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    • Every time i read these blog-posts i feel my IQ increases a little. May Allah reward you on behalf of sharing this knowledge with us. Eagerly awaiting the release of the Atoms post inshAllah, whenever you deem it appropriate. 
    • I liked this post. I believe it has a solid base to say humanism is a conclusion of individualism, but I somehow think that merely because individualism may result in harm for the soul, it doesn't mean that humanism by itself will, or that it will necessarily lead to the perpetuation of individualism in oneself. I think we naturally develop that individualistic approach in our life, and deciding to take distance from it must be a consequence of our convictions. In this case, these can be religious and spiritual convictions (eg Islamic convictions), but also ones developed by people and the way they understand the meaning of life (humanism). What I am saying is that humanism doesn't necessarily leads to individualism, as far as I can understand.
    • Hobbes and John Stuart Mill cane long, long before Ayn Rand or even Marx.
    • i dont think individualism came from Christianity, not even the dysfunctional version.  More likely to be the work of Ayn Rand which is probably somehow related to Mrxism
    • The Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress is interesting. As you pointed out, the Muslims don't monetize everything they do. There is not one Muslim country in the top 15 of the Wikipedia "List of countries by GDP (nominal)." In the "List of countries by GDP (PPP)" Indonesia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia squeezed into the top 15 by tweaking the statistics. I did not read the whole report that you linked, but the words that stood out to me were "Quality of Life" and "Sustainable Development and Environment." Surely the Islamic societies are cognizant of these as well. I hope that there are studious intellectuals who are reading that document and thinking how they can help improve their own society. 
    • Ah, ok. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try and elaborate the dialogue more. No, you weren't harsh. My inspiration had been cartoons such as this one:
    • The problem is that right now, it is akin to a sentence being cut off or unfinished thoughts. I am confused because it feels incomplete. To quote Zehra: "What is the point of that",  it is like talking to a person who constantly stops talking mid-sentence. Baffling and quite annoying. I like it so far, needs better flow and build up though. I hope I wasn't too harsh. P.S. What Rachel said is more consistent with that of an atheist. An agnostic would said "I don't necessarily believe in religion or know if there is an afterlife, but we brought the hardwood coffin with velvet trim to respect my mother's wishes".
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