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    I guess the tonsillectomy made you feel vulnerable in some ways, and as if you haven't recovered despite the surgery for it. Brother, these feelings of anxiety will not go away on its own and people can only give you so much advice. Since you've had these feelings for a while, I would highly recommend seeing a therapist on the issue. Your life is too precious to be compromised like this. Therapy is long overdue.
  3. There are many posts in this topic that I recommend you yourself, read more clearly. thanks.
  4. Well you know what Trinity is and you know what Triune is. Whats the problem. We can use your definition if you like the results are the same. So you are open to the idea that the council of Nicea might have forced through ideas that weren't predominant be they di-ity or trin-ity
  5. As I said prove it. I did say if you are going assert something be prepared to back it up. Stop making assertions which are patently false. Nicean (325) creed was Di-ity. Constantinople (381) was Trin-ity.
  6. I do not know if the trinity model was predominant. How do you define the difference between trinity and triune?
  7. Why are the shrines of the Shia (for example in Iraq) so grand and majestic when there are poor people everywhere? It's beautiful when we rebuild the Shrines of our Imams but is it right to spend so much money/gold when there 3million orphans in Iraq? Iraqis and shias have no home, which is the right act of Islam?
  8. Each to their own level of understanding. You should have read my posts more carefully. best wishes
  9. I specifically said Trinity not Triune. It seems you are again supplying me with information that I am aware. Triune is not even vaguely like the Trinity so for you try and talk about 'exact formulation' is disengenuous to say the least. As I said I am happy to clear up your misunderstandings about Islam but it appears you wish to raise 'issues' or draw false analogies but wish to remain ignorant. I have no wish to force feed you theology about Islam. I am will however continue to challenge your patently false assertions about Christian theology that isn't even backed up by Christian theologians. So again I am forced to ask you for evidence that the Trinity model was predominant since this was clearly missing at Nicea
  10. No offence, but he provided evidence for his views, and mostly his view is simply given by the choice of the title in the article and what he has chosen to translate. Most of what he writes is just translation of hadiths or the writings of a Shia scholar. Meanwhile, your criticisms of him are just assertions or logical fallacies. This is an argument from authority. The whole world can call something authentic, but if there is no evidence to back it up, then someone has to right to point out that there is no evidence. You can't criticise someone for that. Not to mention that all he did was quote Ayatullah Hobollah. Is he an anti-Shia agent too? Knowledge of everything there is to know in the world was not necessary for their role. They only need to know about matters of religion. The fact that schoolchildren know things about non-religious issues that perhaps the Imams didn't doesn't seem important to me. School children know lyrics to nursery rhymes that I'm guessing the Imams didn't know. Does that make them 'better' than the Imams? Of course not. He presented his evidence. What part of it do you object to? What Sunnis say doesn't prove anything one way or the other. Again, it comes down to evidence. It's also what Imam Ali said, who he quoted directly. Do you think he fabricated the hadith, or mistranslated it? Be honest, did you actually read those articles with an open mind? I find it strange that you are attacking someone for holding beliefs that he has provided evidence for. He may be wrong, but why does he have to be an 'anti-Shia agent'? Isn't it supposed to be Wahhabis that make takfir over differences of opinion? Its amazing how much importance some of you place on this or that dua, or things like arbaeen. These aren't exactly fundamentals of the religion.
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    I had a tonsilectomy which affected me mentally. I am thinking of seeing a therapist. On a scale from 1-10 I'd say I'm a 5.
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  13. I'll let you have the last word No not yet!
  14. The Nicaean creed and the version from 381 are almost identical. Bishop Irenaeus (died around 200AD) has written about God, Son and Ghost in a way that reminds a lot about the Creed. Trinity belief developed over the centuries, but of course there is no formulation being exactly the same as the last Creed. Is this a problem? There is no need to discuss the age of Islam. Like Christianity it is well documented. Even better. 2.000 years and 1.400 years old religions.
  15. This should help.
  16. I did. But it was hopeless..
  17. For every passing month that they do not release the film, I will add a new punishment. In April, the punishment was tar and feathers. The punishment for May is that they should be forced to listen to 10 hours of Zakir Naik quoting verse references.
  18. Did you try googling it to see if you can find some ideas?
  19. How is it possible that such a big budget film hasn't been released yet? Do they not want to make any money? And wasn't the point of making the film to give the world a positive image of the Prophet (s)? There must be some sort of explanation behind this, but I'm really struggling to think what it is.
  20. I don't I try to find.
  21. Who says it equates to retiring Allah? Did delegating religious authority to the Prophet and the Imams retire Allah in that sphere? It's my opinion, based on facts. Many Shias do believe that Allah has delegated powers over creation to the Imams. What else is wilayah takwiniya? Because, as hard as it may be for you to understand, not everyone blindly follows their teachers, and people are capable of disagreeing on things while maintaining respect for each other. Who is claiming they are originators of 'everything'? The mufawida clearly didn't believe that since they said that Allah created the Prophet and Imam Ali. Its noticeable that you need to use these straw man tactics though, because you know how close modern Shia beliefs actually are to those ones. There is a difference between believing that Prophets or Imams ask Allah to perform miracles, and that they perform the miracles themselves (even if it's with the permission of Allah). As so often with you, the verse you are quoting has nothing to do with the topic. Being capable of forgetting things doesn't make you unmindful of the remembrance of Allah. I'm not sure what this has to do with anything. It's possible that Shaykh Saduq would have thought him a ghali, but more likely would simply be that he would think him to be in error, and that he didn't mean his statement literally. Either way, it's not exactly relevant what they thought of each other.
  22. Anyone have their contact info?
  23. Sayyed Mahdi Modarresi
  24. Thanks for trying bro. Yes pls let us know if any update
  25. And with that, I will not be bothered to do so. all the best
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    Hi Brother, Im really sorry to hear about your anxiety. Feeling ashamed or/and anxious about eating in public can be related to a couple of anxiety disorders, like Generalized Anxiety Disorder, (GAD) or even Social Anxiety disorder. It could even correlate with eating disorders, if you fear eating in public and/or feeling judged for eating in general. Do you have people you can talk to? Have you tried explaining your symptoms to a therapist? How would you say your moods are, generally? With 10 being the best and 1 being the worst? Do you have heart palpitations randomly, does your mind race, do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Does it feel like your body has "bugs" running inside you? How long have these symptoms been present? Do you have trouble sleeping? How would you describe your overall quality of sleep? Has anything happened in your childhood which has made you fear choking on your food?
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