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Thinking Positive



Stress is always there and everyone has it. I know you are stressed out, because that is how life is. It is always like that. It seems so intense when you are going through something stressful. Later when you look back, you will marvel at how you survived. Stay strong. Allah is always with you.

May your days be sunny, your nights restful, and your heart satisfied with the blessings that Allah has given you. Think Positive.


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Teach a “Think Positive” Policy

One of the characteristics of a person who feels inferior is that he talks about his deficiencies to anyone who will listen.
While you are blabbing about your inadequacies, the listener is forming an impression of you. He will later treat you according to the evidence you have provided. If you put your feelings into words, they become solidified as fact in your own mind.

Therefore, we should teach a “think positive” policy to our children. Constant self-criticism can become a self-defeating habit.


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On 4/3/2017 at 9:34 PM, Hameedeh said:

I warned you that I am a minimalist. I think a lot, but I write less. :) 

To express this in another way, if you don't have a lot of stuff to take care of you save both money and time and worry.

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    • Relax and thank Allah SWT. We have so much more than others do, so we need to be grateful for everything. When things seem tough, just breathe and remember that Allah loves you. He will see you through the hard times. He is always there for you. 
    • You can rise above, and out of all the scattered pieces, you can make something whole and beautiful. InShaAllah.
    • I haven't researched this much, actually reading Maurice Bucaille's book has been the first look into the bible in comparison to Islam other that skimming some articles and debates by sketchy "dawah" guys on youtube, though Inshallah Ta'ala this won't be my last as I'm very interested in this. In the book, it mentioned a lot of doubts over whether the writers of the Gospels were disciples of Jesus. It only mentions John as being an eyewitness, doesn't mention the status of Luke, but says Mark and Matthew are no longer considered disciples of Jesus by Christian scholars. I'm unsure if the Gospels have chains of narrations like Muslim ahadith, but I do know that there are a lot of pointers to the authenticity of shia hadith, especially in the fact that we had the twelve Imams to preserve the message of Islam.  How do you verify the authenticity of the Gospels?
    • I don't think one is allowed to skip in prayers.
    • Actually reflecting on it further, I'm not sure that your original question is an either/or.  The Torah (that we have today) is a mixture of revelation and inspiration.   Something definitely happened at Sinai - God initiated a relationship with the children of Israel, disclosing some deeper sense of His reality to Moses than could simply be grasped with the senses and providing guidance to Israel.  The notion that nothing of that is preserved in the Torah we have today seems farfetched. That said, the Torah is not as it was given to Moses.  Ezra and the Great Assembly redacted and arranged the sources that they already had on hand.  God brought clarity to their minds to preserve the essential meaning, if not the exact text delivered to Moses "by the finger of God". 
    • Mansur, Sure.  I think the clearest example of this is Exodus 33:11 where the Torah claims that God spoke to Moses "face to face" (literally "faces to faces").  Exodus 31:18 makes the claim that the Ten Commandments were written "by the finger of God". The Torah is riddled with the phrase "And the Lord said to Moses..." followed by a a commandment or a teaching.  Their relationship has a level of intimacy unmatched by all of our later prophets, part of that being a direct self-disclosure by God about Who He is and what He wants out of Israel.  That's pretty much what revelation is... And if you want an example of contradiction cobbled together, start with Exodus 33:10 and read through to verse 20.
    • @Mansur Bakhtiari The above person focused on the question of the Torah, whether it was corrupted before the Qur'an. You seem to make the case that the Injeel was changed. May I ask on what evidence have you researched that this is the case? Joy-Elizabeth