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  2. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    all the more reason to ban Islam in its entirety.....
  3. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    Currently practicing of Shia Islam banned in Kazakhstan, only Sunni muslims allow to practice like as Malaysia.
  4. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    I wonder how that statistic would look like if they asked the same people if they actually knew what sharia was.
  5. How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    You are really clueless about Iran and Irans military if this is your opinion. Perhaps you dont like WF and thats why you would say this but that does not change reality even if you would like it to. Everything has its time and place, you will see that.
  6. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    except that Pakistan has a population of almost 200 million while Kazakhstan has 18 million...Pakistan GDP has to become 11 times bigger to match that of Kazakhstan speaking on per capita basis... So how do you know that 'they just want to practice their religion'? Did they all convene, came up with this unanimous declaration, and informed you to write things down on SC?
  7. There is something called reality and there is something called realistic choices. First study the reality of the situation. Then study the realistic choices and their respective consequences. Bashar is the best realistic choice at this point of time, in the reality we live in. I do not think Assad is a saint, nor do I think he is the ideal muslim but he is damn much better than what you can chose from and he is much better than what the enemy has in mind. And what does the enemy have in mind? Realizing all the above, is called basira. In a world were public opinion justifies illegal actions and wars, one must chose his words more carefully, I do not think sheikh Nimr would formulate himself the same way today after seeing what has happened as he did before all of this happened. And still, this does not mean Assad is a saint.
  8. Quote him saying that he is a hero, if you cannot then you have either exaggerated or you have lied or both.
  9. Shia and sunnis

    The main struggle is between sources when you strip it down. The Shia lean on sources which are Muhammad's (SAW) family. The Sunni lean on sources which are Muhammad's (SAW) friends. Now to be real, people say and do different things when in a family setting and when in a setting with friends. For example, if I were to ask you to describe your father--you would most likely have only good things to say about him. If I were to ask one of your father's closest friends to describe your father--he may have a mixed bag of things to say because he has seen a side of your father that you may have not seen. Does that make sense? That is why I think it is foolish to totally abolish hadiths from Abu Bakr for example. We as Shias may not like him, but at the end of the day he was our Prophet's best friend whether we like it or not. (I also know I am going to get heat for saying that on SC) Also, I am sorry if the example was offensive. I was just trying to provide a real world scenario.
  10. Who gets Miffed most often --Nominations

    Who do you nominate?
  11. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    That’s a bit silly and extremist even Pakistan(271 billion) that has bad economy has a higher GDP than Kazakhstan(134 billion). Also most the people in these countries aren’t militant they just want to practice their religion.
  12. Friday prayer throughout history

    What about regular daily prayers in congregation? You always pray on your own ?
  13. Friday prayer throughout history

    I know about him already, but thank you. Important read is his biography by his own son.
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  15. How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    Rally against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv https://youtu.be/Xuldi1qAuBk
  16. Reports: Gunfire outside Saudi king's home

    News about Toy drone in Arabic
  17. Yemeni wedding targeted by Saudi Jets in Hajjah pro. Iraq presence in anti Daesh operation Syrian Jet strike militant position near capital Syrian Army launches rockets to ISIS bases Iran’s FM :plan to creat Arab Force in Syria is delusional
  18. Hi you can find some translated books on www.al-islam.org
  19. Authenticity of famous shia books

    Salam Sahifa Sajjadiya is authentic & don’t worry about it.
  20. Thoughts 2018

    No problem.
  21. Please help!

    Salam you must be patient InshaAllah you will have costumers ,for extending Rizq it is highly advised to recite Sura Waqi’a after your Isha Prayer. http://tanzil.net/#56:1 http://www.duas.org/rizq.htm
  22. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    unfortunately Afghan govt missed this ban on Islam....instead they got suicide bombers and beheaders and terrorists and terror. I cant wait for the day when Islam is completely banned in all Central Asian countries- a move that'd cut the hands of Saudis sock puppets and the hand that is inside them off the wellbeing of the people. Go Kazakhstan Go!
  23. Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala muhammadiw wa ali muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah.
  24. Omar ibn al Khattab and Abu Jahl

    Salam because Abubakr was in debt to Umar for his caliphate also people afraid from Umar too much because of his brute rudeness thus after him the caliphate after him would remain intact but Khalid Ibn Walid had a group of enemies against himself & he wasn’t strong enough to stand against them.
  25. Alif Lam Mim

    I think rememberance (Dhikr) refers to obeying Quran & Ahlulbayt (as) but ‘Tadabbur’ is a global call for all people without biasing to understand that Quran is word of Allah without distortion .
  26. Is This Hadith Sahih

    Anyways as stated both are weak because of Musa b. Isma`il b. Musa b. Ja`far being unknown.
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