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About This Club

Group for sharing your own work and sharing tips and tricks. All types of creative or hands on projects are welcome, but please only share your own work. From knitting to carpentry, electrical repairs or photography, or whatever else you do to make your surroundings beautiful: feel free to show off your work. Constructive criticism is encouraged.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Art

    A realistic face is hard to draw in my opinion, especially the eyes, some make it feel like It's real.
  3. Art

    I tried drawing anime when I was around 13 and I found it really difficult! Its just not my style, plus I wanted to be unique. Anime is so popular and I've always had an aversion to doing what everyone else is doing lol. And last reason is that I hate drawing bodies because I'm bad at it, and in anime the full body and clothes are usually drawn.
  4. Art

    Drawing faces is such a burden, It is hard to copy that, I tend to want to draw anime characters cause they are easier to draw.
  5. Art

    These days I draw children's book illustrations. But my favorite is to draw and paint artistic portraits because I looove drawing faces.
  6. Art

    What do you guys draw? Like anything? Anything in particular? Like Anime characters or that too cool for you guys? If anyone could post their drawings, I will love to observe. Thank you for the answers in the advance. Peace.
  7. I needed to solve a problem, so I used what I had on hand. My cats were chewing the leaves of my little potted plant, so I made a hanging basket using the inner string from paracord. It took maybe 5 minutes and is surprisingly sturdy and neat looking.
  8. Finally finished this: Side view: Not the toy or the bed, just the hooded scarf. It's a gift for my mom.
  9. DIY Ideas

    Salam to everyone. I shared a video below. Hope you like it :
  10. Nice! I know how to crochet, but I'm not very good at it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/CZ1XT Salam alaikum, I'm not in a good financial situation right now so I made my own loom out of a picture frame and roofing nails. I thought it wouldn't work but it turned out perfect, at least given the limited materials I had. Included in the picture is a potholder I wove in about an hour. Does anything else they've made from yarn they'd like to share?
  12. Home repair

    Your roof looks good now! Great job!
  13. Home repair

    This is what it was like before: In addition to the flashing not being attached, there was a lot of debris and leaf matter along the edge. (House has asphalt shingles, porch has metal roof.) I cleaned all that out first. There is some staining from tannins, but it's in pretty good condition. At a later time I might paint the metal roof, just for looks, but you can't see it from the ground anyway so it's not urgent at all. And now, all fastened back:
  14. Welcome

    Thanks, this is really basical stuff but I was trying to get used to the ciment and glue stuff. Next step for me is broken mosaïc like this
  15. Welcome

    ^ Nice work!
  16. Welcome

    My first try at mosaïc for this broken table.
  17. Home repair

    This is what it should look like: And while I or my son are up there, (he volunteered - he likes to work on the roof) we need to clean out the plumbing stack vent. We're having noises in our drains. Hopefully cleaning the vent will fix it.
  18. Home repair

    Hey, wow, thanks! It's flashing and it's probably the cause of the leaks. The porch isn't that large, just a few pieces. Probably it was incorrectly installed and the wind broke it loose. I think I can do this.
  19. Home repair

    Unattached metal pieces does not sound good at all! Either it was attached before and came off or someone was repairing and did not finish the job? The metal pieces might be flashing. I remember watching a video about it. Sorry, I don't think this is do it yourself. You need a professional to climb up there and repair it. You can't have the kids hanging around and climbing the ladder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQVSinfA6OA
  20. Home repair

    Nothing that I can see. Only there's some metal (?) rectangular pieces not attached to anything just lying on the roof. I actually only climbed the ladder and peered over. I haven't looked very closely yet. My smallest children try to follow me everywhere I go, so climbing ladders can be problematic.
  21. Home repair

    Since water flows, it might not be leaking from the area you think it is. My guess is the flashing is old or installed improperly. Do you have broken shingles or hail damage?
  22. The roof over my porch leaks at the place where it connects to the house. Does anyone know what I should check first? I have no roof repair experience. I can't see anything that is obviously wrong.
  23. Welcome

    Exciting Me and my sisters made this backdrop on her wedding
  24. Welcome

    Show-off. -_-
  25. Welcome

    Salam alaikum and welcome to the bragging about my beautiful/impressive work club. Feel free to bring your friends. This club is open to everyone. Share your work, your ideas, your questions. Please make sure you keep all criticism constructive. We want this club to be a positive place.