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    American pro sports leagues historically opposed traditional sports gambling because they worried it would lead to point-shaving scandals and bribery to fix outcomes for bettors. With fantasy sports, this risk doesn't appear to exist because fixing an outcome likely would require too large of conspiracy involving multiple players on multiple real-life teams.
  3. Russia will stage the FIFA World Cup final tournament from 14 June–15 July 2018 with the hosts joined by 13 other UEFA members and 18 teams from other continents. Qualifying for the finals runs until late 2017, when the draw will be held on 1 December in Moscow. FULL SCHEDULE UEFA qualifiers: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany (holders), Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Russia (hosts), Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Non-UEFA qualifiers: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Uruguay, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia Host cities Moscow (Luzhniki Stadium): 4 group games including opening match, 1 round of 16 game, 1 semi-final, final Moscow (Spartak Stadium): 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game Ekaterinburg: 4 group games Kaliningrad: 4 group games Kazan: 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game, 1 quarter-final Nizhny Novgorod: 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game, 1 quarter-final Rostov-on-Don: 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game Saint Petersburg : 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game, 1 semi-final, third-place play-off Samara: 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game, 1 quarter-final Saransk: 4 group games Sochi: 4 group games, 1 round of 16 game, 1 quarter-final Volgograd: 4 group games More information can be found on World Player (FIFA)
  4. Is it called freestyle? Emam-Ali Habibi Goudarzi was born in Babol. I'm sure he is famous there. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emam-Ali_Habibi
  5. it really is unfortunate. If AJ was American, he would be trumpeted around the world as the biggest superstar ever.
  6. I see what you mean. But the Brits went crazy over it, he's a rising star there for sure. Read this bro: www.balls.ie/amp/newsnow/joshua-klitschko-ppv-numbers-364219
  7. I guess it depends on what you mean by marquee. I was looking at it from a PPV buy perspective. No Joshua fight is in the Top-100 fights of PPV buys. It terms of just pure heavyweight boxing, he is the best by far in a while.
  8. After that uppercut on Klitschko every other person who typically show little interest in boxing were talking about "AJ" lol
  9. I don't think he was off his game, I think he was facing an opponent which he has not faced ever before.
  10. I think in the boxing world he's considered marquee. The reason why Mike Tyson is because he's a celebrity-boxer. Would the average person know Sugar Ray Robinson or Sugar Ray Leonard? I doubt it. But they are legends and top 10 greats.
  11. One of the gutsiest fighters in history. I am not sure if anyone had his chin.
  12. I didn't mind the draw as much as the scorecard of the first judge. The fight was a lot closer than the 118-110 scorecard. Vegas robbed people again.
  13. Canelo would come out firing early in some rounds, realize his punches are doing no damage, tire and retreat to the ropes while Triple G kept coming at him for the rest of the round. He landed some nice shots because he was sitting back looking to counter but Triple G's shots were heavier. He was aggressive the whole fight. It was also pretty obvious that Canelo knew he was losing the fight so he came out extra aggressive in the last couple of rounds because a KO was his only shot really. Triple G just put his hands up and let Canelo throw his best punches in the last 2 rounds, after which Canelo was exhausted again and kept retreating and hugging Triple G. I have no doubt in my mind that if the fight was to go a couple more rounds Canelo would have been on the floor.
  14. GGG seemed off his game in general, wouldn't you say? I wonder why he didn't target the body more. Canelo does not match GGG's stamina, he could have tired him out if he went to the body more. Then again his trainers know better than me. I don't know crap about boxin'.
  15. He is to you and me but to the average person, not so much. I bet less than 1% of people on ShiaChat would know who he is but almost 100% would know Tyson. That is what I mean. I like Anthony Joshua.
  16. That's the big one for sure. Needs to happen but I don't think it'll happen for a while. Thurman's still out at least until early next year, and I doubt he'll want to face Spence straight away, plus the hype isn't there yet to sell the fight which is unfortunate because they're both beasts. If Spence eventually goes on to face him and wins, maybe he and Canelo could meet at 154, he's quite big for a welterweight.
  17. I agree it is not exciting as a division, right now, but I think there's a few interesting match ups. I agree the welterweight looks so exciting, I want to see Spence vs Thurman.
  18. Anthony Joshua is not a marquee name? After he beat the great Klitchko?
  19. The heavyweight division is struggling at the moment. There are no marquee names. Best boxing recently was Canelo vs. GGG even though GGG was clearly robbed.
  20. The heavyweight division is dead, barely a handful of exciting potential match ups, and it doesn't look like Fury has kept himself in top fighting condition even if he returned. Welterweight is where the excitement's at. Thurman, Porter, Garcia, Spence, and looks like Crawford is making the move up.
  21. Is there any interesting match ups you can come up with for the heavyweights? The only ones I can come up with is Joshua vs Wilder, or Fury vs either of them. Or if Ortiz can beat Wilder, then that should be interesting.
  22. Yea. I think if it was few years ago GGG would have won even more comfortably. I wonder if this Canelo is at his prime currently.
  23. Not even close? I know a lot of fans have this opinion but I don't get it. Canelo was landing plenty of clean shots. And if we're going to say they did no damage, we can't pretend like Canelo was at any point in danger of being KO'd. They both have excellent chins.
  24. Triple G easily won that fight. I don't think it was close at all. Canelo got the cleaner shots in but they did no damage. Most of the fight he was on the run which was very un-mexican of him. He also kept holding and hugging Triple G towards the end. It looks fixed because there really should be no rematch but now there will be. Anyway, was a fun fight. Triple G should be the favorite again in the rematch and I hope Canelo brawls. Golovkin is damn tank man, the dudes just crazy.
  25. It was a very good fight but don't you get the feeling if it happened a few years ago GGG would have won handily?
  26. However, the fight was entertaining for sure. I think it was round 4 or 5, that was a real fury round. And round 12 Canelo went in with a bang. Props to both fighters.