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    • سلام علیکم بسیار زیبا. ماشاالله
    • Salam alaikum brother! Me and my brother used to be the cyber worriers on the net back then, always talking on the Sunni Shi’a wars (cyber wars lol) 2003 it was i remember. My posts are still there and my brothers   I was 16, at college we were all excited back then when we came to know about shiachat (2003). God! It’s been soo long! Around then I remember shiachat introduced the ‘chat rooms’. As a typical 16 year old i took the benefit of that and used to Annoy everyone haha .. oh god lol (me laughing) and then guess what happened? Shiachat banned me from using my account. It really didnt bother me much back then but now I miss my account and my posts ..and I decided today that I need to make a new account... and here I am! 32 this year! And was 16 when i used it..
    • While lots of the time I agree with what rkazemi says, I have to say I’m not seeing what she sees in terms of your blog post. I don’t see you telling woman to go back to the kitchen or any of those disrespectful slogans. Not even implied.  what I see in your blog posts and responses to others is a very balanced, respectful individual. Many people on here look-up to you as inspiration as to how to be a better Muslim, and for your contributions to this forum, we greatly appreciate it and thank you.  You are definitely not a male chauvinist. 
    • This is an extract of the teachings of Mughira to his followers the Mughiriyya [Taken from Abu Tammam’s Bab al-Shaytan of the Kitab al-Shajara, translated by Wilferd Madelung and Paul E. Walker]:   The tenth sect is the Mughiriyya related to al-Mughira b. Sa’id al-Ijli [sic. al-Bajali]. They make up one group of the anthropomorphists. The object of their worship according to them, is a [divine] man the light on whose head forms a crown and he wears garments. His loincloth is the Qur’an that was revealed to Muhammad, the messenger of God, may God bless him and his family; His robes are the Gospels that were revealed to Jesus, on whom be peace; His shirt is the Torah that was revealed to Moses, on whom be peace; and His pants are the Pslams that were revealed to David, on whom be peace. He possesses limbs and a physical constitution like that of a man and has a belly from which flows wisdom. They claim that the letters of the alphabet agree with the number of His limbs and that each letter in it resembles one of His limbs. The alif  is the position of His foot because of its curvature. The rest of the members they describe in accord with the description of these letters. They insist that al-Mughira said to his followers once when speaking of the letter ha’: if you were to see its place on Him, you would see something awesome. He was hinting at some genitalia of His and that he had seen Him [in a heavenly ascent]. The Mughiriyya claim that these letters are all a part of one name which is the greatest name of God. In addition they insist that al-Mughira was a prophet and he knew that name. With it he used to revive the dead and perform other marvels. They report that once al-Mughira passed through a cemetery with some of his followers and there in that cemetery he revived the dead and fed them fruits in mid-winter. Moreover, he displayed to them a flash of light that ran from the crown of his head to his feet; he toyed thus with his followers and bewitched their eyes with tricks of magic. They also report that al-Mughira spoke about the beginning of creation. He said that God, the glorious and most high, was once alone and nothing was with Him. When He wished to create things, He spoke His own name. His word flew and landed over His head above the crown. Al-Mughira said that this was His statement, “Glorify the name of your Lord most high” (87:1). Then with His finger He wrote on His palm the deeds of humans that are acts of disobedience and obedience and He became angry at the acts of disobedience. His sweat overflowed and two oceans gathered from His sweat, one brackish and dark, the other pure luminous. Then looking into the ocean, He saw His shadow, so He went forth to seize it. He plucked out its two eyes and created out of them two suns and He blotted out some light from the moon. Then, out of the physical forms of His shadow, He created the heavens and the stars. Next, from these two oceans, He created creation in its entirety: from the dark brackish water, He created the shadow of the unbelievers, from the pure luminous water, He created the shadow of the believers. The first among them that God created was Muhammad, may God bless him and his family, in accord with the statement of God, the glorious and the mighty, “Say: if the Most merciful had a son, I would be the first of the worshippers” (43:81). Next he sent Muhammad to the people altogether while they were yet shadows and He commanded him to have them bear witness on their own account of their recognition of the lordship of God, the apostleship of Muhammad, and the guardianship of Ali, on whom be peace, and that he recited His words, “When your Lord took from the tribe of Adam …” (7:172). Then He proposed to the heavens and the earth that they should prevent Ali b. Abi Talib from assuming the caliphate and the imamate, but they refused. Next He proposed it to the mountains but they refused also. Then He proposed it to the people, whereupon Umar went to Abu Bakr – both were at that moment still shadows -  and he ordered him to take upon himself the task of preventing Ali by them both betraying him. Thereafter Abu Bakr did exactly that. All this is in God’s statement, “We did indeed offer the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains but they refused to undertake it being afraid of it. But man undertook it; he was indeed unjust and foolish” (33:72) Then Umar said to Abu Bakr, “I will support you against Ali, on whom be peace, so that you can pass the caliphate to me after yourself”. That is in God’s statement, “Like Satan when he said to man, ‘disbelieve’ and when he renounced belief, he said, ‘I am free of you’” (59:16). Here the Satan is Umar and the man is Abu Bakr. In their view, the earth will disgorge the dead and they will return to this world. The Mahdi will appear at the end of time, they say, and Gabriel and Michael will aid him between the Ruqn and the Maqam. He will choose nineteen men and give each one of them a letter of the greatest name of God and by means of it they will defeat all armies and dominate the earth. 
    • W. Salam. Indeed they were. However, these words are spoken by a proto-Sunni Hadith narrator called al-A’mash. This indicates that the `Aimma and their true followers were not doing La’n openly and that Mughira betrayed Taqiyya.
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غمگین, گل یاس

اشکت چو الماس

قلب رئوفت

سرشار از احساس


بانوی خسته

دلت شکسته

زیر خاک سرد

بخواب آهسته


مسافر شب

برو تا بهشت

نیست جای تو

این دنیای زشت


عزم سفر کرد

رفت تا افلاک

خداحافظ ای

دنیای ناپاک


اگرچه هستی

آرام و خاموش

هرگز نگردد

یادت فراموش


St. 12 part 4

By the high sky where there are glorious huge palaces;

By the promised day when the creatures will meet the Creator;

By night traveller, that shiny star whose glaring light cleaves the dark.

By all of these that there is a protector, assigned by God, for every soul.

قسم به آسمان بلندی که دارای کاخهای عظیم و با شکوه است.
قسم به روز موعود، به روز دیدار که وعده گاه خلایق است.
قسم به مسافر شب، به آن ستاره درخشانی که نور خیره کننده اش تاریکیها را میشکافد

قسم به همه اینان که هر شخصی را از طرف خداوند مراقب و نگهبانی است

Finally, the promised day came.

Hoopoe again came and sat behind the window. This time, it held a leaf of ziziphus in its beak.

After some hours, I noticed it and opened the window. Hoopoe entered and sat on the table. I patted it and said: What a beautiful bird!

Then I went to bring food and water for it.

But hoopoe didnt eat or drink anything.

I touched the statue and it started singing. I thought hoopoe would like the song but it didnt.

Instead, it put the leaf on the table and looked at me expecting me to remember something.

I said: Maybe you need some leaves! There are many trees is my garden. You can use their leaves as much as you wish

Hoopoe's eyes filled with tears for it realized that I didnt remember it and ziziphus tree.

For a few moments, it remained silent. Then it flew toward the window and left the house.

I stood by the window and watched hoopoe flying in the sky.

Hoopoe flew high and high.

I said: I wish I could fly like it.

Suddenly I remembered that once I had 2 wings which I lost after my fall on the earth; I remembered the seventh heaven, the angels, God, banishment from paradise and my rendezvous.

There was not much time... I left that mansion quickly.

But when I reached there, it was late.

The sun had already set. I had lost the best opportunity in my life.

I sat under ziziphus tree and cried. Hoopoe came. I patted it and said:

You, kind bird, you tried your best. Alas! I remembered too late!

Gabriel appeared and said:....




Whether you are close to the sun or far from it, its light and warmth dont change. But the closer you are to the sun, the more you benefit from its warmth...

God is source of mercy and compassion; How much you benefit from his mercy depends on how close you are to him.

The path which Satan and his friends follow, leads to the darkness. The more they proceed, the darker the path will get. And finally they reach total darkness. They will go astray so much that even if they want to return, it will be very difficult for them.

You are free to choose your path. A path leads to light, to magnificence and grandeur. And a path leads to disgrace, aberrance and regret. You can choose: ascending to A'laa Eleein or descending to Asfal al-Saffelin!*

Gabriel was about to leave. But before he did, he turned his face to me and said: Angels told me that they missed Human a lot. They are still awaiting you. What about you, Human? Do you still remember them?!




The stars were shining in the dark sky. And it meant that there was still hope. Because the stars are torches of the angels who had been waiting in the heavens for many centuries to welcome those who travelling to paradise.


* A'laa Eleein: the uppermost place in the heavens اعلی علیین

Asfal al-Safelin: the lowermost place in the hell اسفل السافلین




هر کجای این جهان آشوب و جنگ

آه مظلومان زند بر قلب چنگ

آن که بنیان ستم باشد از او

مرگ بر او, ننگ بر او, نفرین بر او



شیعه یعنی لا فتی الا علی

پیروی از حق و بیعت با ولی

از نوای نخل و شیونهای چاه

سرخ رنگ میگردد فلک هر بامگاه

ترک کن این قوم بی فرهنگ را

این سرای ننگ پر نیرنگ را

یاد کن محراب خونین رنگ را

بوسه ی سرخ سروش مرگ را

پیکر بی سر, گلوی پاره را

شام تلخ مردم آواره را

اشک لیلا, ناله ی شبگیر را

دست و پای در غل و زنجیر را



شیعه یعنی انتظار و صبر و درد

خالقان عشق, مردان نبرد

کربلا, عاشوریان بی قرار

شیعه یعنی شور رفتن سوی یار

ای تو هارون رهنمای راه راست

سامری آمد بگو موسی کجاست

سامری بدعت به دین انداختست

گر نباشی کار مردم ساختست

تا به ظهر آمدن در التهاب

در تب و تاب ظهور آفتاب

چون به فردا آید آن شاه وزین

جهل را راند از روی زمین

میکشد آن که ضعیفان را بکشت

ابلیس را, آنکه بر حق کرد پشت

آنکه بشکست حرمت ناموس را

واپسین فرزند دقیانوس را

پرده برمیدارد از رازی گران

فاش میگردد حقیقت بر جهان

شهسوارا! مردمان مستت شوند

همچو مومی نرم در دستت شوند


ای خیال شوم ابلیس لعین

نایب الشیطان بر روی زمین

ای به رنگ خون, انگشتان تو

استخوان مردمان بر خوان تو

کرده پر از خون, هوس, جام تو را

شوم میبینم فرجام تو را

از چه لذت میبری؟ از سرکشی؟

از خیانت, ظلم, نامردی, حق کشی؟

بر ضعیفان و یتیمان تاختن؟

پرچم حق را به زیر انداختن؟

رایت ظلم و ستم افراشتن؟

کیسه ها از مال خلق انباشتن؟

کاخ خود را روی کوخی ساختن؟

یا که از روی هوس, دل باختن؟


ای خداوند جهان بیکران

ای فراتر از مکان و از زمان

ای خداوند رحیم و رحمدوست

ای که افسار جهان در دست اوست

بارالها طاقت دنیا کم است

روزگارش مملو از درد و غم است

پرده افکن از رخ خورشید شرق

تا بیاندازد به دلها نور و برق

زود گردان ای خدا دیدار را

برشکن فرهنگ استکبار را




St.12.   Part3

عصایی و سنگی و فلاخنی و بتی شکسته و سبدی خالی که روان است بر روی آب

خودش نیست تا بتوان او را دید

ولی ردپایش که هست تا بتوان به دنبالش رفت.


I had forgotten God, but He never did. During the time when I was in that mansion, God sent hoopoe there everyday to remind me of my rendezvouz. Hoopoe came, sat at the window and waited for me to pay attention to it. But I was so busy that I didnt see it. It pecked the window, but the song of the statue prevented me from hearing it.

Whenever hoope returned hopelessly, God scolded it for not trying more.

Hoopoe itself, to whom God taught my language as a reward, later narrated it to me.






St. 12/ part 1

پناه میبرم به پروردگاری که شکافنده آسمانهاست

پناه میبرم به او از شر وسوسه گرانی که در تاریکیها به گمراه کردن خلایق میپردازند

از شر تاریکیهای نفسانی ام که نور ایمانم را خاموش میکند

 و از شر حسودانی که ایمان داشتن مرا برنمیتابند

I seek refuge in the Lord who is the creator of the daylight.

I seek refuge in Him from the evil of the tempters who deceive the creatures in the dark of the night.

From the evil which is inside myself, which tries to turn out the light of my faith.

And from Satan and his followers and anyone else who is jealous of believers' devotedness.


No one annoyed me as much as Satan did. He never ignored me and always laid his traps along my path.

Sometimes, he used the same trick in different situations and sometimes, he tried a new trick.

He was very diligent and never got disappointed.

One day, I was sitting under the shade of a ziziphus tree and watching a hoopoe that was walking on the ground.

Gabriel appeared and told me that You were going to allow me to return to You.

He told me that I had to wait for 40 days and then, on the 40th day, before sunset, I had to return there, under the ziziphus tree. If I avoided committing any sin during those days, I could return to You.

Just forty days...and then, I would be with You for ever!

Gabriel went and Satan came.

He said:..



*hoopoe: هدهد

*ziziphus: سدر






دنیا ابراهیم را میخواهد و شهامت او در مقابل نمرود و نمرودیان را. شجاعتش در شکستن تابوی جهل و خرافه را. ابراهیم را و اعتمادش به خداوند یکتا را.



دنیا دلش برای موسی تنگ شده است. دنیا چشمان پاک موسی را میخواهد. آن دیدگان سرشار از حجب و حیا در حضور دختران شعیب را.


دنیا دلش برای اشکها و استغاثه های یونس تنگ شده است. دنیا یونس را میخواهد و آوای غمناک و توبه خالصانه اش در ظلمات را.


.دنیا داوود دادگر را میخواهد تا به دست او بر پیشانی ظالم سنگ بیاندازد; دنیا انسانی بسان داوود میخواهد


دنیا دلش برای محمد و مناجاتهای طنین افکنده اش در غار حرا تنگ شده است; برای سراینده ی مزامیر, برای موسایی با ید نورانی و عیسایی با قلب پاک, برای عروجی از حضیض خاک تا اوج افلاک

دنیا نه قابیل را میخواهد و نه فرعون و نمرود را. نه قوم عاد و نه قوم ثمود را. نه گنج قارون و نه بهشت شداد را.

دنیا دلش برای انسان تنگ شده است; برای انسان و انسانیت از دست رفته آدمها.


st. 8.1

Part 8.1

What happened in the court.


Judge: God the Almighty

Prosecutor: Gabriel

First defendant: Satan-may God curse him

Charges: arrogance- jealousy-challenging and insulting God the Almighty-deluding and deceiving Human

Second defendant: Human- may God forgive it

Charges: greed- disobeying God the Almighty

Satan seemed very relaxed but I was terrified! I had never exprienced being tried in court. The angels, some of whom were standing and some sitting on the seats, waited for the trial to begin.

Gabriel said loudly: silence, please!

Everyone became silent.

Gabriel asked Satan: Why did you disobey God when he ordered you to prostrate before Human?

Satan replied: Because his order was wrong and unjust!

Angels shouted, complained and called him "heretic" and "relapse".




Gabriel asked: And why did you decieve Human?

Satan smirked and replied: Ask itself why it was deceived! I dont understand why God loves this silly creature so much!

Satan said it and then laughed loudly.

Oh, my God! He called me "silly"! How did he dare?! No one had ever humiliated me! I couldn't believe! How impudent he was!




For you, who left your sandals behind in the Mount Sinai in order to fly in the kingdom of heaven.

برای تو که صندلهایت را در طور سینا جای گذاشتی تا در ملکوت الهی پرواز کنی.



به یاد روح آفرین زندگی بخش
که هر جز جهان دارد از او نقش
به یاد عهد و پیمان الستی
به بیعت با ره یکتاپرستی
به یاد جان در تربت دمیده
که تار و پود انسان را تنیده

به یاد سجده اهل السماوات

به یاد سوره یاسین و صافات

به یاد لحظه های آشنایی

به یاد راه نیک روشنایی

به یاد توبه های ناب آدم

به هابیل اولین مظلوم عالم

به کشتی نشسته بر دل کوه

به یاد نوح و کشتیبانی نوح

به ابراهیم و آتش چون شود سرد

به کاری که نبی بت شکن کرد


به یاد هاجر جوینده ی آب

ز مروه تا صفا نالان و بیتاب

به آن لحظه که اسماعیل خندید

چو زمزم در کنارش میخروشید

سجده خورشید و ستاره و ماه

به یاد یوسف افتاده در چاه

به یاد دیدگان خفته از غم

به یعقوبی که در سوگ است و ماتم

شدند آن خفتگان آن روز بیدار

که شد زنده دلش از شوق دیدار


به یاد مریم و طفلی که در مهد

سخن گفت از کرامات خداوند

به یاد کوه ثور و غار حرا

به یاد جبرئیل و وحی و ندا

به یاد جمله من کنت مولاه

به اسرار نهفته در دل چاه

به یاد دختر از جور خسته

به اشک لاله ی پهلو شکسته

به یاد چشمه های خشک و تشنه

به خون حنجر زخمی ز دشنه

به مشک پاره و اشک دو دیده

تن بیجان و دستان بریده

به ایام و به شبهای اسارت

به گنج هفتم نسل طهارت

به میراث نهان از چشم خاکی

به یاد آرمانشهر آتی

به یاد صوت عرش و حق الیقین

به شور و شوق پیروان یمین

به یاد لحظه های یادگاری

به یاد خاطرات ماندگاری



st. 2

By the fig*

And by the olive

And by Mount Sinai

You have certainly created me in the best of stature.



Angels told you: "Don't create Human.It will cause corruption in the world".

But I had not still been born so how could they prejudge me?!

Despite the complaints, you were determined and therefore, I was born.

"Peace be upon me on the day I was born, on the day I die, and on the day I shall be raised alive!"



You put me in a very great cradle. It was extremely white and bright and Holy Spirit rocked it with his fingertip. I was filled with delight and embraced by light.

Angels all came to see me. They were amazed that I was born without parents!

But you kept silent and then I talked in the cradle. Suddenly, they uttered a loud exclamation of surprise.

And you, pleased with you work, said:

"So blessed is Allah, the best of creators".

How beautiful lovely those days were! Alas, how quickly they went by!

I had told you about my sad memories in exile; about the day when you banished me from your heavens and I was separated from you.

I had told you about my battles against my ownself. Everytime I fought myself, the pillars of Satan's palace started shaking. And I could hear its sound and Satan's wrathful shout.

Ah, what a time it was! I have many things to tell you. For narrating my memories, I need a long time, as long as the history of mankind!


* Fig tree is very strong and resistant. It can grow in nutritionally poor soils and needs little water.

It has a high tolerance of bad situations. It can tolerate droughts, and grow in dry sunny areas and still remain productive.

When it recieves enough water, it cools the environment in hot places, creating a fresh and pleasant habitat for many animals that take shelter in its shade in the times of intense heat.


st. 1/2

In the court, I had no lawyer nor was there any witness who would testify to my innocence for angels never give any false testimony.

I said: "O God I will pay ransom, just forgive me!"

You agreed but the ransom was nothing other than proving my love and loyalty to you.

I had to remain loyal to you even in the most difficult situations. I had to love you not only in the moments of happiness and comfort but also when I was in trouble and when I was desperately upset. And this couldn't be realized in paradise.

You told me that for achieving something precious, I had to strive for it and try my best. For only in this way, would I know its real worth and try not to lose it.

You told me that if you had not accommodated me in paradise, I would have given some excuse for my disobedience and would have told that I would not commit sin if I were not in difficult conditions.

But now I didn't have any excuse.

The final decision of the court was this:

I had to be banished to a very distant place called "the earth".

I wept and begged forgiveness but you rejected me and cast me out of your heaven.

My wings were broken; one wing was broken by greed and the other by arrogance. You left me alone and terrified on the earth. Did you ask yourself how I could survive?! I was your favourite! How could you treat me like that?!

Everywhere I went, there was nothing but deep darkness. I was wandering around aimlessly and crazily until I saw the mirror of truth.

I loved mirrors! I supposed I would see an angel in it! But when I looked into the mirror, I saw Satan!

"No! No! I don't want to be Satan!" I broke the mirror and it smashed to one thousand pieces and then I saw one thousand Satans.

Oh, God! What did I do?! I broke the mirror of truth! I was guilty, certainly guilty, and had to be punished.

I put my head on the altar and waited for you; waited to feel the sharp blade of your knife on the back of my neck. But this was not the great sacrifice you wanted from me.

For many years, I wept and implored you to forgive me. Finally, I took a big decision:
I had to wake up from my slumber of egoism. I had to kill the devil within myself. That day was the Day of Stonning Satan. Death be upon Satan!

What a hard fight the battle against own's ownself was! In this fight, the winner was me; the loser was also me.

I killed myself and returned to you, exhausted from a hard battle, unable to say anything, even unable to cry. My wounds, themselves, were the sign of my loyalty to you.

O Lord! Will you accept this great sacrifice?!

It has been thousands of years that I have been away from you and my wounds will not heal until the day when I can meet you

And now, I see a light on the horizon, in the distance.

I am going there, towards the sun, towards the truth, where the Sacred Land is. I am going there barefoot*.

O Lord! Help me, lest I should deviate, lest I should go astray.

From the earth to the heavens, I proceed; I will start my journey towards infinity.


* Indeed, I am your Lord, so remove your sandals. Indeed, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa (surah Taha/ v. 12)


st. 1/1

به نام روح آفرین زندگی بخش
که هر جز جهان دارد از او نقش
به یاد عهد و پیمان الستی
به بیعت با ره یکتاپرستی
به یاد جان در تربت دمیده
که تار و پود انسان را تنیده

"Read in the Name of Your Lord Who Created You"

And you decided to create me. One morning, in the eternity, you began. You mixed the soil with the water, added the spirit and thereby created Human.

You, without paying attention to the complaints, chose me as your favourite and ordered everyone to prostrate himself before me. And I, filled with joy and pride, watched the huge crowd of prostrators.

You accommodated me in your paradise and how beautiful it was!

You ordered everyone to be at my service and take care of me lest any scratch, though very small, should appear on my face; lest I should feel a slight tinge of sadness.

By the way, did I know what grief was?! I lived happily in your paradise and didn't know the meaning of trouble and hardship, grief and distress. I didnt know that I had a jealous enemy who couldnt tolerate me being joyful and happy.

He- your curse be upon him- was called Satan. He knew that I was an inexprienced naive person and could easily be deceived.

So he began...and finally deceived me and then, you got angry. In paradise, you had given me everything but I was driven by greed and disobeyed you.

On that day, I was summoned to the court. In the court, you reprimanded me. And I had no excuse. I was extremely frightened. I had never seen your wrath!




Left alone in the dark desert of ignorance,

With wings, one broken by greed the other by arrogance,

Do you wish for deliverance?

The gates of the heavens are always open to you,

You just need two rebuilt wings, strong enough and new.

O you lost in the complete dark,

You can be Noah the owner of the salvation Ark,

The mountains and the birds will sing praises with you*,

Just get up and build two wings for yourself, strong enough and new.



ای رها شده در بیابان ظلمت و تنهایی

بالی شکسته ز شدت کبر

بالی شکسته ز فرط آزمندی

دروازه های آسمان همواره به رویت باز

برخیز و بالهایت را ز نو بساز

ای ماه بی پناه افتاده در اعماق چاه

ای کودک سپرده به امواج رود نیل

لحظه ای گمگشته در برهوت

لحظه ای گرفتار در دل حوت

خسته و بیتاب, نالان و پریشان در پی آب

کوه ها و پرندگان با تو هم آواز

برخیز و بالهایت را ز نو بساز


st. -1

In Bait-al Ma'mur, Azazil-later called Iblis-sitting on a white minbar and holding a tasbih in his hands, was preaching for a crowd of angels and other residents of empyrean. He was deeply happy and proud to see that he had such a special superior status and that the angels listened to him with great interest.

After he finished his sermon, angels started asking him theological questions and he answered with full confidence. One of the angels asked:

O God's beloved, we have worshipping God the Almighty for hundreds of years but we have not achieved a status as high as yours. Tell us, please, the secret behind your success in rising to this enormous  dignity and supereminence.

Azazil, pleased to hear such a joyful acknowledgement but unaware of that what he thought and what he uttered would put him in a difficult imminent test, smiled and replied: "My friends! Listen to me carefully: I don't deserve the status I have been granted but let me reveal the secret behind my sucess to you.

Of course, I am not going to boast but to offer help to those who desire to approach our Lord and make him pleased.

Pure intentions! Friends! Pure intentions! Your problem is that you dont worship God purely for himself but you do it for the purpose of achieving a higher status. Such insincere worship is worthless and is never of any benefit to you.
Another important point is to avoid being arrogant for it is a major obstacle to...".

Azazil was preaching when suddenly he found some of the angels talking and not listening to him.

He shouted :"What is up?! Why are you making so much noise?!"

One of the angels said :"Sorry, sir! Our minds have been occupied with the recent news!"

Azazil asked: "the recent news?!"

The angel replied: "Yes. The news about a new unique creature which God the Almighty is going to create. It is said that no other creature will be equl to it and that God has special plans for this beloved creature-to-be".

Azazil, surprised at what he had just heared, was lost in thought for a few moments and then said:

"What a good wonderful news! Indeed, every decision our Lord takes, is wise and praiseworthy. Now, it is better to go and prepare yourselves for celebrating the birth of this welcome creature".

As the angels were leaving, the purple beads of tasbih, one by one, slipped from his lap and the stairs and scattered on the ground; the tasbih that had been pressed and torn among the fingers of its angry owner who tried to show himself happy and satisfied.




1. Bait-al Ma'mur( بیت المعمور) is a place in 4th or 7th heaven. It is a Ka'ba for angels.

2. Tasbih( تسبیح) is a prayer beads.

3. Minbar(منبر) is a pulpit.

4. Azazil: عزازیل


Living is...

"To be alive is a horizontal movement from the cradle to the grave but living is a vertical movement from the earth to th Heaven.

Life is the infinite continuance of present moments.

Our mission in life is not to live without problems but to live with motivations" (Dr. Mahmoud Hessabi).


             towards the Creator, the Lord

             to the celestial divine abode

         to the indefinite end of the world

                to the eternal Jannat-al Ma'va

               to the boundless Alam-e Kobra

              an endless journey, he starts

           for a superior world, he departs

                 from an earthly alam

                         An Adam

              (Read from down to up)


                                به سوی خالق یکتا

                         به سوی غایت دنیا

                 به سوی جنه المأوی

              به سوی عالم کبری

          به سوی عرش افلاکی

        شود راهی

     شود عازم

  از عالم خاکی




Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things (surah Noor/ V. 35).

He was about to leave. But before he did, he turned his face to me and said: Angels told me that they missed Human a lot. They are still awaiting you. What about you, Human? Do you still remember them?!

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