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  2. What responsibility do I have?

    ^ That is what I was getting at, brother. The way the OP described his sister sounds like that situation. It is more wajib and therefore more responsibility on the parents than it is on the brother, they have more rights over their daughter than the OP has over his sister. I wasn't trying to say that we should ignore enjoining good and forbidding evil; It may very well be that the parents are very aware of the situation, more so than the OP and have a solution.
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  4. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-middle-east-42098201/inside-saudi-arabia-s-gilded-prison-at-riyadh-ritz-carlton Lyse Douchet's report. ln an interview following the report, she said that Hariri was 'asked' to resign because he would not "confront" Hezbullah. These and other events coincide in time.
  5. Thanksgiving Mubarak, Y'all

    A man at the library suggested l put stuffing on my pizza. So when it came time to cook today, l skipped the pizza and put the stuffing on my noodles and rice. lt was good.
  6. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    In accordance with https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Turkey 2nd definition. So, my question is: Did bespectacled gramps shoot a liberal or the price changer?
  7. Iran vs KSA ?

    In order to hegemonize all the world, every and all action needed has to be implemented (violating other country authority, business, military, economics etc ?). ===> Mind your own business USA. https://www.rt.com/news/410735-american-troops-stay-syria/
  8. Thanksgiving Mubarak, Y'all

    Listen to a re-play of Rush Limbaugh's Wednesday's program. Glad your back, LCM. How did you do at the Turkey Shoot?
  9. Iblis in Sufism

    Need to explain the reason of this wiki and Islam. My way of thinking : How do we sure/certain that Iblis has knowledge of God perfectly when he/Iblis disobey God's order to bow.
  10. What responsibility do I have?

    Salaam Alaykum Brother Good for your sister that has such a good brother. It is very important to observe Hijab and Islamic dress code. First of all, don't expect your sister to change her behaviour in one night. This process takes months, or maybe one or two years, so be patient. Never get angry on this because it only ruins your previous effort. Always calm and patient. Second, don't expect your sister to be nice to you when you talk about Hijab with her. She probably disrespects you or say inappropriate words, you MUST be quiet if it happens. Apparently your mother is concerned about this. It's a good thing that you are not alone. Observing Islamic dress code is very very gradual process. Your mother and you should be together and patient. Try to be more respectful to your sister and help her as much as you can. Let her think that you always support her. Your mother should also show observation in this matter. Your sister should see that your mother doesn't wear any kind of cloth. For example, when your mother and you and your sister are shopping, your mother should say(loudly so that your sister hears that), I don't like this dress. It's too short or tight and I'm Muslim. Never use force or fighting to make her dress islamically. Let her to understand this herself. Remember be kinder and more patient. Do as much favor as you can for your sister. Tell your mother to do the same. Gradually you can start talking with your sister in person about Hijab. The key is that she should first TRUST you that you are saying that just for help and your love as her brother.
  11. Over the last 40 years, we have seen an increase in income inequality, especially in the US, with wages stagnating for a large majority of the population, but profits for corporations continuing to grow exponentially, this was obviously dealt a blow in the financial crisis, but the mechanisms in place to fix the crisis largely continued to promote neoliberal, state capitalism. The federal reserve, which I believe is criticised unfairly is largely a mechanism in place to fix problems within a very highly flawed system. You need a body that has to regulate banks and interest rates, otherwise you would have a situation that is even worse, where banks would continually just collude and set rates in a way that benefits them. The problem however is that, the Fed's mechanisms only empower the same system that has done damage to so many people's lives. By promoting bank bailouts, which then just give the bank the insurance that they can continue to do whatever they want, and the government will just continue to bail them out, they have no much incentive to act differently. Financial reform and regulation have been implemented since the financial crisis but these aren't enough, and the bailouts only led to bank CEOs giving themselves higher bonuses. But the question is how do you fix the system? If you don't bail the banks out, you leave millions unemployed, you make small business reliant on banks for short-term financing shut down. If you don't print money and you don't increase the deficit, you get rid of the few ways in a flawed economic system to boost the economy. So how do you fix it? More regulation? Do you make the Federal Open Market Committee meetings more public, but then that just allows political influence and gives more power to a very corrupt congress to make decisions, when you can't exactly trust them either? There have been attempts to make other currency systems like bitcoin, but on a national level what is a good solution? To centralise the banks completely would be a good idea but its just giving power to corrupt lawmakers who are bought by corporate interests.
  12. What responsibility do I have?

    I think an important question that nobodies asked is what kind of relationship do you have with your sister? If you're not super close and just come out of nowhere with all these rules shes going to rebel and your parents could get involved- telling you to stay out of it. If this happens- she might think its okay because her parents are defending her. If you're not close, then maybe this is an opportunity to be. Try and be really open and non judgemental and find out why she doesn't wish to observe hijab. It may just be down to ignorance: she simply doesn't know its importance in islam. You'd be surprised what kind of interesting conversations you'd have. My brothers beliefs are fairly different to mine and fairly often we have interesting discussions/debates about all kinds of topics. He's also very open minded so I feel reassurance/comfort if I ever need to ask advice or information about a certain topic.
  13. What responsibility do I have?

    Salaam, I have a difficult time finding things related to Sayed Khamenei on the internet-would you by chance be able to provide a link for the mentioned Q&A, in sha Allah? Thanks!
  14. It's simple., One sect follows Islam as Allah swt and His Prophet (pbuh) wanted Muslims to follow while the other one is trying to tell Allah swt and the Prophet pbuh what they think should be part of Islam. So if you follow the former then you know you are on Haq and if you are following the latter then you are doomed. Allah swt states in Quran that only He appoints Caliphs. If you look at one sect they abide by it where as the other one have their own man-made Caliphs clearly against the Quran. It's really not that difficult.
  15. يَارَبِّ، إنَّكَ تَدْعُونِي فَأُوَلِّي عَنْكَ،

    وَتَتَحَبَّبُ إلَيَّ فأَتَبَغَّضُ إلَيْكَ،

    وَتَتَوَدَّدُ إلَيَّ فَلا أَقْبَلُ مِنْكَ

    كَأَنَّ لِيَ التَّطَوُّلَ عَلَيْكَ،

    O Lord! You give an invitation but I turn down,
    And You become familiar with me but I do not care for You,
    And You show affection to me but I do not correspond to You
    as if  You are overreaching me! Du'a Iftitah

  16. Dream interpretation

    Dear brothers and sisters Can someone please tell me what the following dream means. Dreaming that your nephew is loosing his hair. I heard it means something bad so I am a little worried. JazakAllah
  17. What responsibility do I have?

    @E.L King gave great advice. Also make sure that even if she doesn't listen, you don't let her think that you're fine with her not wearing hijab (Sayed Sistani). But you have to remember to give her the message in a way that resonates with her and is most likely to produce a response. It also doesn't mean you should stop treating her with kindness - on the condition that such treatment doesn't encourage her in her ways, in which case even breaking ties with family is wajib if it's the only way to stop them from committing sins (see Sayed Khamenei's Q and A on this topic). So pray for her and find the best way to guide her to fulfilling this important obligation.
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  19. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    As l posted during Europe's refugee "crisis". one country built something like 75-100km of border 'wall' (chain link, razor wire, and all) in a weekend following a week or more on another section of their southern border.
  20. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    A new anti-Trump book has been released. Collusion by Luke Harding(2017). These two book reviews express skepticism over the inherent validity of any innuendo or "relationships" between Russia and Trump. ln a BBC interview, 23Nov17, Harding said this putting-Trump-in-the-Soviet/Russian-camp has been a Moscow objective since the 1980s. https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/luke-harding/collusion-harding/ https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/promotionalss/article/75310-vintage-to-release-collusion-a-new-book-on-trump-russia-controversy.html
  21. What responsibility do I have?

    Whoever is telling you "that's between her and Allah it does not concern you" is ignoring the commandment of Allah to enjoin good and forbid evil. Enjoining good and forbidding evil is even more important when it comes to your own family members. If she has her mind made up and you cannot stop her, then it is not wajib on you anymore, only then can you let it go. But if you can stop her by convincing her through dialogue and preaching, then it is wajib on you to to try. But you should never show pleasure in these actions of hers. May Allah bless you.
  22. What responsibility do I have?

    Yeah I think she's exactly the same.
  23. Saudia Barbaria is really falling apart ......

    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-23/alwaleed-bin-talal-hung-upside-down-and-beaten-us-mercenaries The US is supplying muscle from Abu Dhabi to help torture their own prominent citizens.
  24. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    Good point. Israel's wall has been proven successful (from Israel's point of view). I don't see how the US, if they spent billions of dollars with the help of the best architects in the world, cannot build a wall like no other to keep illegals out. I know people say it costs alot, but it also costs alot to have these illegal immigrants come in every year. Also billions of dollars lost in that respect.
  25. Yes it is, and specifically makrooh to wear it while praying as well if I remember correctly.
  26. (as) VS (ra)

    (AS) Alayhum El Selaam. i would translate this as Peace be upon them. 1. in Islam we greet each other with Peace be upon you. So why can't we say Imam Ali (AS) ? 2. If somebody says we can only say (AS) about Prophets, then what is their proof ? If they are truthful let them bring a valid proof. 3. To say (RA) which i would translate as May Allah be pleased with him or them , about Imam's is ridiculous. Why would we say that if no single person can proof that they made a single minor mistake in their life ?! Then what is the value of (RA) in such a case ? Not in their or our books you can find a mistake or sin done by these Holy and Pure people ; Ahlulbayt
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