be said of those who still think of Arab superiority over ajam. But then even the Prophet (saw) couldn't root out the ignorance from everyone.
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  7. Shia and sunnis

    Politics. AhlusSunnahwalJamaa simply means the sunnah according to the mass which accepted those in charge even when they had no legitimacy to rule. If it seems that the Ahl al-Bayt indeed has a more elevated status than the Sahaba a lot of rulers and conquests will lose legitimacy or are not backed by the true spirit of islam itself. This conciliation policy only works as long the Ahl al-Bayt has no status that does not extinguish them from the Sahaba. If not then their whole reconcilliation fallacy will crumble.
  8. Shia and sunnis

    The Prophet is more worthy of the believers than themselves, and his wives are [in the position of] their mothers. And those of [blood] relationship are more entitled [to inheritance] in the decree of Allah than the [other] believers and the emigrants, except that you may do to your close associates a kindness [through bequest]. That was in the Book inscribed. Quran 33:6
  9. Balanced piece on the Assad regime by Mehdi Hasan

    On twitter he has said, "Saudi Arabia is accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism and sectarianism. In other news, the pot has called the kettle black." Okay now thats out of the way what does this have to do with condeming Assad's atrocities? There are countless videos and witnesses
  10. Shia and sunnis

    It's simple. Follow imam Ali a.s. in words, deeds and attitude.
  11. Marja is for law, not for ethics. They will tell you what is illegal, but not what is rude or inconsiderate. Even this issue is now becoming a matter of legality as its so damaging. Who is your marja ? In the Uk, they are the only ones I have seen engaging in it. But for example if tomorrow it was only doing by Iranians or another group, my position would not change. I notice you prefer to attack me rather than deal with the points I have raised. Either way, I feel there is little point continuing discussing with you as you appear to be on train tacks in your ideology. Its a shame that reason has no value in your mind and your culture seems to supersede all. What fortune you are a Muslim now and not a polytheist at the Prophets SAW time, as your attitude would have left you in ignorance and failure.
  12. Hmmm, you called out Indian Pakistani very specifically.... My baseless position? My position is that if one's marja allows something, why would I restrict them from it. So essentially you are saying the Maria's position is baseless. I expanded even further than tatbir that any religious act Subject to ridicule should be done in private. I cited women praying public as an example. Your inherent biases are making you not read before writing.
  13. Balanced piece on the Assad regime by Mehdi Hasan

    Can you provide me the link where Mahdi condemns Qatar for funding islamist rebels?
  14. Yes, but im not making any public shows and claiming that Im so religious this is the only way I can show it. Its just so silly. Listen Arabs have lots of problems, and Im not lumping this one with just Indians. No, I think your theory is wrong, and its just your way of covering up for your own baseless position. Im not going around judging people, Im saying that some people who do the most ridiculous and illogical things in public, are making all of us look bad. I think in this day and age we really have to take a look at our selves and communities and think , if the Prophet SAW was here right now, would he be happy with these things? Would he be joining us doing them?, or would he be trying to reform them?
  15. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    Again being atheist and irreligious is not equal. Also these statistics are ridiculous.
  16. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    If men become transgender and gay they won’t be able to defend their country or women, also suprisingly women decide the sexual market. Shaming of other women has found to be more common among women as well as preferring men who are “experienced” or have been with many women. Higher Testosterone is also linked to higher IQ and lower rates of depression: https://psychcentral.com/news/2011/03/14/testosterone-hormone-linked-to-higher-iq/24379.html
  17. Question about Jesus and Easter

    It’s most likely the person replaced by Jesus was resurrected or taken away.
  18. Well you don't support tatbir but you are not their either...I figured it would become a Indo-European thing. How about the thousands of Arabs who do qama. How many of them are helping the Rohingya? My theory is you are just another shia who sits around judging other shias. If I was like you, I would sit around and judge all the Iraqis who create Ashura plays and say they are " actually not motivated by serious and deep respect for the Imam " but I am not like you. I respect the mourner and not question his/her sincerity.
  19. In Islamic view, Prophet Jesus was not crucified on the cross, and so would not have been in the tomb after the event. If so, does this mean the story of his resurrection from the tomb is false and the resurrection story didn't happen?
  20. The thing is I am not blaming "the West" for the rest wanting to appease them. It's a colonial mindset the non-whites possess so I am condemning that mindset, not the white race. That is exactly what I am saying. Islam transcends race so we should not determine our practices based on what someone might think. You respect others but don't take your faith from them. Not just among shias but most Commonwealth countries...or any country that was a former European colony. Simple story: I went to Indonesia with an employee of mine (he reported to me). We were having a driver pick us up. Both of us walk out together, the driver immediately took Nigel 's bags from him. Nigel says to me, "I guess I am the boss here" . We had a nice chuckle. This mindset is prevalant.
  21. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    I wonder how these countries will be able to form an Islamic state or political union with other countries in the Muslim world. When the Mahdi(as) comes he will likely experience the greatest difficult with these nations.
  22. Omar ibn al Khattab and Abu Jahl

    I agree. But they do show how anti-Muslim he was. Read my blog brother.
  23. Authenticity of famous shia books

    Salam, I wanted to ask about the authenticity (by the sanad) of the books - Sahifa Sajjadya and Kitab al-Mahasin. I have heard some say Sahifa Sajjadiya has no authentic chain and includes majhool narrators. I have heard people say kitab al-mahasin is also unreliable. Is this true?
  24. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    In terms of support for Sharia it’s much lower in those countries: Kazakhstan has the lowest followed by Azerbaijan
  25. Climate change: causes, consequences and solutions

    did you study the document i posted? it is real :by Man influenced Climate Change
  26. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    I don't know Kazakhstan so I will not comment about that. However in Azerbaijan there are not so much atheist but "irreligious people", which means they identify themselves as Muslims but don't practice it so much.
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